Wednesday 12 September 2012

We have had much trumpeting about how great Great Britain is by the politicians, and rightly so in many ways, although we knew that before they got into the act. But there is one way in which it is not very great and that is by it’s politicians.

Democracy is another word that is over used, again by the very people who make sure it is not a practical issue. There have been some glaring examples as to how little it means to those who shout the loudest.

Some time ago this erstwhile Prime Minister, (for he probably has only two years or so left) decided on the spur of the moment that he was ‘passionate’ about introducing same sex marriage legislation. (forcing it on the nation would have been more honest) To have a Conservative suggest this, is indeed stunning. However, nothing should surprise us from Mr Cameron.

When it was realised that the country did not rejoice and welcome this proposal it was decided to hold a ‘consultation’. To the normal straightforward and integrity minded people, this suggested that people’s opinions and beliefs would be considered before any action would be taken, after all, this is what a ‘consultation’ is intended for.

Whilst this so-called consultation was taking place it was announced that legislation would be introduced before 2015. This only reveals the contempt that the Prime Minister has for the views of the people, and the future of his Party which as a result of this announcement has meant that thousands of traditional Conservative supporters have decided to support the United Kingdom Independence Party, the only Party to support the traditional view of marriage. As David Cameron could not win an election when we had the biggest deficit in history and the lowest rated Prime Minister to beat, he certainly has no chance next time, so a Labour victory is assured.

Yesterday we had Nick Clegg, the beacon of liberalism, telling us that those of us who do not support same sex marriage were bigots. There was botched and hasty withdrawal, again only when it was seen what the strength of the backlash was. But that is his true opinion, which he obviously had not the courage to voice openly. The Coalition in support of marriage have not resorted to such abuse, but have tried to articulate their view with reason and validity. It is not so much that the liberals disagree with that view, they just don’t expect anyone else to have a view. Bear in mind also that the woman (Liberal Democrat) Minister at the Home Office suggested that the Church was being homophobic for opposing same sex marriage.

Now the Green Party have expelled an Evangelical Christian woman Councillor from Brighton Council because she doesn’t support same sex marriage. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to belong to the Green Party, but this is outrageous and shows how unfit they are to hold any political office.

I have had the hymn Jerusalem sung twice this past week at funeral services; a hymn used by the Church as a metaphor for heaven a place of eternal love and peace. I wonder what William Blake would have thought of Nick Clegg and his associates.

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