Monday 6 November 2023

                               Romans 8 v 31-end

This passage from Romans, is the stated Epistle for Sunday next.

In earlier chapters, Paul was commenting on unbelievers, and saying evil forces would never succeed for God is with all believers, and whilst attacks may be made on God’s chosen ones and all who turn to Christ, will never be found to have done any wrong.

 Paul repeats that Christians will not be condemned, because Christ died for us and paid the penalty to put us right before all the world, He asks who is it to condemn? If God is for us, who can stand against Him, for He has made right before Him. No one can separate us from Christ, despite attempts being made to do so.

 Christians are more than conquerors, because God turns everything, including suffering and death.

 Paul answers the question, who shall separate us from Christ and all manner of trouble, with absolute certainty that nothing can separate us from the love of God. for there is no power stronger than the power of God.

 Any Jew reading this passage, would know that the words of Paul resemble the words of God to Abraham, when Abraham proved his loyalty to God, even when being ready to sacrifice his son to serve God.  Just as anyone be loyal to God, so God is loyal to those who are worthy.

 It is God who saves men,  who could possibly condemn? If man is acquitted of guilt, he is saved from all condemnation.  Our belief is Christ died for us and rose again, and is alive for ever more.  With that being so, there is no more anyone, who can part us from the risen Lord. No one can pass judgement on us. That is the decision of Christ alone.

 Paul makes a list of terrible acts, and states neither life nor death can separate us from Christ.  In life and death we are with Christ. Death is not the end, it’s the way to Christ

 Reference is made to angelic powers, which have no effect on us.  At the time of Paul writing this chapter, , the Jew would have held a firm belief in such powers. Rabbis would say that even a blade of grass had an angel, and angels were gathered in ranks. Paul had been a Rabbi, and Rabbis believed angels were hostile to human people. Angels did not want humans to have any connection with God, and considered themselves the only ones to be with God.

 Paul in stating nothing can separate us from God, spoke of the things to come, but the time to come would be a new age.  But he did say, if by some strange way in another and different world we would still be safe, and the love of God would be with us.

 Paul wants readers to know, that all loneliness and all fear will not affect us. You can take anything that this or what another world can throw at us, not anything can separate us from the love of God.  So no one can fear the future.     

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