Thursday 6 September 2012

What has gone wrong with America?

I am as regular readers will know pro-American with a great fondness for that country and follow their fortunes with interest, especially the religious broadcasts we can now access in this country thanks to satellite television.

So it was with amazement that I heard that the Democratic National Convention had decided this year to banish God from the proceedings. This I suppose could have been understood as the platform adopted same sex marriage and pro abortion rights, but the Convention consists of so many more people than reach the platform. However, when the party found that the Press had picked this up, they realised what a mistake they had made and what a gift had been given to the Republicans. Whilst an attempt to alleviate the damage was made, it seems to me they only exacerbated the astounding action taken in the first place, for a lot of the delegates did not appear to approve the correction.

America is a very big country and the Churches have a big influence on voters for America is still largely a Christian land. The Democrats, led by the present President are acting as if they want to turn their backs on God and Christianity. Obama endorses same sex marriage, wants to force contraception on the Churches, supports the Planned Parenthood organisation and accepts abortion.

Contrast that with Republican Presidents (and would be) who are ready and proud to bring God into matters, who stand for traditional view of marriage, are not pro-abortion, and respect Church beliefs on not being forced to provide contraception, and support the holy land of Israel.

The race for the White House will be interesting indeed, and with a candidate with more charisma than Mitt Romney would probably have romped home. Now it seems a close call. There is no doubt that the press in this country will largely root for Barack Obama, as the Republicans do not appear to have a lot of favour. Might I suggest that one big reason is that they have the support of evangelical Christians and those States in the so-called Bible belt?

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