Wednesday 27 August 2014

Hypocrisy v Discrimination
Writing in the Telegraph, the former Attorney General Dominic Grieve, stated he thought it extraordinary that people were disciplined and even sacked from work for expressing their Christian faith. He thought Christianity was a powerful force for good and it was more important than ever to express that faith. He worried over attempts to push Christianity out of public life.

All that sounds fine, but he was in a very powerful position as the senior lawyer in the country to do something about it when he was in office. I wonder why he didn’t.

We are always being told how dedicated to the Christian faith our Prime Minister is, and some people actually believe him. Recently thousands and thousands of Christians were stranded on a mountain and other isolated places, petrified from fear of attacking Islamic hordes, yet little was heard in a positive way from the Prime Minister, yet when Yazidis attracted world wide attention because of their plight, he suddenly found voice. Far better headlines, opportunity to call meetings and speak out forcefully.

Consider how puerile the words of these two men sound when you think of a lady reported about in the Daily Mail recently, who suffered disciplinary action for the precise reason she spoke about her faith.

A lady names Victoria was approached by a Muslim colleague who asked about Victoria’s Church, so was invited to attend. When the Muslim woman was in a state of distress on another occasion, Victoria prayed for her with the consent of the woman, and when the woman was unwell gave her a book about another Muslim woman, which I read some years ago, and which is quite innocuous.

Victoria did not in any way force her faith on the Muslim, who in fact had showed her own interest, yet was severely disciplined when after all the kindness the woman complained to the NHS managers. Now if she had joined the Islamic terrorist supporters in London handing out leaflets calling for people to go and fight with the jihadists, she would not have had any action taken against her.

A Muslim man heard the Christian message and became a Christian. His family have suffered attack, his car was set on fire, and police ignored him when told of the danger he was in. This was in the city of Bradford, England, the place where the Member of Parliament recently screamed abuse at Israel and called for a ban on Jewish goods, and said Israelis were not welcome in that town.

It may give politicians personal satisfaction to their consciences to utter fine sentiments, we will be more impressed when they do things positive. Remember, it was only a few weeks ago that we read of Boris Johnson being let off the hook by the Courts for favouring the homosexual lobby over a Christian organisation. And other Courts have discriminated against Christians, denying them the right to their beliefs.

Christians are indeed the most persecuted groups and seemingly the only ones denied (human) rights

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