Thursday 14 August 2014

Britain 2014 style
In London England yesterday a group of Islamists were in Oxford Street, the main thoroughfare, handing out leaflets inviting people to join the Islamist Jihadists in the Middle East who are in the process of killing Christians and destroying Churches. Complaints were made to the Police who are reported to have said they would examine them to see if any law had been broken.

Now compare this incident. Earlier this year an American evangelist was preaching in a lesser populated road from the Bible when some woman made a complaint about him doing so. Police turned up promptly and arrested him, took him to a Police station and detained him in a cell for seven hours and aggressively questioned him for a public order offence. The crime was quoting verses from Holy Scripture. Eventually an Inspector used some intelligence and released him because there was in fact no offence committed. (other than speaking up as a Christian in modern Britain which has not YET been made illegal)

Similar action has been taken in Dundee and Perth in Scotland where a street preacher was held for 24 hours and in one case in Perth, video footage was available to prove nothing offensive was said.

But America seems just as bad in their attitude to Christians. A judge in New Mexico has on the complaint of just two people ordered the 10 Commandments on public display to be removed. The U.S.Navy has ordered bibles to be removed from naval stations.

I was listening to a broadcast on American television in which a researcher told of actions against Christians which were quite startling. A teacher in Florida told a girl who was reading a Bible during a free reading period, when students were reading their own books, to stop doing so. The same teacher made a vitriolic phone call to her parents.

In another case a child who drew a picture of Jesus on the Cross was recommended for psychological assessment. During Ramadan non Islamic soldiers were told to dress soberly and respect Muslims.

Members of the First Baptist Church were described as extremists and religious extremism was attributed to evangelical Christians.

A student who ignored a direction at a graduation ceremony not to mention anything Christian, but who persisted in reciting the Lord’s Prayer, was charged with civil disobedience in South Carolina of all places Similarly a Pentagon statement listed carols which were permissible for soldiers to sing.

All in the land of the brave and home of the free!!

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