Friday 15 November 2019

Anyone who has read my blog or who knows me will know I am as pro-American as possible. It has therefore with much regret that I listened to the impeachment hearings in Washington, for,  like many other people I fear, we need to rethink just how wonderful country that is in the way they conduct hearings into political matters.

This was SUPPOSED to be a hearing in which witnesses would give evidence and it would be ultimately decided on conclusion, on the balance of what heard, if there was such evidence to justify the serious step of impeaching their President.

It was obvious from the very beginning that this would be a kangaroo court as the Democrats had previously held closed hearings with witnesses, denying Republican representatives any access and withholding the name of a whistleblower.

In addition, the Democrats have never got over the fact the President won the election, and even before he got started, a Democrat Senator was heard making a telephone call whilst on a train, speaking about impeachment.  This has been their aim throughout the term of office, and this hearing is just trying to achieve this, although not likely to succeed.

No doubt after finding the President has done all he said he would, (surely a first for any politician anywhere) the Democrats fear facing him again next year. If anyone thinks not, why is there a display board in the Court which reads ‘if we don’t impeach the President he will get re-elected’?

The session opened with a statement by the Chairman one Adam Schiff who displayed an unpleasant and arrogantly biased nature. His statement was more suitable for a prosecuting counsel, with glowing praise for the witness against the President and how awful were those for him. He refused points of order with a dismissive joyful banging of his gavel.

The President is fortunate in having a Republican dominated Senate, for surely, they would not vote for impeachment after this circus.
I am so disappointed that a country with such a fine history and reputation, can have it besmirched as it has been by this mockery.

This is not the first display of the Democrats antics, we saw a similar disreputable episode a little while ago, with the nomination of a man to the Supreme Court, whose reputation was challenged without cause, other than to unsuccessfully stop his election, as he would not be likely to have a left wing type of view.    
Whilst it may be thought the President has not acted throughout with dignity or wisdom, and was unwise in this tweeting action, he is not being investigated for that. 

I am just shocked a chairman of a hearing could act in the manner Adam Schiff did. The arrogant manner in which he refused to let Republicans at the hearing speak] , and at least five times refused to let a female representative make appoint of order, was shameful. A thoroughly unpleasant character I thought unworthy of the role he was in.

The whole point of this impeachment was an allegation the President refused to assist Ukraine assistance unless he did him a favour.  The fact is the President did not ultimately withhold assistance.

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