Saturday 18 November 2023

Matthew 25 v 13-40


The service for this Sunday, comes from Matthew’s story of the Parable of the talents.  A talent is a unit of money.

The Master in the story, gave three of his servants varying amounts of talents according to his assessment of their ability.  To the first he gave five, two to the second, and just one to the third.. They were entrusted with the money, to care for it whilst he was away.  There were no banks at that time, so some people buried any valuables in the ground to hide them

After a long time absent, the master returned, and sent for the servants, to collect his money. The one with five talents had used the money to make five more, the second used his two to another two, the third servant had buried his talent in the ground for safety, and had not earned anything. 

The amounts made were not the main issue, what concerned the master was the faithfulness of his servants, who would be given appointments with responsibilities. The third servant’s action resulted in the misrepresentation of his master, which created a perception of laziness and bad stewardship.  The master was not pleased, and told the servant he should have converted the money.

In the Old Testament, servants were forbidden to  charge other Israelites interest, but it was permissible to charge interest from money which came from Gentiles.  However, the central point concerns being a faithful servant of all that God has entrusted to one’s care.

Using one’s God given abilities wisely and productively, is a vital point of discipleship, and will be rewarded with more chances of additional opportunities to serve God.

The parable is to direct our minds to the second advent of Christ, and the members of the professing Church of Christ. The practical lesson of vigilance.  We learn that all true Christians have received something from God . We are all God’s servants and have talents trusted to our care.  

The word talent, generally applied to those of exceptional ability. and are called talented. In the sense which our Lord used the word parable, it applies to all baptized people without exception.

We are all talents in God’s sight, anything whereby we may glorify God.

Our gifts influence money, knowledge, health. Strength. Time senses, reason. Intellect, memory. They are all bestowed by God. We are God’s stewards and debtors.

We learn secondly that many make a bad use of the privileges we receive. I the parable one dug earth and buried the man’s money to represent a large class of people.

To hide our talent is to represent neglect of opportunities of glorifying God. Those who do not read a Bible, does not pray, does not observe the Sabbath day, the unbelievers, all are alike, burying in the ground. All could be better than they are, instead of daily robbing God. He has lent the much for not return.

We learn thereby, all true Christians must have a day of reckoning with God.  The parable tell us the time he came for the master to reckon with nth o them

There is judgement for all of us.  Words in the Bible have no meaning if there is no judgement, it is just trifling with Scripture. No matter what our physical condition, rich or poor learned or not, there is no escape answering for our works.  We meet God face to face and shall have to render an account for every privilege granted to us/.We shall be dealt with as responsible people, and to whom much has been given much will be expected.

We learn that all true Christians will receive a reward on the day of reckoning.  Those who used the Lord’s money will be reckoned  as good and faithful service, and told to enter into the joy of the Lord. The best of Christians needs the blood of the atonement. The least and lowest of believers, among God’s servants believe he/she is counted among God’s servants and find their labour has not been in vain.  They will discover that their efforts to please God will be received/ Every hors served spent in Christ’s service, every word spoken, all will be marked in the Book of Remembrance.

     Finally, all faithful members of the Church will face judgement, and as the servant who buried the money was condemned, and there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.  There will be no use for the unconverted Christian on the last day.  The reasons which they pretend to satisfy themselves will be found useless  The judge of all the earth will be found to have done right . The ruin of a lost soul will be our own fault.  Thousands living  without Christ And without conversion, yet pretending they cannot help it.  All the time they will know by their conscience, they are guilty.

Let us leave the parable with a solemn determination, by God’s grace never to be satisfied with a profession of Christianity,  without practice.

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