Saturday 29 December 2018


We have come to the end of another year in which there have been mixed emotions and experiences. There have been feelings of despair and painful suffering as well as happiness as we lived day by day, like an undulating road which twists and turns, down in valleys and at other times riding high. There have been times when we feel frustrated or discouraged and wonder what the purpose of our life is or should be.

In a few days time we will enter a New Year with all its uncertainties, we will have our hopes and our fears. As Christians live in two worlds; we live in the earthly world with all its uncertainties, but we also live in the spiritual world where there are no uncertainties, and there is always the danger we can forget about God and become so involved in earthly activities.

As members of a human family we like to meet with brothers and sisters in our parents’ home and as members of a Church family we should welcome the chance to meet with our Christian brothers and sisters in our heavenly Father’s house.

A Church family is unique in that it consists of different ages, backgrounds, experiences and sexes. It is where God provides for us to be come equipped to carry out His message to the world. We sing praise together, pray for each other and for the world’s needs, share bread and wine in Holy Communion and remember what God has done for us in Jesus Christ.

Coming to Church should be like sons and daughters coming to meet with their (heavenly) Father in complete harmony. My sons regularly visit my wife and self, and I would be very concerned if they did not. Our heavenly Father is also upset when His children neglect Him

One vital practice seems to be missing from some Churches these days, and that is concern for the lost sheep. People are falling away from Church attending for a number of reasons. Whatever the cause, but especially when the reason emanates from within the Church, such as false teaching, poorly constructed services, unpleasant members, there is an urgent need to rectify. How often are they visited to find out? I suspect with good reason, not very often. This is often because Ministers have too many meetings. I am reminded of that slogan, the least productive people are usually the ones who are most in favour of holding meetings.'

The Bible urges the need for Christians to be with each other. The Bible says, ‘let us not give up meeting together as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another’. We need to meet with others to have fellowship, to gain and give encouragement.

We can go to any part of the world and be with people we could not otherwise meet, but as Christians we can feel at one with them. I once lived in Africa and attended a Bible study group, and as it was a port, ships would bring Christian missionaries, people from all different countries of different skin colours and we could all meet and feel at one with each other. Where else but amidst Christ’s people could you find such a grouping? What bound us together was the fact we had all committed our lives to Jesus Christ

But just believing in God’s existence is not enough we have to draw near to Him and the only way is through Jesus Christ. There is one way, one Saviour, one way to eternal life, not Buddha or Mohammed, or anyone else, we come to God through Jesus Christ alone. He is the One who opens up the way having given his life dying on Cross, that all who accept him as their Saviour will be granted eternal life.

Jesus said, ‘I am the way no one comes to the Father except through me’. What exactly does Jesus mean when he says, ‘we can only come to the Father through Him alone?

Some time ago I went to Birmingham and had to find an address in those ancient days when we did not have satellite navigation systems in our cars. I asked a man walking on a road if he could tell me the way, and he answered, ‘it is pretty difficult for you to get there on your own, but I am going that way and could take you’. He got into my car and we went directly there. That is what Jesus does for us. He says you can’t get there on your own, but I will direct you, guide you, and take you myself. He is saying there is no other way. This is an exclusive offer.

This is not generally liked as it is seen as being too restrictive, too bigoted and intolerant, and to be judgmental is not liked. Consequently, some clergy will not quote it, whilst others just will not accept it.

Frankly, I think if any man/woman does not accept this verse then they should not be allowed to preach for they are betraying the Lord who said it, and the Church which they serve.

Whilst it may be comforting to believe that we can all get to heaven regardless of one’s beliefs, and we like to please our fellow men and women, it is quite cruel to mislead if it is not true. It is like telling a blind person standing on the sidewalk of a major road it is safe for him to cross when ready.

If we say to someone who has no Church commitment, has only a tenuous belief in Jesus Christ, never reads a Bible or prays, that they are going to heaven, we are leading them astray.

Others say if you just follow your conscience, you’ll be fine, but consciences become dulled and hardened. Taking the lead from politicians, people can look you in the eye and lie without any qualm of conscience.

Jesus said He was the truth. If a person is to teach moral truth that person must have an impeccable reputation and have no hidden misdoings. Only Jesus can claim moral perfection, which is why He can say ‘I am the truth’.

Thirdly Jesus says ‘I am the life’, meaning the opposite of death. He is the source of life and gives life to His own. There are few people who can say with hand on heart I have no worries, problems, everything in my life is sunshine and roses. We all need spiritual fulfilment.

To all who are worried Jesus says, ‘come to me all you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls’ He is saying He is waiting for you and has got the help if you only will go to Him.

Jesus added, ‘take my yoke upon you’. A yoke was a wooden frame placed on a person’s shoulder in order to make a load easier to carry; so Jesus is saying let me help you carry your burden. In John’s gospel we have the promise of Jesus that He will never turn anyone away.

We are living in an increasing anti-Christian environment in this country with so called Equality and Diversity laws making it hard for Christians to express themselves, as public servants strive to find ways of excluding Christian expression. Some gross injustices have been imposed when someone has expressed an opinion which an activist group has not liked, and weak-minded authority has given in to. Never be ashamed to confess your faith.

But there is one thing I feel needs to be stressed. We should ensure the Church we attend is one faithful to God’s Word and seeks to build each other up through the Scriptures, and where the true gospel is preached.

We have to acknowledge however sadly this is not always the case, so it serves no purpose going to a Church which fails to do these things. Too many preachers have their own agenda, which is created around a morality not supported by Scripture, and where the teaching is given to subscribe to the culture of the day. You must attend a Bible based Church.

Let us therefore draw near to God. holding firmly to your belief, and never give up meeting together as some are in the habit of doing, but let us always give each other encouragement. Don’t let unpleasant people, secularists, or anyone else hold you back. Remember too, Jesus said if anyone rejected Him, He will one day reject them. Such a fate is too horrible to consider. Never deny your faith to avoid being mocked. Stand firm remembering Jesus stood firm for you on the Cross.

My friends, it is the duty of the Church to teach the gospel and not budge from doing so. We are not be blown away by every new spiritual wind so that we drift from our moorings, nor be just superficial believers.

Hold fast to the gospel given by the Apostles who were taught by our Lord Himself. Never let anyone tell you that you do not count, you count tremendously so glory n what God wants you to do and be faithful to our Lord’s commands.

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Monday 24 December 2018

I thank all who have turned to this site over the last year and read the words in the postings.

I wish you all a very happy, peaceful and blessed Christmas and hope you will join me again at the end of this week.
I would very much like to hear from any of you and so know the names at least to whom I writing.

The response from the United States has been an overwhelming factor and forms something like 90% of visits and is therefore a source of much encouragement, especially as often the content is primarily relating to the United Kingdom. Well might I say therefore, God bless America.!

I hope those of you who kindly read from the UK will tell your friends, especially members of your Churches.
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We are reading and hearing of much persecution and harassment of Christians in China and of pastors who have suffered the latest crackdown on their Churches, and there of course there has been criticism passed.

But in Britain we have to consider our own position, when jumped up public officials rejoice to be offended on behalf of other faiths and none, and object to Christian messages and expression, thinking their efforts will earn them some praise for political correctness and a few moments of fame; councillors who have never contributed much to public life other than to benefit themselves, objecting to prayers before Council meetings, replacing the word Christmas for winter festival or other ridiculous terms.

What is it about these people? Why does Christianity strike such fear in their tiny minds? Why do they not have the courage to attack other faiths? Does a guilty conscience come into play when they consider the sort of lives they live? Why is it that they have no reluctance to join in all the festivities which only take place because Christmas is an essentially Christian celebration?

The vociferous secularists and humanists, whose publicity is out of all proportion to their tiny numbers, see any religious ceremony as a threat to their unworthy cause. Is it not amazing that when an American evangelist came over here and offered to enter into debate with them, they all went into hibernation refusing to take part

The Christian Legal Centre has been sought by numerous Christians for help in cases where they have suffered for their beliefs, from wearing Crosses, to voicing their opposition to same sex marriage, or the latest craze of transgenderism.


Christians will be attending Christmas services. Some will be attending Midnight Mass, a glorious inspiring service of praise, as we herald in Christmas Day and celebrate the birth of our Lord. Others will prefer to go to Church on Christmas morning, but at whichever service we will be thinking of God’s love in sending Jesus here, born of a young Jewish girl by the power of the Holy Spirit, in which we all glory. I know that there will be difficulty for some in accepting the doctrine of the Virgin birth, which means of course they must explain how Jesus entered the world and then they could be on dangerous grounds.

We remember the lowly circumstances of His birth and the reason He came, namely to grow into manhood and be our Saviour.

It is a matter of great sadness that now in the 21dst century the mass of people have forsaken the Christian commitment of previous years and chosen to ignore the religious significance of Christmas. Some reject all religious belief with undisguised contempt, and just see it as an excuse for an orgy of drink and pleasure.

I look in amazement as I see trolleys in supermarkets overflowing with food and drink, especially drink, and then hear and read of how protests are made regarding cuts by the government and how people are finding it hard to exist, and certainly cannot afford to pay more for their gold plated pensions.

I accept everyone is entitled to have enjoyment, especially at this time of year, but let us keep it in proportion. There will be many who just now see Christmas as a secular time for enjoyment.

But let us remember with much compassion those for whom Christmas is a time of great sadness, namely those who have just lost a married partner, a child, parent or loved family member. This will be a very lonely time for them and we should remember them in prayers and intercessions.
I wish all who read this posting a very happy and blessed Christmas, irrespective of your own personal views, and hope to be back with you the week after Christmas. God Bless you.

Sunday 23 December 2018

Luke 1 verses 39-56

This Sunday the Church honours Mary, the mother of our Lord.

The gospel passage opens with Mary, a young virgin girl from a Jewish village being visited by an angel, who told her God had chosen her to be the mother of the Saviour of the world, and this would happen by the Holy Spirit coming upon her. When she found she was pregnant without having been with any man, she decided to go seventy miles to visit her elderly cousin Elizabeth.

If this gospel message was told as a story in one of our daily newspapers, and so posted on their website, it would receive numerous scornful mocking comments, questioning as to why anyone would believe it. In fairness, if a daughter or friend came and told you she was pregnant but had not been intimate with a man, you would reasonably think she was mad or trying to cover up a moral lapse.

Such was the situation experienced by a young Jewish girl in a remote Israeli village, risking disgrace and shame and also the loss of her fiancée. It has to be accepted that the birth of Jesus was unique. God took the initiative, and Jesus was born of a virgin, such is a basic doctrine of the Church,

But such was the faith and courage of that young woman that she trusted God, and so became the most famous woman in all history, the most blessed of women.

God chooses people who are lowly. If the Church authorities had been given the responsibility for choosing the Apostles, Christianity would have died in very short time. They would have been looking for people with degrees, and with an equal balance of men and women Apostles, and of course transgender people. (A cynic once said the Church is falling apart by degrees). This is why God chose Mary and gave her everything that He may be glorified.

Is it not amazing how peoples’ minds reason? Thousands say they will not believe what they cannot understand. I can sit in any room of my house in a town in England, take out a little plastic box, and press a combination of
numbers, and within seconds I would be speaking to someone on the other side of the world, yet if I wished to speak face to face, it would take a journey of many hours to do so.

I can’t explain how this can happen, and I doubt there is anyone I know who could explain; we take mobile phones for granted. We watch events as they happen from across the world in a box in our homes and take it for granted. Who can explain how a brown cow, which eats green grass, produces white milk, and yellow butter, yet we eat and drink both. Why on earth if we can accept all the marvels of man,
we cannot accept the miracles of God?

Elizabeth’s joy inspires Mary to fully recognise she is to be the mother of the Saviour of the world and spontaneously sings a song, which has been sung at every Evensong in Churches all over the world for centuries since, the Magnificat. The Lord God is magnified in this song of praise which is filled with Scripture.

Mary expresses her glory and rejoices in being blessed, and how gracious God has been to her in her humility. There is a significant point made by her in that she recognises she needs a Saviour, which implies she recognises that only a sinner needs a Saviour, which tends rather to negate some Roman statements about her. God therefore in His amazing grace has allowed this girl to be the mother of His Son. This reflects the words of John Newton in that wonderful hymn which he wrote, that God saves us by grace.

Mary knows that all future generations will speak of her and indeed throughout the ages she has rightfully been praised, and she has brought honour to her sex. Mary has raised being a mother to the highest of professions, although now some feminine politicians are anxious to downgrade motherhood and their sex by trying to equate women on all levels with men. In the process some women have demeaned their sex by not only copying men’s excesses, but furthering them.

When God created the world, men were intended to care and provide for the family, and women to be mothers, (primarily but not exclusively) and for that role were endowed with a more tender and caring nature. Now for their own selfish purposes, some politicians and social workers want to meddle with gender identities. We are all equal under God, but are meant to have different roles in life.

Pope Benedict once wisely stated that the future of mankind is at stake when the understanding of what a family means is challenged through same sex marriage. He said ‘In the fight for the family, the very notion of what being human really means – is being called into question. He spoke of the falseness of gender theories and of the current attack on the structure of the family made up of father, mother and child.
Mary told of how God is merciful to those who fear Him, and we should be mindful that whilst God is a God of love and mercy, He is also a God of wrath. In that respect we should take note of Mary’s words, ‘He has brought down rulers from their thrones’. She has a profound view of God, who disputes the worldly values of status and misunderstanding of what it means to be equal.

Mary acknowledged her humility, her ordinariness, and the high honour God had given her. She ends her song by singing praise of how God has remained faithful to His chosen people, the Jews, by keeping His promise to Abraham. Every Jewish boy and girl would know the history of Israel and how God has blessed them.

God chooses ordinary and lowly people to do His work, so that they will remain faithful and dependent on Him and not be full of themselves and feel self-important. We should each seek to find out what God wants us to do in His service.