Monday 20 July 2015


A man and wife (man/woman) in Oregon carried on a bakery business and when a young woman and her mother wanted to order a wedding cake for the daughter’s wedding to another woman, they decided to go to a bakery well known for its strong Christian beliefs. The bakery owners declined the order on the grounds that same sex marriage was contrary to Christian teaching.

A complaint was made by the women and a judge subsequently ordered costs of $135,000 dollars against the bakery owners for emotional suffering caused to the lesbian couple. Surely by any standards this was ridiculous and well over the top, and one wonders what opinions the judge holds. I can’t imagine any suffering being worth that amount. In all such cases in both our countries, it is quite amazing how easily people become so emotional.

Whilst the women have every legal right now to go through with this ceremony of so-called same sex marriage, it is surely equally right for people with equally strong views to have their feelings considered; especially when there must have been numerous other bakeries willing to serve them.

An added insult is that a gagging order was placed on the bakers. However, such was the feeling of people for the bakery owners that the well recognised generosity of the American people has resulted in a wonderful response to meet the costs.

A pity their generosity was not matched by political wisdom, which would have resulted in a different President, and such controversies could have been largely avoided.

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