Wednesday 26 September 2012

Last week the (American) Christian Broadcasting News during their daily programme had a time for prayer for America. On one of the days they had as guest Bishop Harry Jackson of Hope Pentecostal Church in Maryland, who was quite inspiring.

Based on a verse from 2 Chronicles Chapter 7 14,, (‘if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, pray, seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.’ ) he said how the country (America) needs to turn to God and listen to His Word if they were going to be able to solve their problems and avoid further difficulties. The same warning needs to be heeded in this country which faces much the same problems and lacks moral and spiritual leadership.

In both our countries the leaders have the same offending God attitude with their unbridled enthusiasm for same sex marriage, which is in direct contradiction of God’s created order and plan.

I was speaking to a young lady, now at a leading University in this country, who grew up in a Christian home and regularly attended Church (although not an evangelical one) until she left for University. We were talking about Nick Clegg’s offensive description of opponents of same sex marriage as bigots, and I remarked that this was in fact the view of most of his party, as a woman cabinet minister had said the Church was homophobic for opposing the proposal. The young lady said that was what they were, and when I pointed out the Bible’s teaching on this, was told the Bible was out of date and largely irrelevant. This I was led to understand was the view of many young people.

To say I was shocked would be an under statement, especially coming from this, a very clever and intelligent lady, and it also made me sad. If she and her contemporaries were truly of this opinion, what hope is there for this country? People of her calibre are those who set the standard for society.

God created man and woman and intended they should marry and have children. Any variation is to violate that creation order and is an offence to God, which is likely to provoke His wrath and bring retribution.

As a nation we have let one traditional practice after another be eroded, taking the view each time it is only one thing which won’t make much difference. It is like taking one stone from a building at a time until eventually the whole structure collapses, and that is what is happening to our society. Our moral base is crumbling and the Christian Church has largely stood by, with even some clergy helping to demolish the moral foundation.

As we look and consider life in this country at the present time it must surely give to all intelligent people grave cause for concern for we see a nation in moral and spiritual decline where the barriers of decency have been swept away so that we are left without restraint.

In State schools more time is given to sex education than religion, which is probably excluded all together in some schools. A time may well come when young people will have no knowledge of the Christian faith at all, and from interviews seen on television, they have virtually none now. Bishop Nazir-Ali warned that if you take Christianity out of public life, something else will replace it which may be far worse, for there will be a spiritual vacuum.

When parents have no moral base, and schools choose not to have them, how can we expect children to grow and know better. We have given secularists freedom to pour their poisonous ideas on to society with the belief that anything is all right as long as you feel comfortable with it.

The devil has sure got a foothold into this country as people have given up on God and rebelled against Him. Minority groups have been allowed to acquire a power and influence way beyond their proportion in the country.

But do not make the mistake of thinking you can violate God. He has laid down rules but too often they merely are treated as a basis for negotiation. Seventy years ago men fought the battle of Britain against foreign aggression, now it is a fight for Britain against the forces of evil. We need a spiritual revival such as that which once swept through Wales in 1904.

Christmas Evans, another Welsh revivalist of long past once said, revival is God breathing down to the embers of a fire which is just about to go out and breathing into it until it bursts into flames. So we need to seriously consider as Christians what we can do to bring the nation back to God and combat the influence of evil.

If God’s people do not humble themselves, pray, seek His face and turn from their wicked ways, then He will not forgive them sin and not heal their land. People need to realise this is God’s world and He is still in charge. Whilst He is a God of love, He is also a ‘just’ God and justice equates with punishment as well as reward.

We will look further into the teaching of the verse from 2 Chronicles in the next sermon on Friday.

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