Thursday 28 November 2019

Matthew 24  v.36/44
On this first Sunday of Advent, our gospel passage refers to the return of Jesus Christ. The return of Jesus is mentioned 380 times in the New Testament so it is an important subject.
There is a call to be prepared to receive him when he returns, and a warning for those who fail to prepare.
In the earlier part of the Chapter, Jesus is talking with His Apostles on the Mount of Olives and they asked Him, ‘what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age’?      
Jesus answered, ‘there would be wars and rumours of wars,                                       nations would fight nations,--- there would be famines, ----earthquakes,----Christians would be persecuted ----people would turn away from the faith. ----there would be false teaching,---evil--wickedness. 
Over the years since Jesus spoke these words, each generation has sought to apply them to their time, but I put it to you that no generation can claim more relevance to them than this generation
We have wars going on perpetually in Africa; there have been wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, with Iran promising to wipe Israel from the face of the earth---- famines of unprecedented scale.
Christians are being persecuted in Islamic countries, with Churches being burned down, and barbaric action taken against them.  
People turning away from the faith, vitriolic attacks from atheists in the press, evil and wickedness in all the violence we see, and  politicians are telling us the greatest threat in the world is climate change. In addition, to all such events we have false teaching in the Church to placate the politically correct establishment.      
The Church is remarkably quiet about anything which is likely to upset people’s tranquillity or make them feel guilty.  But we are thinking here about the climax of world history, a point where any national psychopathic leader could, by pressing a button, unleash nuclear destruction on an unimaginable scale. 
In Genesis we have the story of how God saw a world of theft, much unrest in the world, marriage abused, sexual perversion, much like we have now.   
No one appears shocked any more at any behaviour as we see gay marriage legalised and people wanting the Church to practise, with few having any strong objection. Indeed, there are those within the Church who actively support the concept.
The Bible states God was displeased and decided he would judge the world, destroy and start again.  But God knew one man, Noah, who had faith and believed and led a disciplined life and had moral integrity.
God told Noah to build a boat, and gave him instructions to guide him; Noah did as God told him, going out into the desert to do so. People thought he was mad building a boat in the middle of the desert, but Noah trusted God, If it was in today’s world it would become a tourist attraction.
Just as God did not totally destroy the world, so neither will he destroy our world.  The Bible tells us God will not let that happen, He will intervene, and Jesus will then return.  So, we may be nearer to the end than many think or, want to believe. 
 Jesus stated all these things will happen in ‘the last days’.  The Bible determines the last days to be the time before the return of Jesus Christ, which can mean any time, not to be known.
Turning to v36 :where today’s reading begins. “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”
We must remember Jesus had a human character and a divine one. In his human life he learned things as we do, but in his divine nature as fully God, he had infinite knowledge. Here he was speaking in his human nature.
Verses 37-39: states the world will be going on as normal. As it was in the day of Noah, people were eating and drinking, ---marrying and giving in marriage, ----the earth was corrupt and full of violence, ----people were totally taken up with themselves. They were totally ignoring the fact that God was about to judge the world.
Isn't that how it is today? Isn't that how it is with many Christians?     
The suddenness of the coming points to the necessity to be prepared. Just as in Noah’s day people refused to listen to warnings and went on enjoying themselves in frivolous activities. There is nothing wrong eating and drinking and enjoying oneself, but when that comes to take over a person and spiritual duties are affected or neglected, they become unacceptable.
Verses 40-41: tell us it is going to be a time of judgement.  We say in the Creed, ‘He will come to judge the living and the dead.’  Jesus and the Bible are so clear about God’s judgement. In this passage Jesus stated two people will be together, one will be taken to be with Him, the other will be left.  A person who has accepted Jesus, who died on the Cross as their Saviour, will be safe on Judgement day.  A person who has not, will be left behind. There will be no chance to make a decision then, we have to be ready beforehand and decide we want to accept Him now.  When the final day comes, every chance to be saved has gone for ever; the door is shut and the Lord arrives.
The Bible states, ‘now is the day of salvation.’ God has given everybody a chance to decide and choose. These are Jesus’ words, not mine.
So, there is an end with Jesus’ coming again; we don’t know when; it will be unexpected; and there will be a separation.
And Jesus is saying here, in effect, that if you are not watchful, you could be like a man whose house gets broken into while he is asleep.
As many of us know, a lack of watchfulness allowing break-ins can be disastrous in this life.  If you knew a thief was coming at 2-0a.m. you would be ready for him, but thieves do not make appointments.  When you hear of burglaries in your neighbourhood you take extra precautions, such as checking all locks and doors and making sure the alarm is in working order.
But a lack of watchfulness is infinitely more awful in regard to eternal life.  As you prepare in this life to be ready for a burglar by acquiring an alarm system and securing your property, so you must prepare to be ready for Christ's coming, “at an hour when you do not expect him.”.
The people failed to accept their perilous situation until it was too late, the flood came and swept them all away.
There are four facts to consider. The first fact is, very simply, that This world is not going on for ever. The Bible is clear – there was a beginning and there will be an end, when Christ comes again. There will be no more pain or tears or death. Think of all the best in this life. Heaven and this new age will be infinitely better. That is the great Christian hope.  By contrast non believers are hope-less.
There are those who insist that this life is all we have, and when it is over, we are just to end up in a wooden box.  What a contrast for millions of Christians who die, confident of Christ’s return and an eternal future with him.
The second fact is that no one knows when he will come again – not even the angels in heaven. Nor, says Jesus, does he know when. It is only the Father.
The third fact, and this is most important, is that Christ’s return will be totally unexpected. It will seem a great surprise. 
The simple question is this, do you believe Jesus Christ, when he says he is coming again?  Because he doesn't tell us the date, it could be any time. It could be very soon – on the other hand it may not be. But because it might be soon, we need to be ready.
The fourth fact is that Jesus’ Second Coming will not only result in surprise, it will also result in a fearful separation. This is why those of us who have accepted Christ died to save us, and so follow his commands and worship him, should make every effort to convince those we love to turn to him or we will indeed be lost for ever when we leave this world.
My God bless his Word to us

Tuesday 26 November 2019

The Apostles teaching, revised 2019 edition.

I recently preached a sermon on the teaching of the Apostles.  Jesus in his last words told them to go into all the world, making disciples and teaching all he had commanded. This they did and the gospel spread.

They told how Jesus set out rules for living; the importance of teaching God’s Word, the Bible; and gave guidance how this was to be done.

Paul and Peter wrote to Churches and Christians, stressing the correct way of life, and Jude wrote calling for Christians to contend for the faith, given once for all time by the Apostles. The Church grew and received God’s blessing.

The Church leaders in our time also write to the Churches by way of letters to the clergy, giving guidance and instruction for the Church to follow.

I have been reading some such letters, and they give some rather different ways on both spiritual and moral matters. But of course, it is 2019 and they appear to think God is rather out of touch. The teaching reads something like this.

Do not follow the Bible’s  teaching on marriage, lest it cause upset. Marriage is all about love, and if two men or two women love each other we must celebrate this in marriage.

Make every effort to bring people of same sex attraction into the Church, and encourage to seek Office and leadership.

 If a man or woman feels they are in the wrong body and they want to declare a change of gender, approve, and encourage them to attend the special service of baptism we have prepared for them; it challenges the Apostles Creed which states only one baptism, but never mind such triviality.

Do not circulate that a site has been set up on the internet to cope with all those, who now realise they did the wrong thing and helps them get therapy to revert to their biological gender; or that there has been a lot of suicides amongst the transgender people.

Do not encourage such therapy, for the Archbishop of York cannot sleep at night by the thought of such therapy being offered, and the Bishop of Newcastle has stated she thinks it wrong.

Do not give any credit or praise to President Trump in any form, for rescinding the morality of his predecessor; for stopping men being able to arbitrarily declaring they are women so they could enter female dressing rooms and facilities causing great distress to women. To stop Nuns and others being forced to issue free contraceptives to women, which is grossly offensive to Catholic people particularly.

For the evil way the President declared Christians may be free to declare their faith. For his generally upholding the Christian faith, the Bible and Christian prayer.

Then when you have digested all this ‘guidance’, sit down and wonder why God doesn’t bless the Church to the same extent he blessed the early Church which followed the true Apostles.

You may come to the startling decision God doesn’t like such nonsense, just like the people who are leaving the Church in the hundreds each week.

(However, in fairness make clear we do not condemn,discriminate or bear any ill will, nor are we attacking individual people who live their lives how they personally choose, but we do object to have the subject being forced on us by activists.)

Ministers are here to declare what God has laid down, not stressing our opinion whatever it may be, and we do so dispassionately and compassionately. Judgement is God’s prerogative.

Wednesday 20 November 2019

Readings; Colossians 1  Matthew 28 v.18/20
I have come to you this morning as a visiting preacher, but also want to incorporate my other role as a speaker for the Bible Society.
     This morning I want to take you back to the time of the first Christian Church which set a model for all time. Without any of our wonderful technological discoveries, the gospel spread across the world.   
     The Church in Western nations, and especially in this country, is losing members almost weekly, and is failing to be of any interest or relevance to the under 50 age ranges. This should give all sincere Christians real concern.  You must have noticed how congregations are falling in attendances, and whilst deaths and illness are causes, it is factual that people are feeling there is little purpose in coming.
     In the Epistle from Colossians.  False teachers had infiltrated the Church just as we experience today, and when there is false teaching there is inevitably division and ill feeling.  We do not know what the trouble was in Colossae, but it was serious enough for Paul to write and admonish them.
     Paul describes Christ as the first born of all creation; pre-eminent over all creation; the One who holds all things together; and the head of the Church. All these statements are to emphasise the deity of Christ and His having Supremacy over all in heaven and earth.
It is in Jesus’ position as head of the Church which I am concentrating on this morning.   Jesus is the one that builds His church, so all His servants need to be careful to follow all He directed.
   The last words of Jesus before His ascension were to His Apostles:  Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,  AND teaching them to observe all that I have commanded.   Here in the words of our Lord is the purpose for which He founded the Church.
     The first Church was founded on the teaching of the Apostles who took the gospel around the ancient world, and that church was a model from which we might do well to follow as the Bible states the people were devoted to such teaching.
     The Apostles taught the truth about Jesus Christ. They taught about the way in which he fulfilled the Old Testament Scriptures in order to bring people to salvation through His sacrificial death on the cross and His resurrection. They also taught how salvation in Jesus Christ was to be worked out in the life of the believer. They are not teaching something that they have made up in their own minds, but only things which have been revealed to them by Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Jesus had already made it clear to them that their teaching was to be consistent with His.
     What should occupy our minds is to consider if the Church is still preaching the message of the Apostles, and is it fit for the purpose Christ and His Apostles built it?  That is a hard question to answer; in places yes, especially the Pentecostal Churches; but in the main denominational Churches, only to a limited extent. In order to justify that let us reflect.
     Jesus gave strict commands on spiritual, moral, ethical and social matters.  Paul warned that there would be those who would not wish to here sound doctrine and would seek false teachers who would say what they wanted to hear and there are plenty of them in the Church today. Never forget, the church does not belong to men (or women) it is Christ’s church and he builds it through the teaching of the men who were His Apostles.
     When we hear their teaching on a regular basis, not only does our faith grow, but also our ability to defend and help others to understand, especially those most close and dearest to us who are not yet followers of our Lord.  We may not remember all we hear, but will be inspired by the power of what has been preached.  We will learn to be guided by the Scriptures and will come to know more about God and His Son and how we should live according to His commands.
     Charles Wesley taught that the value of a person’s life was to be measured by their faith, so we need to get our way of life in order to justify our faith.
     I am sure that many Church members do not realise the danger our faith and Church face.  There are forces out to annihilate Christianity from the public arena and silence biblical quotations on moral and ethical issues.
     Whereas in the United States they now have a President who has forcefully spoken out in defence of Christian belief, and assured the people of their freedom to express their beliefs as laid out in the country’s Constitution, which they did not have to the same extent previously, we had a Prime Minister who regularly tells us she is the daughter of a (late) Vicar and is proud of being a regular Church of England attendee, yet she still leant her support to opposite views to those we might have expected.
     If we are to be the witnesses for Jesus, we must first be sure we have experienced His presence, and secondly tell positively what Jesus stated and commanded. It is not enough to say we know about Him, even the devil could say that, we must have accepted Him as Saviour and believed in all He did and commanded. We cannot amend or put on an application which He obviously would not have approved. 
     The responsibility for teaching falls principally on the clergy, and the Bible states a preacher is given a solemn task to preach in the name of God and Jesus Christ, and will one day have to answer as to how faithfully we carried out that privilege.
     We have to tell our faith is not something someone made up. There is testimony from people alive at the time of Jesus’ life on earth, and not only from His followers but from literary men of the time, and it has been recorded. 
     Our Gospel is that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures, and that he was buried, and that he was raised on the third day according to the scriptures.  This, which was an early Christian confession, give us the heart of the gospel and show that the resurrection is an integral part of the gospel. The reality can be verified by the Scriptures and historical evidence as the empty tomb and the eye witnesses
     Only Christianity has a Cross at the centre of its faith. Only Jesus suffered an horrific death on the Cross, a death made for criminals who were made to parade through the streets with a crown on his head beaten 39 times with a leather belt fitted with metal studs to cut the skin, stripped of clothes and nailed through His hands and feet on the cross, and all for the sake of paying the penalty for the sins you and I commit.
     He could have refused to go there, but went willingly so we could be forgiven and put back in to a relationship with God and made us fit for heaven, where we will live on day with Him.  God said this is what man has shown and done to my Son; this is what I have done, and showed by raising Him to life again.
     Imagine a woman going to a shop for food for her family, and not having the money to pay for any, steals some and is detained for doing so. When she appears before the magistrate, states she can’t pay any fine. The magistrate then gives her the means to do so himself. This is what God has done; he has sentenced us for sinning, but then sent Jesus to provide the cost of our forgiveness. We then become acceptable to Him, having been made righteous and cleansed from sin.
     A new secular agenda has replaced biblical faith with an obsession on equality, sexuality and gender change, which creates irrational and unpleasant behavior. What exacerbates the situation is that there is not expected to be any challenge to that agenda, although they can vilify religion.
     We have come to this stage in the nation’s life since the Church cast aside the Bible, which is just to be noted in passing, and there has been therefore nothing to give credence or realism. It has long been the aim of secularism and an extreme political creed to break up the family and any firm basis of morality.
     There was a time when every church had a weekly Bible study group; bibles were in pews so people can follow both the readings and sermon. It is depressing to find the Church skimming the surface, misinterpreting the Bible to justify actions which would be condemned.
     One uplifting factor is in the black culture the Bible is taken seriously with devotion, and they are not ashamed to do. I have in recent years met numerous black ladies in the care business, and each one carried their bible, and used them.  Christianity is taken as it should be, seriously.
     We should never suggest the Bible has got things wrong; we must maintain the Bible is the inspired, authoritative, unbreakable, fully trustworthy account of divine revelation, and stop trying to please people in order to be accepted. 
     There are some parts of the Bible which are hard to understand, but to quote the greatest preacher of all time, (Billy Graham,) ‘there are some things I do not understand but by faith I accept them as the true Word of God’.  If he can accept, I find no problem.
     People tell me there are contradictions in the Bible, but there are not, just different ways of writing which do not diminish the truth one dot.  If I were to give each of you here today a piece of paper and told you to go home and write an account of what happened from the moment you came into the Church until you left, I am confident there would not be any two accounts the same, yet no one would deny you were here.
     In our technological age when so many devices can be used to reach a wide number of people, and sensation is the aim, and widely used by activists, feeble minds can so easily be filled with lies and distortions; which is why we need the strength of the Bible to act as a protective.
     With all our smartphones, ipads and computers; by numerous translations in simple language, we have the Bible more available than ever, yet less read, known or acted upon.  But there are so many eager minds dearly wanting one in their own language, and being made available to them.  Christians who face persecution, injury and sometimes death for just being Christian, but whose faith would put many in this country to shame.
     The Bible Society works tirelessly seeking to provide Bibles for those people, and so consider what God might be asking you to play in making the Bible a cherished gift to someone.
    Let me close with the words of John Wesley. I want to know one thing, the way to heaven: how to land safe on that happy shore. God Himself has condescended to teach the way; for this very end He came from heaven. He hath written it down in a book! O give me that book! At any price, give me the Book of God!  I have it: here is knowledge enough for me.
May God richly bless and help all who read his Holy Word.

Friday 15 November 2019

Anyone who has read my blog or who knows me will know I am as pro-American as possible. It has therefore with much regret that I listened to the impeachment hearings in Washington, for,  like many other people I fear, we need to rethink just how wonderful country that is in the way they conduct hearings into political matters.

This was SUPPOSED to be a hearing in which witnesses would give evidence and it would be ultimately decided on conclusion, on the balance of what heard, if there was such evidence to justify the serious step of impeaching their President.

It was obvious from the very beginning that this would be a kangaroo court as the Democrats had previously held closed hearings with witnesses, denying Republican representatives any access and withholding the name of a whistleblower.

In addition, the Democrats have never got over the fact the President won the election, and even before he got started, a Democrat Senator was heard making a telephone call whilst on a train, speaking about impeachment.  This has been their aim throughout the term of office, and this hearing is just trying to achieve this, although not likely to succeed.

No doubt after finding the President has done all he said he would, (surely a first for any politician anywhere) the Democrats fear facing him again next year. If anyone thinks not, why is there a display board in the Court which reads ‘if we don’t impeach the President he will get re-elected’?

The session opened with a statement by the Chairman one Adam Schiff who displayed an unpleasant and arrogantly biased nature. His statement was more suitable for a prosecuting counsel, with glowing praise for the witness against the President and how awful were those for him. He refused points of order with a dismissive joyful banging of his gavel.

The President is fortunate in having a Republican dominated Senate, for surely, they would not vote for impeachment after this circus.
I am so disappointed that a country with such a fine history and reputation, can have it besmirched as it has been by this mockery.

This is not the first display of the Democrats antics, we saw a similar disreputable episode a little while ago, with the nomination of a man to the Supreme Court, whose reputation was challenged without cause, other than to unsuccessfully stop his election, as he would not be likely to have a left wing type of view.    
Whilst it may be thought the President has not acted throughout with dignity or wisdom, and was unwise in this tweeting action, he is not being investigated for that. 

I am just shocked a chairman of a hearing could act in the manner Adam Schiff did. The arrogant manner in which he refused to let Republicans at the hearing speak] , and at least five times refused to let a female representative make appoint of order, was shameful. A thoroughly unpleasant character I thought unworthy of the role he was in.

The whole point of this impeachment was an allegation the President refused to assist Ukraine assistance unless he did him a favour.  The fact is the President did not ultimately withhold assistance.

Thursday 14 November 2019

2 Thessalonians 3
Paul, so often considered stern, hard and uncompromisingly, hear shows how humble he was. He accomplished much for the Lord but never attempted to claim credit, always attributing all to God. He knew God called him for a specific purpose, and readily responded.

Everyone who truly accepts Jesus as Saviour for giving his life for them on the Cross, has done so because they were touched by God when he knew they were ready to answer his call. The whole initiative is with God seeking them to love him.

Now at the end of this Letter to the Thessalonica Church, which he founded, he is asking them to pray for him. Paul was however a realist and knew there were many people who would not accept the Christian faith, but it still grieved him that they rejected the Lord.

If we have turned to the Lord Jesus it is because we are the love of God, and know we cannot be beyond his love and care, and as the hymn states we can lean on those everlasting arms of Jesus which will provide all the security needed.

In our pressure filled world where there are so many nervous breakdowns, suicides, depressions and broken marriages, which are all due to turning away from God and his Church, such people have no adequate person to fall back on.

Paul did not like gossip for it can do so much harm. Relating stories about people and events can so easily get distorted as they are exaggerated when passed from one person to the next, as each person wants it to become more interesting. We should not pry into other people’s lives, let alone speak about them.

Paul wanted to have those who ignored his teaching to appear before the elders of the Church who are not in any way implicated or compromised by personal failure themselves, or who were looking for vengeance.  Rebuke and disciplinary action had to be with deep consideration and mercy.

As elsewhere Paul closes his Letter with his own signature to verify its authenticity. His Letters would be written on his behalf at his dictation, by someone well versed in writing. The final addition was to confirm his teaching, and to commend the Church to the mercy of God.

Wednesday 13 November 2019

Just two more incidents occuring in this mad mad land we call Britain where freedom of speech was once a treasured possession.

A former Labour MP who supported parents protesting the teaching of LGBT issues to their children without their consent has been axed by the party as a candidate for the coming election.
Roger Godsiff, an MP for 27 years, was deselected by the national party last week after a concerted campaign by LGBT activists. He had previously been reprimanded by the party for telling protestors they had a “just cause”.
Under new regulations schools are required to consult parents about the teaching of Relationships and Sex Education and ensure it “meets the needs of pupils and parents and reflects the community they serve”.
The deselection move is seen as a warning to other MPs who might be sympathetic to parental concerns about the roll-out of inappropriate RSE.
It comes after a survey last year found that 54 per cent of MPs did not feel they could speak freely on transgender issues for fear of attacks on social media and being accused of prejudice.
How sad that in 2019 an MP can be sacked by his party merely for standing up for the justified concerns of his constituents.
Mr Godsiff told supporters that “a small intolerant vindictive group within the LGBT community” had carried out a “vicious and vindictive campaign of character assassination” against him.
It is increasingly clear that in our free and tolerant society some people believe only one opinion should be allowed. It was repeatedly warned that free speech would be one of the casualties of same-sex marriage. It gives us no pleasure to find that we were right.
A temporary Provost at Worcester College Oxford has banned the saying of the Anglican grace before meals, despite the fact that it has been said for many years, and replace it with a 'range of set texts of thanksgiving from any world culture, religious or not.  This is on the base of inclusivity, and to avoid hurting feelings of others.
There always has to be someone seeking their few minutes of fame by making some inane and fatuous comment.  If students were to be offended, they are obviously as unsuitable for being in the college as the Provost herself.
What a terrifying thought when the future of the country is often considered to be in the hands and minds of graduates from our top Universities and you read nonsense like this. If a student finds it hurts their feedlings, no one is fording them to stay.

Friday 8 November 2019

Sunday is Remembrance Day and services will be held to remember those men and women who gave their lives in the cause of freedom, and others who were badly wounded and disabled for life.

As the years roll by, the number of those who were alive during the last World war grows ever smaller reducing by the year.  The memories however do not fade as we recall how this nation stood alone on the brink when all seemed lost and there was talk of surrender.  But God raised up a man (Winston Churchill) who would rally the nation to glory and victory.

We think of those shot down over German skies; who perished on the beaches on D-Day; drowned on Atlantic convoys, or were brutally tortured under Japanese prison guards. 

But let us also acknowledge and properly recognise the tremendous sacrifices made by our American friend and ally, whose Army and Air Force made significant contribution in the invasion of Europe, with many lives lost on this continent so far from home.  This was noted in the D Day anniversary celebrations this year.  Anyone doubting should visit the American Cemetery at Cambridge.

This should make us reflect of the sacrifices made with the hope that what they died for would be practised and honoured.

Now we have to add those who perished or have been injured, blown up on dusty Afghan roads; or Iraqi ones.  This has been the most wasteful loss of life, as young men were sacrificed for a mission which never had any chance of success; more so as it was based on false evidence.  

If a nation like Russia with all its might, and without being held to account for its actions, could not win in that country, we certainly could not when our army is answerable to strict human rights law, with greedy lawyers searching for cases to launch compensation claims on any grounds.  Successive Prime Ministers have acted as if they had to have a war to fight, and if David Cameron had not been restrained by Parliament, we would have been engaged in Syria.

The last government got over excited about the so called ‘Arab Spring, lauding their progress and Cameron even went to celebrate in Libya with the rebels.  We may have got rid of some tyrannical dictators along the way, but we have only succeeded in replacing them with even more tyrannical regimes who are hostile to the Western nations.

In fact, the only place where Christians can be safe in that area now is Israel, yet there are those who would have us isolate Israel and boycott all their goods.  We share a common Judea=Christian heritage with Israel, a true democracy.

Sadly, so many young people do not and will not learn of this glorious chapter of our history, never having to endure the horrors and hardship of war.  Such has been the parlous direction of education for so many years in (state) schools under a government which seemed to have no pride in our past, that children have little if any knowledge of what was achieved in order that they have all the privileges they now enjoy.

 The world has largely rejected Christianity, without having anything to put in its place to combat the evils of the world.  Yet in all walks of public life, even to the highest level of government; we have flagrant lying, deceit, corruption and unrestricted immorality, conduct which can only destroy. Anyone who speaks out is branded as being narrow minded.  There has to be concern when so many in high public office cannot be relied upon to speak truth, and not make false expenses claims, and are now revealed to have destroyed all evidence against them

This nation was built on the solid foundation of God’s law, and its moral standard and values were based on Christian principles this was the basis of our legal system.    Now, in the midst of the most serious of times with economic and financial problems, and a future place in the world in doubt, the urgent questions of the time centre around equality in sex and gender, which are obsessively pursued.

Who could have ever have believed children could be caged at school because they didn’t want to be taught about same sex marriage; or doctors getting struck off because they objected to calling a six feet man with a beard a woman after a sex change?

This violates God’s law and destroys centuries of tradition. We must look forward to having men and women holding high office who have a set of principles for the good of all rather than their own private ambitions. 

Those veterans knew what counted in life as they fought for a safer world.  The men on the fighting lines knew things had to get better.  Many suffered great hardship in enemy prison camps; others were maimed for life; what would they say if they knew what things were going on this country now?  Would they wonder if their great sacrifices were worthwhile as they looked at us?

Those making compensation claims for minor injuries?    How would they feel to hear some jumped-up public official refusing to let the flag they fought under be displayed lest it upset people not even born here, people who in fairness would not think of complaining or objecting?
Those men and women had a faith and belief for which they fought, and now we as Christians have to take over that fight. Legislation is being made, and has been made, with laws so distinctly contradictory to Christian teaching, with public officials so ready to try and erase Christianity from public life. It is therefore intensely important, that we should positively let people know the true message, according to God’s Holy Word.

That is what men fought and died for, and what men and women are doing now in our Army, Navy and Air Force.  Our prayers must be for them and also reach out to their families in what must be anxious times.  We should not subject them to scrutiny by those living in legal ivory towers in their every action, realising the tensions under which they live. 

We read of Soldiers refused service because they were in uniform; of Air Force men asked to leave a hospital waiting area as the sight of their uniform may ‘upset’ immigrants. Compare this with the United States where their military are honoured and feted wherever they go.

I spoke at a Veterans Day service, after the service I received a letter from a lady who wrote, ‘I grew up in the 20s and 30s in a free country with principles.  We joined the forces because we thought we were fighting to preserve a way of life which other countries envied.  We grew up in God fearing families.  For a long time, I have felt like a lonely voice crying in the wilderness.  The only answer I have had is we have moved on. I feel as though I am losing my faith.’   I don’t believe she is a lone voice crying in the wilderness. I think there are many people in sympathy with her. I am sure there are many who would agree with her and such sentiments

There will be people in all our Churches who would not normally be there, thus revealing a spiritual content in their lives.  Indeed, almost all people have some spiritual longing.   There are so many of these people who would be of enormous value to the Church, and who in turn could add so much to their lives.  Let us pray that those leading services will boldly proclaim the faithful gospel, casting aside all acknowledgement of political correctness, so that others may to come to know the Lord Jesus.
Many people are like the two British soldiers who found themselves lost in the deserts of Iraq. They eventually came across a two star American General in his jeep. As they approached him, they didn’t even bother to salute and simply blurted out ‘excuse me mate, can you tell us where we are?’  The General took umbrage at their casual attitude and sternly replied, ‘Don’t you know who I am?’ at which one of the soldiers turned to the other and said, ‘Now we are in real trouble, we don’t know where we are and he doesn’t know who he is!’
We need a daring programme of revival; which God is challenging us to make.  We within the Church need to ensure our services are always meaningful and encouraging.  However, there is reluctance within some Churches to preach a vibrant Biblical message for fear of being criticised as being offensive to other faiths.  Such reluctance is not reciprocated.   People, I believe, are longing for and wanting spiritual leadership.     All who treasure the Christian faith, and the memory of those who gave their lives to preserve a Christian heritage, must work and pray for a spiritual revival of the Christian Church.   

May we always remember the sacrifices others made that we might be here.  We must never ever forget the lives of so many gallant young men and women given that we may have peace in our lives.

Friday 1 November 2019


First arrest and prosecution for praying in public case collapses after bungled police investigation

A Christian man in a wheelchair was arrested for peacefully praying for unborn children and their parents outside and abortion clinic on a quiet London Street.  He was carried by his arms and legs by four police officers, put in a van, and spent eight hours in a cell before being released on bail.

The Crown Prosecution Service have dropped the case due to there not being sufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction.  It has also been alleged that the police failed to caution him prior to arrest.

On the morning of 8 August 2019, police were called after the Marie Stopes clinic reported that two men were breaking the PSPO by praying on the green directly outside of the clinic, rather than in the designated area for ‘protest’ located further down Mattock Lane. Video footage from the police body camera reveals two police officers approaching Christian, who can be seen peacefully sat on the grass next to his wheelchair with a friend. The police statement from the arrest says: "both males were sitting quietly on the grass”, and in the video footage the officer says: “You seem two very nice people, but…”

The manager of the Marie Stopes clinic emerged from the building with the printed PSPO order and said to one of the officers: “They’ve been praying they had every intention of you being called, so they were making a protest.”

Despite being warned by the police that merely being on the green outside of the clinic constitutes breaking the PSPO, Christian said in response: "I'm going to continue praying. I'm in this place because they're killing human beings inside this clinic, it is against the law to ban anyone praying anywhere in this land. The PSPO has been built upon false grounds, false harassment, fake news, I don't respect it. I don't think you have a constitutional right to stop someone from praying, so I'm going to continue praying here until you remove me, forcibly or whatever, because what's more important is that God's law is upheld in this nation and not the law of those who govern this nation and not this ludicrous law that says people can't pray."
Christian then asked for clarification from the police officer if it was a criminal offence for him to pray in that location. The officer said: "l'm saying you're in breach of the court order.” Christian responded:  "So it's a criminal offence to pray, according to the court order, it's a criminal offence to pray outside of a place where children are being killed?" The officer then merely stated:  "I believe that I've given you the answer."

Although the police warned Christian that he might be arrested, they failed to caution him. Christian told the police that PSPOs were meant to be used to prevent anti-social behaviour and continued to pray. He prayed for the mothers, fathers, children and the staff members at the clinic, until a member of the public walked past, threatened Christian, and accused him of "terrorising people."

It is then that the officers again illegally fail to caution Christian and instead arrest him saying: Stand up, Christian, you are under arrest.”

Christian responded saying: “I can’t stand up, I’m in a wheelchair. I’m not moving, I’m praying. I’m not going to capitulate to your demands. I am allowed to pray here. This earth was the Lord’s before it was Ealing Council’s.”

A large police riot van then arrived, and four officers carry Christian by his legs and arms and put him in ‘the cage’. As Christian is carried to the van he cries out:"I haven't done anything wrong other than pray." Mr Hacking was then taken to Acton police station where he was imprisoned for eight hours before being released on bail.

Christian said: "To be treated like a criminal and imprisoned for eight hours for praying is ludicrous. My Christian faith calls me to defend the voiceless and what more peaceful way can I achieve this than through prayer. If abortion providers don’t want me praying outside their clinic they should buy the land and ring fence it. Not arrest people for doing what they don’t like on public property.

“I do not regret what I did, and urge the Church, to pray more, not less outside of clinics until the killing stops. Surely we, as a nation, can give women in a crisis something better than abortion.  I care deeply about all the families who attend abortion clinics and will continue to do what it takes, no matter what, until this silent genocide of innocent children ends."