Sunday 26 July 2015

The Bible tells us that God ordains the kind of government we have, in which case God must be punishing Britain and America by letting us be governed by David Cameron and Barack Obama.

We in Britain have a Prime Minister who has proved to be a cheat and a liar. Before the 2010 election he promised he would not introduce same sex marriage, he did. Before the 2015 election he promised to introduce legislation which would give greater protection to a persons savings who needed care home attention. He has cancelled that. There was a promise to electrify Northern rail links; that has been passed over.

What sort of a politician can so blatantly go back on things said just prior to an election?

America has a President who visits another country giving notice he is going to lecture them on ‘gay rights’ and same sex marriage, even though that country warned him that would be offensive to them. What arrogance and impertinence to even imagine the leader of one country could admonish another country?
Obama may have an obsession with same sex marriage, but unlike Britain and America, African countries generally still follow the Bible.

How the Christians in America must hope for a Republican victory in next year’s elections. Just think of who is for the Democrats. We would all be singing God HELP America.

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