Monday 15 January 2024

 The sermons can be read on Goggle under the name of Rev. Eric Royden

Or addition to being available on Facebook.


 I regret to state that I will not be answering texts or other kind of communication, unless of an urgent matter. I have for  some time been ready and happy to do so, and appreciate the kind interest and concern shown by many correspondents.

 Unfortunately an equal number of correspondents from two particular countries have failed to realize I am but a preacher and a Minister in  the Church in England. My inability to readily satisfy them has led to me receiving replies which I am not prepared to accept.


I will remember those friends who have asked me to pray for their personal needs, and for their ministry performed in harsh surroundings. I ask them to continue reading the sermons, and pray they may provide some benefit as we share in faithfully serving our Lord Jesus Christ.


May God bless you

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