Tuesday 28 June 2022



The Chapter begins with Jesus teaching some tax collectors and notorious sinners, which made the religious leaders to complain that Jesus was not only associating, but eating with such people.  They just could not understand how a preacher could mix with sinners, but Jesus saw this as the purpose of His ministry. He came to call people to repent and turn to God and receive pardon.  

There is a large amount of people in the Church as well as outside, are offended at being called sinners, as one Vicar discovered when he  put a notice outside his Church stating this is a place for sinners.  He faced a reduced congregation as members stopped attending, taking their direct debits with them.

In these modern days, people spend  their lives in spiritual darkness, and spend their energies in reckless living.  Sin is a hard master, and it does not take long to find out. Those without a spiritual foundation do not live real happiness and often are not at ease with themselves, becoming weary of life.

 God is not real for them, they feel they don’t Him in their life, but if things happen which burden them, they are shouting the loudest.

 I was once waiting for a funeral service to end at a Crematorium to end, and it was a humanist one, and was amusingly amazed when the leader of the service addressing the people present told them, to try various things to help the aggrieved family and said ‘ if all that fails I can only say God help us!’  There are so many young people who have a common expression, ‘O my God’, all going to prove how few real atheists there are. 

Jesus told His listeners three parables to show them the love of God, and how God rejoices when one lost sinner repents and is found

The  parable of the lost sheep.

The first story was that if a shepherd had a hundred sheep and one got lost, the shepherd would search for the lost one, leaving all the others whilst he did so. When he found the lost sheep, he would be happy and carry it home on his shoulders, and rejoice with friends and neighbours. Likewise, when a lost sinner repents and turn to God, there would be much joy in heaven. 

The parable of the lost coin.

A Young woman lost a silver coin, which in the general run of things was of little worth, but to the woman was of much worth. In Palestine the mark of a married woman, would be a head dress of ten silver coins linked together to form a chain, and a woman would scrape and save to get the ten, and this would be equivalent to a wedding ring  The loss would cause much worry and distress. She lived in a house where the floor was hard earth covered with  dried reeds, making it hard to locate,  but she swept until she found it, and there was much joy and relief for her.

Jesus said God and the angels are filled with joy when one sinner comes home, just like the woman when she found the lost coin, she was found.

The parable of the lost son. `

This is the most well-known of the three. A man had two sons, and by Jewish law when a man dies, his estate is divided between his sons. In this case the elder son would get two thirds of the inheritance, and the younger son one. This was usually received on the death of the father.

The younger son was not happy with the home life, he wanted to go to the big city and live the high life with all that entails, but he couldn’t wait for his father to die, so asked for his inheritance to be given to him then. The father was hesitant and tried to persuade the boy to stay, but in the end gave in and handed him his portion. The boy gathered his belongings and went off to a distant place.

He was not careful with his money, and quickly gained friends who helped him spend it. He had his fun in wild living, until his money was all gone, as were his friends. The country was struck with a famine, so food was hard to get more so when you had no money.

He persuaded a farmer to hire him, and was given a job feeding the pigs, which for a Jew was hard and offensive.  He became very hungry, and whilst the pig could be fed with pods, he was not allowed any. He finally came to his senses and thought of his father’s servants being fed.  He decided to go home, confess he had sinned and behaved badly, and repent.

His father had never for gotten him, and such was his concern for the son, would daily look down the road hoping to see his son coming home.  Then the day had come, and his father in his delight cast convention aside and ran to meet the boy. It was not deemed proper for an elderly wealthy man to run.  He embraced his son, was not bothered in hearing his son lament his actions, but put a gold robe and shoes on him.

The elder son heard the commotion and asked what had occurred. He was told his brother was home, and the father had ordered the fatted calf to be brought out to have a celebration. The elder son was hurt, and reminded his father he had stayed and worked all through without getting such feast being put on, yet his brother had been away spending time and money on women.  The father assured him he had always been valued, on this happy day a lost brother had been lost and was now home. The elder brother referred not to his brother, but to his father’s son. He had no sympathy for his brother.

Jesus is teaching here that God is so merciful to repentant sinners, and far greater than man’s is to other men who often cannot forgive. This is Jesus telling the love of God leaves us, lost in wonder, love and praise.

The parables of the sheep and coin show how the love of God seeks out a sinner, and how the angels in heaven rejoice when one person is saved. In the parable of the lost son, the son realized he had failed but can start a new life.

The tax collectors and sinners listening to Jesus could see how they could do the same. They could clean their life up; they had been given hope.  Let us pray someone reading this passage may receive hope and strength to turn them to Jesus.

The Pharisees were annoyed as they thought and believed the collectors and sinners were beyond redemption, and not worthy of any further attention.The Pharisees were so deep in rules and regulations they were unable to help. We have similar restrictions, as scholars and theologians deep into theology to find issues, which cannot and do not lead to anything other than confusion .  Normal people just want simple Bible teaching, which can answer all their requirements.

There are people to-day who have come to grief and feel their life is worthless, men and women who have led a reckless carefree life and regret it, but have no hope. They long to change, but don’t know how to do so.  This is why the Church needs to be more active in the world, ready to fulfil its mission, and lead the lost to Christ and enable a new life to begin. No one has gone too far to be beyond the power of God to be reached and saved.

God has made clear He loves all people, and no matter how bad a person has been or how sinful, He is ready to forgive and have mercy on them. All the sinner has to do is repent, which means more than just saying sorry, there has to be true repentance and a turning of life around. There has also to be an acceptance that when Christ died on that Cross, he was taking responsibility for your sins so as to make you righteous in God’s sight. You accept Jesus as your Saviour and live according to His teaching; no falling back, no part-time Christian living.

The boundless mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ must be received into our minds.  He gave His life for us, now we give our life to Him.

 These parables contain a lot of teaching for us, if we carefully think of them. The main message I see in all three, is that when something is lost there is anxiety and urgent need to seek and find the lost, and to be so full of joy in finding.  We are told how God and all the angels in heaven, rejoice when a lost sinner is found and returns.

What a message for so many Churches. I went to Churches as a visiting preacher, and sometime later, would return to the same places, and see a reduced congregation. When a Church member leaves, there must be a reason, yet I never heard any explanations. Where is there that anxiety or deep concern, to seek why someone is lost ,as told in the parables.

If the shepherd was as casual as the Church has been in seeking the lost, he would have had no sheep.  I don’t say that lightly, I know it is fact. We all should never sit back and let a person fall away, such is contrary to all Jesus taught and did.

The situation may be a member is unwell, has a family problem, or quite likely has left because expected to hear the Bible being preached, and heard something totally removed.  Teaching on moral and Christian living is too sensitive for modern preachers, and are hesitant at offending.  A preacher can’t offend or insult if teaching a Bible passage; he may convict or make a person feel guilty, but that is what he should be doing.  Alternatively a person may be uplifted.                                

The Church in many places does not seek for the lost, instead just write them off. I well know how Ministers have a lot to do, (remember I am one)but an awful lot of time is spent at meetings, many of which could be abandoned. But some like going to them. When I went to a meeting, some asked who the stranger was.

But whilst the prime responsibility may be with the Minister, members of the Church have a duty to note, when someone who usually sits by them is missing, they could do something to help. There have been a lot of sad cases, especially during the pandemic, where older people living alone suffered acute depression and couldn’t go out, yet were never visited.  They must have been missed in Church, but were never contacted.  The Church is not like a bus where the Minister is the driver and members are just passengers. The Church is where we share fellowship with others and help to encourage each other, so we need to know where they are.

May the Lord bless His Church and makes us worthy of Him.

Sunday 26 June 2022

      2 CHRONICLES 7 v 14

For the past two years, in consideration of the pandemic, the Christian Church adopted a variety of means to continue worshipping services, using in many cases technology, which reached people who appreciated hearing that of which they had not previously heard.  Many ordinary people,for whom Church attendance had not been a part of their lives, were now touched by the message that God loved all people and was searching for those lost in  way of life which was unworthy, and which they knew was wrong, but did not know that God was ready to forgive all past sins and welcome them into his family. 

This had been made possible because Jesus came into our world, sent by God, and would die on the Cross and by that death He would make it possible for all our past sins to be forgotten and forgiven, if we accepted that death as making us righteous before God.  If we are prepared to believe in faith that Christ was our Saviour, dying for each of us personally, our past would be wiped clean.

Jesus had stated in his last words to His Apostles that they should go into all the world and make disciples- teaching them all I have commanded. He was telling those twelve men who had been with Jesus for three years, to go and preach all He had taught them, so that more people would turn to God and  receive eternal salvation, if they became followers of His teaching.  The Apostles obeyed Jesus and travelled widely, causing many people to become Christian believers. Those Apostles did not have all the technology we have, no radio or  newspapers, yet they made the Church grow.

An interesting question arises, how did they succeed so well, yet we with every modern aid are losing not gaining people. There is a simple answer; they preached just what Jesus had commanded, a united undisputed message, and God blessed and answered their ministry. 

It is therefore of paramount importance, now restrictions have been removed, to present a united message based on the teaching of the Apostles, as passed down by our Lord Himself, and for God’s sake (literally) stop all the liberal nonsense that has been preached, and has poisoned the true gospel.

We all see and hear the evil in the world, and the situation only gets worse. In every part of the world there is little peace, goodness or Christian teaching.  I have suggested ways in which the Church should respond, but the Church in the main denominations just gets further away from God and His teaching.

A great blow was struck when the Methodist Church, once a strong Church in the evangelical tradition, chose to allow same sex ‘marriages’(a contradiction in terms) to be performed in its Churches. They failed two years ago, so this time members were not given the chance to vote, so ensuring the motion passed.

In addition, a tragic incident resulted in it being revealed the Church of England was baptising (illegal) immigrants to give them the name of Christian, so enabling them avoid deportation. This particularly referred to Liverpool Cathedral, who seem to consider it as satisfactory, despite contravening State law, and allowing one ‘convert’ trying to blow up a Women’s Maternity Hospital with a self- made bomb.

To anyone with a minimum of intelligence, it is patently obvious that if the Christian message is all some of us believe it to be, all Churches of every denomination should be preaching the same message, the same doctrine.  It may be presented in different forms, from charismatic to Catholic formula, which is understandable, God didn't make all flowers like the English rose, but He made them all to blossom and grow in the same way.

God must weep with sadness when He sees Hi glorious Church being demolished by clergy giving false teaching. We do face enormous attacks from non-believing activists, but face even greater attacks from within the Church. The Bible states a Kingdom divided among itself will fall, and we are witnessing this clearly now. There is simply no universal agreement in teaching.

Which ever denomination you look at, leaders are teaching directly against the Bible, God's own stated Word. Abandon the Bible on marriage, lest it upsets who disagree. Don't attend meetings of world class Bible teachers because they speak hatefully saying marriage is between a man and a woman. Don't  tell children they don;t have to believe in unrestricted sexuality.  This is not in the remotest way in line with 'all Jesus commanded'.

If the Church operated in a truly business manner, and remember we are working for the Lord's business, there would be mass dismissals of staff who teach false doctrine; starting at the top.   

 Turn with me to 2 Chronicles Chapter 7, verse 14.

if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, pray, seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

 Here is a God given chance for there to be a renewal where the lost will be found, and the weak would be made strong.  Here is God promising us He will respond, if we will answer and fulfil His invitation.  This is such a profound offer we cannot afford to reject.

In 960BC Israel was in moral and spiritual decline, with people failing to worship God.  Solomon pleaded with God to forgive the nation of their sins, and God answered that if they humbled themselves, prayed, sought His face, and turned from their wicked ways, He would heal their land.

We are faced with a like situation as Solomon then faced, but when he prayed to God he was given an answer, which is still as valid to- day, as it was all those years ago.

All around us storm clouds are falling on a world so different from what many of us knew. The foundations on which we were raised have largely been destroyed, to such an extent that there are now no moral absolutes, all is relative and one does one’s own thing. Our children are being brainwashed into ways of life which would never have been mentioned in the most liberal places.

What hope does the Bible give us?  Listen to God.


This verse is directed to particular people, limited to those who know the Lord. God’s people are those who worship Him, who  He has called to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour, who profess Christ and own up to doing so.  They are people who regularly attend Church to worship Him week by week, not only those who have a nodding acquaintance with Him at Christmas time. Remember, Jesus said ‘I am the only way to God, NO one comes to the Father except through me’

In all our Churches in this country, there are people who devotedly come week by week to join in worship. They will try to live according to the way God has spelled out that, all the Scriptures are profitable for training in righteousness that the man/woman of God may be equipped for good work.

The majority of people will tell you they believe in God, but it is a tenuous belief which has no credibility. No matter what kind of life a person has led, at the funeral service it is firmly believed the person is going to heaven. God is seen as a benevolent old man, always ready to unconditionally receive us and answer all we ask for. 

When you go to visit another country, you need a passport to prove your worthiness as a law abiding person, a health certificate to show you are a fit person, and a booking to confirm a reservation.  In the minds of most people, you have no need to prove anything about yourself, God would never send anyone to hell, the only alternative to heaven, and that is right, God never would consign anyone to hell, He lets the person make the choice for him(her)self here on earth. Jesus said to unworthy people, ‘get away from me I never knew you. get away from me you who broke God’s laws’


 Both individually and as a Church there is need for repentance.  There are far too many people who consider themselves as being Christians, attending Churches on Sundays where they sing praise to God, listen to His Word being read, and often preached upon, but not always, and confessing sins they have pre-determined are not going to relinquish. 

A person is (relatively) free to live as they wish in a free country, they can excess in alcohol, gaming and sexual relationships, but they do not have the same right to call themselves as Christians. Sin can be defined as any activity which has been condemned in Scripture; this relates not only to sexual activity, but to theft, adultery, jealousy, envy, malice, hatred, and deceit by telling lies.       


Jesus told us to pray without ceasing and gave examples of desperate prayer. In one story a family had gone to bed when they were disturbed by a neighbour pounding on their door. The homeowner looked out and was asked for some bread by the neighbour to feed his guest. The homeowner refused, but the neighbour kept on knocking until the homeowner gave what he wanted. The moral of the story was perseverance, it was desperation which won the day. Jesus said, ‘keep on asking and you will receive. Keep on seeking and you will find, keep on knocking and the door will be opened up to you.’ If we want revival we must pray in desperation.

You may well ask, ‘how can we a small suburban church with not a huge congregation, many of whom are perhaps older in years, do very much?’ Hudson Taylor who founded the China Inland Mission was once asked why God had chosen him. Taylor replied `because God wanted someone small.' When God acts it is not in big cathedrals, it is in the lives of ordinary Christian people. Consider who God chose to be the mother of His Son, a humble young Jewish village girl, now treasured in the history of the Church, and adored in honour of motherhood.

An American Christian programme, following the September 11th attack on its country, asked all its listeners to pray for fifteen minutes a day for fifty days for a revival, and to phone in and say where they were from. A coloured pin was then placed on a wall map of the United States at their location. Within days the map was covered as people responded. Most of them were small churches, perhaps even smaller than yours,  but they reported new life and new people.

Neither is age a relevance. When the Israelites were attacked by the Amalekites, Moses and Aaron were too old to fight, but as the younger men fought, they prayed, and every time they did so, the Israelites advanced. Older people can play a vital role in revival.


God wants us to enter into a relationship with Him. Not to see Him, as someone to go to when we want something, but as sons and daughters who want to respect and love their own father.

 The Bible tells us that God communed with the man and woman. He who made man in the Garden of Eden, communes with us now through His Word, the Bible. Unfortunately so many people at all levels within the Church want to pick out those parts which suit their preference. The Church of England Articles stress the authority of Scripture as that to which we should pay heed.

   The Church, rather than speaking and standing firm on the teaching of God, has colluded with activists who wish to see a form of immorality accepted, and bishops are sympathetic rather than conform to the Bible teaching, as it may offend those having  different view(who never even attend Church). No seeking of God’s face there.

 But make no mistake, there will be a price to be paid. No one gets away with violating God and His Word. There are rules for life which God has laid down, but too often they become merely a basis for negotiation.


There is a need for examination of our lives to root out those ways which are not worthy of us as Christians. Things which the Bible clearly defines as wrong, yet which are still practised by people who call themselves Christians. The church as God's voice has failed to speak out in condemnation of such ways, for fear of upsetting the liberal tendency and being branded narrow, often preferring to align itself with society's standards. 'If you can't beat them join them' mentality. Can you imagine how little the Christian Church would have progressed if Paul had been so timid? Scripture alone should be our guide.

 Sometimes we have real unpleasantness in our churches. This is because some people see them as places to exercise a power they could not do so elsewhere. They become argumentative, rebellious, self-centred, and enjoy causing disruption.

I was talking to a lady who told me how her Vicar made same slight changes to try and introduce new people to the church. She said the congregation became so divided it was like war. What sort of Christianity is that? Certainly not the kind Jesus had in mind when He said, ‘love one another.’

We are told the disciples were all of one mind at Pentecost, and look what happened


God has promised to respond by healing our land.  God loves all people, and wants all to be saved.  But He is a righteous God who hates sin, and He will not deal with people who neglect, disobey and do not honour Him. However unpleasant to admit, the Church in this country has acted shamefully, it has disregarded the teaching God laid down in His Word, and which Jesus commanded to be followed.  Individually, Christians have not always been worthy of Him. But God has stated He will heal, and whilst people may not be relied on to keep a promise, God will.

If this promise of God was truly and sincerely followed by His Church, we would soon see a change, and there would be a foundation for us to build on.                                         

 In this sermon I have used the word IF numerous times. This is a very big word. There are churches which would dread any revival, preferring to keep things nice and quiet in a holy huddle. If a stranger should enter they say 'what is she doing here.' Some older people take a philosophical line, and think ‘I won't be here in a number of years.’ So they don't let things concern them.

We need all of us to have a passion for revival, and we are poor Christians if we don't feel a concern for the future of the Church. We must forget ourselves and our own desires for the sake of the Lord's Church. If we really believe Christianity is the only hope and answer for a fallen world, then let us earnestly pray and work for revival and make sure we, are living as God intended.  Revival begins with Gods people, but the power of God is so strong it soon spreads to all society

   God acted when a Minister went to the small island of Lewis in the  Hebrides, and the people there prayed that God would bless them. Evan Roberts a Minister in South Wales prayed and started the Welsh Revival. There are many examples of answered prayer for revival.

After Jesus had risen from the dead, he told his disciples to wait in Jerusalem, until they were endued with power from on high. Although their lives were in danger, they gathered in that Upper Room and waited patiently for the promise of the Father. Then when the day finally came, they were filled with the Holy Spirit, and were converted to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. The same God who visited His people in Jerusalem is ready to visit His Church in England. He has promised to hear His people and answer from heaven.

Let us seek His blessing for own parishes

Wednesday 22 June 2022


                  GALATIANS 5, v13/25

In all Paul’s Letters. he adopts the pattern of setting out doctrine in the first part before going on to illustrate practical application.

 He has set out in Galatians, the danger of listening to false teachers. who tried to impose the need for new Christians first to accept the restrictions of Jewish Law and practice.  Now in this last half of the Letter he is warning that freedom, if not properly applied, can turn into licence.  Christian freedom given to us in Christ, demands self control.  This passage is full of the mention of the Holy Spirit,

 When I first entered Christian ministry, I was inspired and influenced by a well-known Baptist pastor who taught faithfully and fearlessly, and in simple terms through a Bible passage. But it can be difficult at these times, when there is so much liberal Christianity, and I have found there is nothing so illiberal as a liberal; they do not allow a contrary view or opinion, and tend to infer some kind of phobia or allegation of intolerance, on anyone trying just to interpret Scripture as God intended.

 In the Christian life, there are two forces competing against each other, those of the flesh and that of the Spirit. Paul points out that there are two Ways of living, and we all have two sides to our nature, and life is a struggle between the two. Some people are charming with a friendly manner which gains admiration, but there is too often another side, which those close are aware of; and these two forces are constantly striving to win control over us.  If we are guided by the Holy Spirit we will follow the righteous way. 

 The Holy Spirit renews us to give us a new nature in total opposition to the flesh, which tries to push the urge of a sinful nature.  We come into the world by natural birth, and when we find Jesus Christ and commit ourselves to Him, we are born anew in a spiritual birth. 

 This passage is full of the Holy Spirit, seven times by name, and presented as the One who can tell you what to do, so that you won’t be doing the wrong things, and following our natural desires which are just the opposite. We can read the Bible and other religious writings and know all the theory, but find it hard to put into practice. 

 In this passage, Paul is calling on us to obey the Holy Spirit’s guidance. so that we will not offend God by following less than proper actions.  When we follow our own inclinations, we often engage in such actions as eagerness for our own pleasure, impurity of some kind by word or deed, jealousy, envy, hatred or pride.

 This is where baptism needs to be understood sensibly, and theologically.  In the baptism service, in some denominations it is declared ‘that this child has been born anew (or again)’.  It is both nonsensical and irresponsible to say a new born child, or a child of most ages, knows what being born again means in the spiritual sense.  Before a person can claim to be born again, there has to be repentance from sin, and a confession of faith.

 Christians will often face an internal struggle intensely, as their own nature dearly wishes to follow a course of life, which their spiritual conscience tells them is wrong, and the Holy Spirit will not let them feel comfortable with it.  He will convict us by reminding us why Jesus died on the Cros

 The story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is well known.  The doctor, who was a respected London surgeon, had discovered a drug which caused him to change his nature and so do shameful things.  When he came out from under its influence, he was ashamed of himself, but the drug was too strong to resist and in mental torment he killed himself.

 By nature and inheritance, we all have a conflict within us which at times causes us to do things we know within we should not be doing, and it is only with the power of the Holy Spirit we can fight and resist, for we cannot fight on our own.  Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit to help and give us the ability and the Bible states, ‘if anyone does not have the Spirit of Jesus Christ he does not belong to Christ’.  The Holy Spirit provides all the resources, and Paul is saying, be like Christ.

 When we are led by the Holy Spirit our lives will reveal love, joy, pace, patience, kindness, goodness faithfulness and self-control.  These are the fruits of the Spirit and fruit depends on the health of the tree.  Spiritual fruit means character and producing a quality of life.  If we follow Christ we shall produce abundant fruit.

 A Christian should always be aware that he or she is a public figure in that when people know you are a Christian, they will watch you and any fall from grace will be noticed and commented upon.  As Paul viewed things, Jesus Christ was the most important part of one’s life and the Christian should devote oneself to act in such a way as to be worthy of Him.   This is largely the theme of this Letter.

 The non-Christian may face a moral conflict and never feel guilty, for they are doing what seems normal behaviour, but the Christian will feel an internal conflict quite strongly, for the Holy Spirit will not allow a Christian to feel at ease with improper behaviour. 

 The Church is often reluctant to speak frankly on parts of the Bible, as many within, both lay and clergy do not subscribe fully to what is written, and often fall down on more than one sin.

 It is still a fact that most of us who attend Church, strive to live in the way we are called to do so, and to a great degree succeed.  When we do fall, we know Christ is waiting to pick us up, having given His life on the Cross to put us right with God.

 The works of the flesh are spelled out in verses 19/21 starting with sexual immorality.  When Paul wrote this, he was referring to behaviour which preachers of today find the most sensitive of subjects.  If they preached it as it was meant when written, they would lose many of their congregations, for all sexual relationships outside of marriage were being condemned. 

 The greater part of the population is living in ‘partnership,’ and, or, indulging in sexual conduct.  The psychotic devotees of political correctness now object to the terms husband/wife.  When I am asked about my partner, I reply firmly that I do not have a partner, but I do have a wife and am quite proud to be her husband. 

 The press and television have fanned up the flames, giving the impression that free sex is not to be ashamed of, and is quite acceptable and an essential part of life.  Almost every relationship portrayed on television programmes involves an immediate sexual encounter.  This had led young, and very young people to feel odd if not taking part, and led the United Kingdom to have the largest teenage pregnancy rate (and abortions) in Europe, in spite of the legal fact that under age sex is contrary to law.  Judges have made rulings which encourage free sexual expression. 

 The list goes on to mention impure thoughts, eagerness for lustful pleasure, hatred, malice, jealousy anger, rage drunkenness, wrong doctrine. 

 Paul adds that anyone who belongs to Christ will have nailed such evil desires to his cross and crucified them there, but we must accept there are plenty of people within the Church who have not done so.   There are far too many calling for sexual behaviour, which is totally contrary to Scripture, to be seen as acceptable. Last year we had the incredible statement of senior clergy, inviting couples to come and get married in Church and bring their children to be baptised at the same time, a sort of two for one offer. Even society found that mad.

 We frequently find people who will not be friendly with other members, who get jealous when someone else gets asked to do something, and upset if they cannot have their own way.  This is a complete affront to Christian teaching and should be condemned when revealed.

 Paul then turns to speak of the fruits of the Spirit which come when the Holy Spirit controls our lives. When we are Christian we must produce love, which is the opposite of selfishness and having a caring nature;-- joy being and making people feel cheerful;-- peace, not looking to make trouble; --patience, being long suffering and having endurance;-- kindness, always willing to be helpful and giving of oneself; --gentleness, a sensitive feeling to people;-- faithfulness, having dependability and reliability;-- and self- control, not being ready to respond aggressively.

 For all those people who mock and ridicule Christians and the Bible, a time of reality will one day come when they will wish they had taken our way of life.

 The Bible states ‘heaven can be entered only through the narrow gate. The highway to hell is broad and its gate is wide enough for all the multitude who choose its easy way. But the Gateway to Life is small, and the road is narrow and only a few ever find it.

 Make sure you choose the right road.


Sunday 19 June 2022


I can remember fondly the days when a whole family, perhaps quite often minus the father, went to the local Church of whatever denomination we had been brought up in ourselves.  The parents would attend the main service, and the young people would go to the young people’s rooms, or Sunday School as it was known. The Churches were never filled to overflowing, but were well attended. People were happy attending, and the younger people were given a foundation, which has lasted and supported them through all the trials of life. There was a cleaner and healthier lifestyle than what prevails in our modern technological age.

We are members of a spiritual family with a heavenly Father. We meet with brothers and sisters in our parent’s home, and we should welcome the chance to meet with our Christian brothers and sisters in our heavenly Father’s house.

A Church family is unique in that it consists of different nationalities, colours, ages, backgrounds, experiences and sexes. It is where God provides for us to be come equipped to carry out His message to the world. We sing praise together, pray for each other and for the world’s needs, share bread and wine in Holy Communion and remember what God has done for us in Jesus Christ.. We should be like sons and daughters coming to meet in complete harmony. My sons regularly visit my wife and self, and I would be very concerned if they did not. Our heavenly Father is also upset when His children neglect Him.

You may feel you will not be missed if you do not go to Church, and to some degree you will be right as far as other member are concerned, but God will miss you.  If you are physically weakened, you will of course be generally understood.

One vital practice seems to be missing from some Churches these days, and that is concern for the lost sheep. People are falling away from Church attending for a number of reasons. Whatever the cause, but especially when the reason emanates from within the Church, such as false teaching, poorly constructed services, unpleasant members, there is an urgent need to rectify.

How often are they visited to find out? I suspect with good reason, not very often. This is often because Ministers have too many meetings. I am reminded of that slogan, the least productive people are usually the ones who are most in favour of holding meetings.  There really are too many meetings called for no necessary purpose. I  will be looking at the parables of lost sheep and people in my next sermon.

There is a complication which has arisen in recent times, in that far too many Churches, led by their denominational leaders, have deliberately wandered away from the teaching of Scripture in order to be acceptable to activists for whom Scripture is not accepted.

The Bible urges the need for Christians to be with each other. The Bible says, ‘let us not give up meeting together as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another’. We need to meet with others to have fellowship, to gain and give encouragement. If there is a mainline Church which is preaching anything not found in the Bible, then there is a need for you to seek one of the many Independent Evangelical Churches which are scattered around the country.

We can go to any part of the world, and be with people we could not otherwise meet, but as Christians we can feel at one with them. I once lived in Africa and attended a Bible study group, and as it was a port, ships would bring Christian missionaries, people from all different countries of different skin colours and we could all meet and feel at one with each other. Where else but amidst Christ’s people could you find such a grouping? What bound us together was the fact we had all committed our lives to Jesus Christ

But just believing in God’s existence is not enough we have to draw near to Him and the only way is through Jesus Christ. There is one way, one Saviour, one way to eternal life, not Buddha or Mohammed, or anyone else, we come to God through Jesus Christ alone. He is the One who opens up the way having given his life dying on Cross, that all who accept him as their Saviour will be granted eternal life.

Jesus said, ‘I am the way no one comes to the Father except through me’. What exactly does Jesus mean when he says, ‘we can only come to the Father through Him alone? This is not generally liked as it is seen as being too restrictive, too bigoted and intolerant, and to be judgmental is not liked. Consequently, some clergy will not quote it, whilst others just will not accept it. Frankly, This is not generally liked as it is seen as being too restrictive, too bigoted and intolerant, and to be judgmental is not liked. Consequently, some clergy will not quote it, whilst others just will not accept it. Frankly,  , I think if any man/woman does not accept this verse then they should not be allowed to preach for they are betraying the Lord who said it, and the Church which they serve.

Some time ago I went to Birmingham and had to find an address in those ancient days when we did not have satellite navigation systems in our cars. I asked a man walking on a road if he could tell me the way, and he answered, ‘it is pretty difficult for you to get there on your own, but I am going that way and could take you’. He got into my car and we went directly there. That is what Jesus does for us. He says you can’t get there on your own, but I will direct you, guide you, and take you myself. He is saying there is no other way. This is an exclusive offer.

There is an apocryphal American story of a young man at the time of the Civil war, wo went to Washington to meet Abraham Lincoln, but of course was not allowed to pass the guards. He waited outside and Jesus arrived and asked the man why he was waiting. He tells Jesus he wants to see Mr Lincoln, so Jesus takes him into the house and says, Father this young man ants to meet you.’  This is what Jesus does in fact do, when a person accepts that when Jesus died on that Cross, he was paying the price for our sins, and making us righteous before God.  

Whilst it may be comforting to believe that we can all get to heaven regardless of one’s beliefs, and we like to please our fellow men and women, it is quite cruel to mislead if it is not true. It is like telling a blind person standing on the sidewalk of a major road it is safe for him to cross when ready.

If we say to someone who has no Church commitment, has only a tenuous belief in Jesus Christ, never reads a Bible or prays, that they are going to heaven, we are leading them astray.

Others say if you just follow your conscience, you’ll be fine, but consciences become dulled and hardened. Taking the lead from politicians, people can look you in the eye and lie without any qualm of conscience.

Jesus said He was the truth. If a person is to teach moral truth that person must have an impeccable reputation and have no hidden misdoings. Only Jesus can claim moral perfection, which is why He can say ‘I am the truth’.

Thirdly Jesus says ‘I am the life’, meaning the opposite of death. He is the source of life, and gives life to His own. There are few people who can say with hand on heart I have no worries, problems, everything in my life is sunshine and roses. We all need spiritual fulfilment.

To all who are worried Jesus says, ‘come to me all you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls’ He is saying He is waiting for you and has got the help if you only will go to Him.

Jesus added, ‘take my yoke upon you’. A yoke was a wooden frame placed on a person’s shoulder in order to make a load easier to carry; so Jesus is saying let me help you carry your burden. In John’s gospel we have the promise of Jesus that He will never turn anyone away.

We are living in an increasing anti-Christian environment in this country with so called Equality and Diversity laws making it hard for Christians to express themselves, as public servants strive to find ways of excluding Christian expression. Some gross injustices have been imposed when someone has expressed an opinion which an activist group has not liked, and weak-minded authority has given in to. Never be ashamed to confess your faith.

But there is one thing I feel needs to be stressed. We should ensure the Church we attend is one faithful to God’s Word and seeks to build each other up through the Scriptures, and where the true gospel is preached.

We have to acknowledge however sadly this is not always the case, so it serves no purpose going to a Church which fails to do these things. Too many preachers have their own agenda, which is created around a morality not supported by Scripture, and where the teaching is given to subscribe to the culture of the day. You must attend a Bible based Church.

Let us therefore draw near to God. holding firmly to your belief, and never give up meeting together as some are in the habit of doing, but let us always give each other encouragement. Don’t let unpleasant people, secularists, or anyone else hold you back. Remember too, Jesus said if anyone rejected Him, He will one day reject them. Such a fate is too horrible to consider. Never deny your faith to avoid being mocked. Stand firm remembering Jesus stood firm for you on the Cross.

My friends, it is the duty of the Church to teach the gospel and not budge from doing so. We are not be blown away by every new spiritual wind so that we drift from our moorings, nor be just superficial believers.

Hold fast to the gospel given by the Apostles who were taught by our Lord Himself. Never let anyone tell you that you do not count, you count tremendously so glory n what God wants you to do and be faithful to our Lord’s commands.

May the Lord bless His Holy Word to us and care for us in His Holy family


Thursday 16 June 2022

Luke 8 verses 26-39

This is a story many people find hard to believe or understand. It is a story about demons which we do not speak of, but for the people living in the days of Jesus, it was a very real issue.  They were certainly real to the man in the story (as they were to Mary Magdelene whom Jesus cleansed on another occasion) for they enrage the person and deprive the senses.

Jesus and The Apostles had just sailed up the Lake crossing to Gentile territory, hoping to have an easier time, and avoid the pressures they had faced to come to the place of the Geraseens.  This incident took place at Gerasa, a small town near the Sea of Galilee, where it was thought to be the place which was the home, and a  Jewish area.   This is the only visit recorded of Jesus visiting this area. It was a region of tombs and chambers, hewed into the cliffs which arose from the Lake.  A steep hill descended sharply to the edge of the waters.

Jesus appeared, and was approached by a naked man who had a possession of demons.  The man had seen better days, wore clothes and lived in a home, but was now living in tombs among dead people. His case was one of violent insanity and was too dangerous to live with, so had to live in those tombs. He was regarded as a public nuisance, and His fellowmen would not go near him, for they were fearful of his strength.  When he was bound with iron chains, he was so strong he pulled them apart. On seeing Jesus he rushed down to confront Jesus who took pity upon him.

Jesus asked the man his name, and was told it was ‘legion’  which was a Roman name for a regiment of six thousand soldiers, so signifying the man had a lot of demons.   Despite his fearsome nature, Jesus approached him and called out the demons, which were cast into a herd of pigs causing them to rush away over a precipice into a lake where they drowned.

The people from all around the area heard of the healing by Jesus and marveled at the cure, but they asked Jesus to leave as they were in the grip of fear.  Jesus left the town by boat, and the man wanted to leave with him, but Jesus told him to go and tell people what God had done for him.

The owner of the pigs was angry, and the people had more concern for the pigs than the man’s health, plus the fact their routine was disturbed  Jesus was in fact condemned for sending the demons into the pigs, but belief often comes from a visible demonstration.  If this happened to day a crowd of protesters would see it as another opportunity to cause mayhem.  

The story has focused on two men, Jesus and the man legion.  Jesus had disturbed the tranquility, so had to be pushed away.  Things have not changed over the years, people do not want his presence or influence over their lives, unless of course it was of some practical help, or to affect the way they live.

The Church often makes people aware of their way of life, and that makes them feel guilty which they don’t want to feel, so don’t want any interference, unless of course Jesus is needed for help if there is some suffering in their lives.

Think of how the leaders of the Church told congregations not to attend meetings of the evangelical preacher Franklin Graham because he believed marriage was only between a man and a woman, which the leaders of the Church! thought was hate speech. Leaders of the LGBT movement put so much pressure on the owners of the places where he was to speak, that they cancelled the use of the buildings. Or how bishops of the Church  when Billy Graham first came in the 1960s discouraged people to attend. Consequently he was so well liked he had to extend his stay by three weeks, as people flocked in the thousands to listen to him.

The man went to tell of the miraculous way of his recovery by Jesus, and there is a responsibility of all Christians to do the same when they have been helped by God. But be prepared not to be listened to.  I have told how my wife faced a health condition on one occasion, and within three days, after a lady in Birmingham had asked her fellow pastors to join in praying for her, she was healed, yet even some clergymen politely smiled benevolently at me when I attributed the healing to that praying

There are many people in this country (and others) who are possessed of evil spirits, as we read and hear daily news  reports where human beings are treated in the most callous way by other humans.  Consider the offence of murder, once such a rare crime that it was national news for months, whereas now it is so common a crime, that it sometimes merits just a small paragraph in a newspaper.

People cannot control themselves, they may not run naked and wild, but scenes in our inner cities seem pretty wild, especially when filled with alcohol, which leaves them beyond control.  The Bible states the world is under the influence of the evil one, and you only need to look at television to see how true that is.

Consider the number of young children, even just babies, beaten to death in one case where a child had 200 injuries from its mother, and boy- friend.  How could you explain that away, or people flying planes into a high building in new York.  Pure evil.

Society would dearly like to control you.  We have legislation for almost everything, parents being told how their children must be dressed to avoid upsetting other children, made to be taught explicit sexual activity, with the parents being refused permission to have their child excused.  If the government had its way lives would be strictly monitored.

The Bible states, if you follow the ways of the world, you may come to loathe yourselves as you will live your transgression and sins, as people are controlled by drugs, promiscuity , pornography and alcoholism. They know they are behaving wrongly, but are beyond self- control. Men can get to the moon, but can’t control the world

Jesus looked at that man and took pity, seeing what he could be,  Behind many a smile there is a graveyard of pain, anxiety and heartache.  He was not a hard case for Jesus to deal with, but it can be hard for people to concede they need Him.

People to-day, even Church attenders, think things are fine with Jesus until he wants them to change things. They would rather sit on the sidelines and cheer, but when He alters things they have got used to. He is going too far.

This man saw Jesus, and saw love and compassion in a way he had never found before. If those people who come to Church for infant baptism turned to Jesus as they have promised, and ran with the same urgency as they run to places of liquid refreshment after the service, what a difference it would make for Church attendance.

Jesus cured the man and can do the same for every man and woman.  Cases like this rarely occur, but here is plenty of cases where people are filled with devilish actions. Christians have to believe when Jesus died on the Cross He took away our past sins and evil was defeated.  Jesus was raised from the dead and ascended into heaven, and sent the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.  When the Holy Spirit enters peoples’ lives it effects change, they have a sense of respect, because they realize the undeserved love and grace of God.

The man healed by Jesus wanted to stay with Him, but Jesus refused and sent him home.  Sometimes when we get what we ask for it can be a mixed blessing.  Our duty is to be where Jesus has set us to be for Him. We may not see the need for what position in life is good for us, or see the need of submitting our wills to Christ. What we want to do may not always be the best for us, so we have to be careful of what we choose for. Jesus wanted the man to tell what God had done for him.

In evangelical Churches it is common for people to make public their testimonies of how they came to know Christ.  For some people it is a chance to be dramatic, but for a lot of people it is a gradual growing in grace, when the exact moment of full commitment is not noticed.  I do not condemn how people make a testimony, but I do feel more convinced by the more reserved manner, as for some people it  can be less sincere.

It reminds me of two people who marry. For some it is like a Damascus Road experience, they see a person of the opposite sex, and are immediately struck in love and  rush to marry, soon to find they were tired of each other and divorced.

. For other people they meet, even casually and like the person of the other sex; they start in friendly meetings and grow so deeply fond of each other, but could not tell when the exact moment was when they truly fell in love, as just opposed to attraction. They live together in true love for the rest of life.

Whichever way you commit oneself to follow Jesus, be confident God welcomes you and grants you salvation.

May God bless His Word to us and make us worthy to meet Jesus.

Saturday 11 June 2022


A meditation on the Church.

I was looking at some videos about the Methodist Church in the United States, and it was depressing to find it has departed from the foundational beliefs and intentions, of the two men who created a great evangelical Church in the 18th century, as the Methodist Church in the United Kingdom has done likewise.

John Wesley and his brother Charles were the two outstanding men of England, who led the only revival in the history of this country, and whose spiritual gifts led the Methodist Church to circle the world. Whilst many of John’s sermons have now been left to history in this modern world culture, many of the six thousand hymns written by Charles still thrill Christian Churches with inspiration and encouragement.

John was a brilliant preacher who took his message of salvation by the grace of God, and visited the country widely on horseback, holding meetings in public places to win many people to follow Christ. If he was alive to-day and did the same, he would be arrested for alleged hate crime, as he would fearlessly point out the parlous state of corruption and immorality that runs right across society.

Charles was one who wrote as he thought, and he saw the importance of conversion and a personal relationship to Jesus Christ.   He became vividly convinced of the message of salvation, and saw clearer than ever before how faith in Jesus Christ could change a person’s life.  This was the message he would take to as many people as he could, particularly to the poorer classes.  He preached that the value of a person’s life was to be measured by their faith.

How betrayed ashamed they would feel, if they could be aware of the cavalier manner in which the current Church has abandoned and cast aside much of what they taught and believed in; to see the demise of evangelicalism to be replaced in many of their Churches, with the adoption of modern secularism and appeasement, to activists promoting anti-biblical way of life.  God’s Word having been contradicted by Conferences and committees, when individual members had previously expressed their preferred traditional views.

In the United States the United Methodist Church has commendably permitted videos to be made available on the internet, revealing that separatism was being made, to accommodate the traditional Church beliefs. Consequently, like the Methodist Church in the United Kingdom, is falling apart leaving members to seek Independent evangelical Churches, or just leaving the faith. Like in all mainline denominations, the Bible has been made to be acceptable to the prevailing culture of the day. The printed gospel has become replaced by a popular one.

We have the asinine preaching, allowing people to believe and practice what you want to believe, and God will automatically forgive you, ignoring that we worship a Holy God in the name of a Holy Savior.  This leaves people who are seeking to follow Christ to be confused as to what is correct, and we have pluralistic doctrines.

A retired Methodist Minister sent me an offensive email after a service I had taken, in which he claimed I was a bigot because I hadn’t given an alternative explanation of the Resurrection and biblical teaching of morality.  This apparently offended him so much he had to walk out of the service. He did not have the courage to approach me at the Church, nor when I replied to his email did he respond to tell me what other alternatives there were.  I thought it was a bit rich to call me a bigot, especially as I would , and had never walked out of a service.

God ordained that Ministers would be called out from among their fellow men, being sinners just like the people they would lead to God in repentance seeking God’s forgiveness. Unfortunately a lot of preachers are confused, as training colleges seem to be teaching a rather different gospel to that which Jesus preached.

The essential problem is  a lack of authoritative leadership. Another problem is that leaders do not accept the authority of the Bible; bishops and other Church leaders are openly promoting what is unequivocally condemned in Scripture, and calling for it to be abandoned. There is lack of spiritual discipline and accountability, and no one at present appears to be able to exercise discipline.

The Bible states clearly any house or Kingdom which is divided among itself is laid waste. The sole purpose of the Church is to preach he Word and command all Jesus taught, to make disciples of all nations.  There is one God, one faith, one baptism. Yet within the Church we hear ‘all roads lead to the one God’ which is an affront to other religions.  Christians worship the God of Israel, a Jewish Saviour, teach from a holy book written by Jewish men, which no Muslim would countenance.

One baptism for the forgiveness of sin, yet the Church of England bishops have created a special second baptism service, for people who have changed their gender, also in contrast to God’s Word.  In this country of free speech and belief (?)people have the right to do and believe what they will, but the Church has absolutely no right to approve the contradiction of what God has clearly and without equivocation laid down  in the Bible.

In the Methodist Worship book on page 367 it is stated, a marriage ceremony is a formal occasion when a solemn, legal contract is made between a man and a woman. In a Christian context, it is also an act of worship and is celebrated  as a gift of God, and the joy of the couple is shared and their commitment to each other is witnessed by family and friends.  The Marriage Service’s themes of love, hope, faithfulness, sacrifice and trust are at the heart of Christian gospel.. Nothing there to create  argument, as clear as it could be put. Man, woman, no divorce. That which God has put together let no man put asunder.

On page 303, Ministers declare their commitment to accept the Holy Scriptures as revealing all things necessary for salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord. (This was a vital part of John Wesley’s message in his open praise ministry which led many people to the Lord.)

A Minister also declares commitment to believe the doctrines of the Christian faith as this Church has received them. To accept our discipline, and work together with your sisters and brothers in the Church and will be faithful in worship, in prayer, in the reading of the Holy scriptures, and in those studies  which will equip you for your ministry.

All these words are so clear to an intelligent man or woman, so why is there any disagreement and need for separation. How can any man or woman who have accepted these word willingly, for they are need to be ordained, how can have any conscience, or even look at themselves in a mirror without a clear sense of guilt and betrayal, and knowledge they have offended God in the process of making such declarations in His Church.

I Cannot understand how the Church has fallen from such grace, other than the refusal to honor vows made.  Sorry I cannot answer what many will wonder.

I have concentrated largely on the Methodist Church, although they are not alone. I began by ministry in the Methodist Church, and for the last eleven years returned.  I had many friends there, really good people, and was extremely happy doing so. I only ceased because I could not accept their disregard for the Bible, and it has been a big loss. I wish them every blessing, and pray there will be return to that which John and Charles sought so faithfully and strongly, and made a commitment.