Tuesday 28 February 2023


The wrath of God.

The Synod of the Church of England recently met and at the proposal of the bishops, they passed a motion to allow same sex marriages to be blessed in churches. There was regret that same sex marriages were not to be allowed to be celebrated in Churches . which will no doubt be approved in the July meeting.

The Archbishops apologised to the LGBT organisation, which represents the homosexual constitution, for the failure to further and approve marriages.

If we turn to the book of Romans in the Bible, we can read the words ’God gave hem up’. Having stated the righteous shall live by faith, Paul writes the Word of God from heaven has been revealed against all unrighteousness and godliness of men and women who support and engage in unnatural sexual practices, for this reason God gave them up. Hence, the Archbishops are apologising for not teaching something which the Bible  describes as incurring the wrath of God, which made God give them up.

In plain terms, this is stating God does not approve of same sex relationships and whilst people are free to follow their own desires under State law, the Church cannot approve of them.  This calls for the bishops to stop their irresponsible actions, and to honour their vows to preach ONLY what the Bible sanctions, and keep to what they promised to do.

The Church is the only means of teaching the Gospel. The Bible states, how can people believe if they have not heard, and how can they hear if no one teaches them.  The Bible is the supreme authority for all teaching, and is the divine Word of God for what is right or wrong. If any person in Holy Orders cannot accept this, they should take the honourable action of resigning. To remain is an affront to God and Jesus Christ.

The Church of England is the mother Church of the worldwide Anglican Communion, 75% of which is spread across the world, and the Archbishop of Canterbury is considered to be the leader of the Communion.  That large percentage is firmly committed to the words of Scripture, and is shocked that the Church of England can so easily act against the teaching laid down in the Bible, which has the been the foundation for matrimony since its origination, and is co commanded by God and the Lord Jesus Christ. In consequence, they are passing a resolution to separate from the Church of England with sadness, that the Church  to which they looked up to, has acted in the way it has. The Archbishop is no longer seen as leader.

God abandons a nation which acts against His Word, and those who have disrespected, or have followed their own ways. God withdraws His grace for all who cause moral chaos.

We have to recognize there is much immorality in society, a situation in which the Church should challenge and not acquiesce. Virtually on every entertainment television channel, there is a sexual scene from the mere suggestive to the blatant pornographic. This is unhelpful for children.

 We now have transgenderism thrust upon us, despite eminent surgeons stating it if medically impossible. In schools, all forms of sexuality is taught to young people, and even children of four years are being made to walk in Gay Pride marches without parental knowledge, and questioned if they think they are of the wrong gender

Bishops sit in the House of Lords for the purpose of holding the government of the day to hold to a moral compass, but whilst they may write letters about food banks and climate change, they never write about how children are subject to improper teaching at schools.  In fact, a petition supported by many people, called on the Archbishop of Canterbury to ban an organisation which teaches children in Church schools to support homosexual content and abandon heterosexuality.

We have now reached a stage where true believers are considering whether they can remain in the Church of England when it so improperly treats Scripture, and such would decimate the Church when it is already losing members. A huge task has been placed on Vicars who will now have to declare their views  on marriage, which will inevitably affect relationships. And what a situation for a Vicar who has care of more than one church, in which there may be differences between his churches.  

God and the Church have become irrelevant to a sizeable amount of people in society and public life. An example was   given from a political campaign in Scotland at the present time. A vacancy has arisen as the First Minister of Scotland has resigned shortly after she announced a bill to the Scottish Parliament, to allow anyone of the age of 16 to declare themselves to be of the opposite sex to their biological sex, without any medical recommendation.  This of course placed women in a dangerous, situation for they would have had free access to women’s own facilities.

The front runner for the vacancy was a woman, with a formidable record of Parliamentary efficiency. In her campaign speech, she told she is a member of the Free Church of Scotland, and announced she was a Christian. She added that she did not favour same sex marriage, sex out of   marriage, and was not in favour of casual abortion. Members of her own Scottish National Party spoke against her views.

  Religion is not as strong as it once was in Scotland, and the press immediately wrote her off in consequence of her Christian declaration. In a television cross party discussion she was most aggressively attacked. Her nearest challenger is a Muslim man who will have much of the same outlook, even if not declaring so.

Christianity is prone to much mockery in public life. One man who for a short time led the Liberal Democrat Party, but such was the mockery and harassment when he declared his Christian faith, he had to resign the Office.  In the Labour Party, a senior member declared, we don’t do God.

I was listening to a broadcast from the United States Senate shortly after when a member returned after being injured and he referred to his faith in recovery; the members present all clapped. American politicians can be open about their faith.

I close with the words of John Wesley.

I want to know the way to heaven; how to land on that happy shore. God himself has condescended to teach the way; for this end He came from heaven. He hath written it down in a book. Give me that book. At any price give me the book.

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