Tuesday 9 January 2024

JOHN 1 v 43-51

This passage is the appointed Gospel mesage for the Second Sunday of the \\Epiphany

This passage tells of the various ways by which people are led into the Christian way of life.  We are told of Philip being added to the company of Christ’s Apostles. He  had not been influenced in the same way as Andrew, and others who responded to the testimony of John the Baptist. He was drawn like his brother Peter, the  outspoken dominant one.  Andrew was a direct follower of Christ Himself.  Though called by different paths, they all enter the same road, and accepted the truths, the same Master, and reached the same home.

 This is a message that through the ages, people of every time and country, amid the diversity of how we came to be led to believe the truth, and follow the same faith which caused us to accept Christ into our lives.

 We should however make our own way to Christ, not being so influenced by another person’s manner, that we try to do all they do.  God calls us in different places and times, and we are needed to be led the right way once we are a true believer living a holy life.

 We read that when Philip described Jesus to Nathaniel, he said, we have found him whom Moses wrote of in the law, and whom the prophets spoke of.

 Christ is part and the teaching of both Old and New Testaments.  In the days of Noah, Abraham. Jacob and Isaac, the sacrifices in ceremonial worship all pointed to Christ.  He was a shadow of Moses whom God promised to send.  He was to be the Son of the Virgin Mary foretold by Isaiah; the branch spoken of by Jeremiah; the shepherd told by Ezekiel; the messenger of the covenant promised by Malachi; and the Messiah mentioned by Daniel.

 The more we read the Old Testament, the light which inspired the writers, although enjoyed by the writers, was only dim to the gospel. But the coming person they saw far off, was one and the same.

 Christians have found the Old Testament to be detached, and often dismissed as just a Jewish history book, but it is still relative to the world today as nations debate whose land each part belongs to..

 The eyes of the unbeliever need to be opened, and a more humble approach taken. Christ is there even if  our eyes do not recognize Him.  Jesus stated in John’s gospel, the old Testament Scriptures are those which tell of me.  Jesus valued and quoted regularly from them.

The mind of Nathaniel was full of doubt about Jesus.  He asked Philip , can anything good come from Nazareth.   Philip said, come and see.  If he had approved of Nathaniel’s opinion, it could have driven Philip away.  But by asking him to come and meet Jesus, Philip showed his faith

 We as true Christians must always stand firm to assure doubting people that Jesus is a vital part of our lives. We need to help them find proof of our religion, and call upon them to find the value. Christianity has nothing to conceal, Only those prejudiced can speak about it in an evil way, and thereby reveal their ignorance.  Ther  are plenty of armchair critics.  The one in answer to all criticisms is the one who says to his friends I have found a Saviour. Come and meet him.

 Jesus called Nathaniel an Israelite. in whim there is no guild.  Nathaniel was a child of God in different times.  Like Anna, Simeon, and other pious Jews, living by faith and prayers for the promised Redeemer, when our Lor’s ministry began.  He had that grace which is part of a pure heart. Jesus described him as a true son f Abraham. A Jew inwardly possessing true spirit in the letter and heart

 May we in the same spirit, with an  honest and non-prejudiced mind, have a willingness to follow the truth and live as true believers.

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