Sunday 5 July 2015

Weekly Christian News 5th July

It has been reported that in a radio interview, Education Secretary Nicky Morgan suggested that comments critical of homosexuality could be a sign of "extremism". This is a dangerous attitude, for it casts a very wide net concerning traditional beliefs about marriage and family.

Whilst this could rarely if ever be made against Christian preachers, for few if any, would want to offend individual people, only to point out what the Bible states. It is notable that Muslim preachers, who have the same reservations as Christians, have been immune to criticism for statements made.

A statement was made by a preacher at a Birmingham Mosque which was much more direct than any ever made by a Christian preacher, yet it seems to have passed without comment. Compare that to the vilification received by a Vicar in Yorkshire who criticised the action at York Minster in support of a Gay Pride march.

I have written to Nicky Morgan asking her to positively state if the verses I have quoted from the Bible to her, are to be forbidden. I anxiously await her reply.

I have been disappointed in this lady who voted against same sex marriage as a practising Christian, but who seems to have a sudden conversion which caused her to express regret at having done so when she reached Cabinet Office. Writing in ‘Pink News’ she stated how delighted she was to have the rainbow flag fly over her Department Offices in honour of Gay Pride in London, whose Gala dinner she was delighted to have attended.

There was another lady in the Cabinet who had a change of heart in similar situation; perhaps it is a requirement, for the Prime Minister is always boasting of his pride in redefining marriage.

The same Prime Minister (David Cameron) spoke of the country needing to be more intolerant of intolerance. This is sheer arrogant hypocrisy which we have come to expect from this man. What could be more intolerant than warning Christians of being extremists just for quoting the Bible? And what more intolerant can one be than the Prime Minister refusing to allow a conscience clause which permits people to express their belief against what is contrary to Bible teaching? He is always talking about free speech, but apparently not if it is too Christian.


How pleasing to see a Judge in Northern Ireland with a lot more common sense than one of his minor judges.

A lady was convicted of harassing a woman who ran an abortion facility. The lady was ordered to pay the woman £2,000 in compensation, undertake 100 hours community service and not to approach the facility for five years. This was overturned and case dismissed for lack of insufficient evidence. What does that say about the Deputy District Judge who made the conviction and sentence?

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