Saturday 9 August 2014

The week of 9th August
I am surprised at the number of what are usually seen as normal intelligent people who are criticising Israel and every Jew in creation. We expect the usual left wing rent a quotes to be chirping away, but they are joined by people you would expect to understand things better.

Israel was first attacked, and like every nation and person who is attacked, they felt the need to respond. They have not however placed rocket launchers in heavily populated civilian areas, used women and children as shields, and stored weapons in schools and hospitals. It is completely ignored that Hamas is lobbing rockets by the hundreds over Israel civilian areas, and dug tunnels under Israeli buildings in order to place explosives.

We have hundreds of thousands of Christians and other religious groups being butchered in Iraq, just for being non Muslims, but not a word from the anti-Israeli mob, nor from Baroness Warsi. Only America has shown any real concern for those oppressed people. How can any human being claim that chopping another person’s head off is justified by religious belief?

The new Education Secretary (Nicky Morgan) is said to be a member of the Conservative Christian Fellowship and an opponent of same sex marriage, which is a welcome announcement, but what a disappointment that she has appointed a Stonewall member as an adviser. That same organisation has suggested teaching under age 5 years olds about homosexuality. This surely suggests they are incapable of giving sensible advice. And why is teaching creationism seen as unworthy of state funding when sex education is acceptable?

I read that Sporting Index issued an advertisement showing the Brazilian statue of Jesus holding a bikini clad girl and a bottle of champagne with an inappropriate comment. When the ad was banned after complaints were made, the firm is said to have been incredulous. This shows the extremely bad taste of the firm and its insulting attitude with complete disregard for religious feelings. Just imagine the outcry (and consequences)if Jesus had been replaced by a picture of Mohammed.

Hundreds of men and women are being denied pain relieving drugs by the NHS but now lesbian couples are being offered the creation of sperm banks to enable them to have children without going through the normal procedure. How far we have moved from the Christian heritage in this country.

The Land of the Free is not doing much better. A College in New England is losing its accreditation because it believes in the traditional belief of marriage as man/woman and not subscribing to the doctrine of special legal rights for homosexuals demanded by their present President. How they must wish for 2016 to come

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