Tuesday 14 February 2023

The General Synod of the Church of England.

 Whenever I read that the General Synod of the Church has met, I dread what the consequences  are going to be.   It was obvious that prayers of blessing for same sex marriages would be passed, and calls will no doubt be made for same sex marriages, which has been delayed probably until the next meeting in July.

  I was listening to an American broadcaster who stated , ‘ the bishops of the Church of England have succeeded in their effort to destroy the Church by going stark staring mad in introducing non gender  ideology. Outrageous as it sounded, I readily believed it. The Church will not be destroyed, but undoubtedly will lose members, but the Bible has been cast aside, and the teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ ignored.

It has been frustrating to find bishops actively campaigning for same sex marriage, calling for the bible wedding teaching to be abandoned as offensive to those who did not believe in that form; a bishop suspending a clergyman for not accepting a safe guarding order not to insist on a marriage as being  solely man and woman; a bishop stating she would call God Our Mother; declining to define a woman stating the Church did not do so.  The Bible does, should have used that one.

I cannot understand how bishops can adopt such actions when at ordination, and also at Consecration, they vow to teach only that which is in Holy Scripture, and to banish all false doctrine. As Clergy we are expected to observe the laid down Articles of the Church.(See Articles V1 and XX in the Appendix  to this posing) A bishop shockingly reported a Synod member to the Police, on an accusation of hate speech in a ‘twitter’ account. The Police were more aware of the ruling of Lord Sedley, who stated,  Free speech includes not only the offensive but the irritating, contentious, the eccentric, the heretical the unwelcome, the provocative ,provided it does not tend to   provoke violence. Freedom to speak inoffensively is not worth having.

Why was he reported to the Police?  Why did he receive a letter of rebuke from the Archbishops? Why was he threatened to a prison term? The Bible states, ’when one  has a grievance against another, does he dare go to law before the unrighteous, instead of the saints?

Consider how intelligent Christian people  will be shocked, and wonder that a bishop of the Church could report a member of the Church to the Police,because he expressed an opinion which was in support of biblical teaching, and against  that of the proposed dishonouring of Scripture.  We have got to the stage where faithful traditionalists are to be rebuked.

 The Church was a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion, and recognized as the home of the Communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury as the leader, but no more. 75% of the Communion is in countries in Africa, Far East and South America, and has disconnected from the Church of England, and maintained orthodox traditional teaching of the Bible, not recognizing the Apostasy the Church has adopted.  The Archbishop of the Global Communion criticized the Archbishop of Canterbury for his sympathetic stance and collaboration to the LGBT . 

To it’s credit, the LGBT has carried out an extremely successful and efficient campaign on behalf of the homosexuality cause, taking with it sympathy and collaboration of the Church. How men and women in general act and believe, is essentially a personal matter which the Church need not pay attention to, but they cannot justify formally approving the same. Nor was it necessary for the Archbishop to apologize for failing to have the Church pass same sex marriage.  We should exist together and show tolerance without capitulation.

If the Church had carried out the message which Christ commanded it to, with the same commitment and efficiency, we would have had a revival.

Whilst travelling to various Churches, I have not found any support for same sex marriages in church. I have met people who were leaving to find a Church without such belief. 

Since the beginning of creation, marriage has been celebrated in every country of the world with that of a man and a woman.  There is no basis for any other kind of union.

The non-gender ideology is nonsense, and the Church cannot acquiesce. The Bible states. ‘God created man in his own image. male and female he created them.  In Matthew6, the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray, and Jesus stated, Our FATHER, and since that time 2000 years past,that is how the Lord’s Prayer has been said, and will continue to be said. Imagine saying Our parent, it is utterly ridiculous.  In addition, Jesus in teaching told how people can be helped by their heavenly Father.

The Archbishop of York stated same sex blessings for marriage was just a development of doctrine.  True doctrine is contained in the Bible, which quotes Jesus warning, of dire consequences if anyone add or takes away from what is described in the Bible. (Revelation 22 v 18)

I was amazed to hear the Archbishop of York state in a reply to a member, that if he wanted to learn more to turn to the New Testament. It was the Archbishop himself, who when a bishop is reported to have told a Vicar in his Diocese that if he wished to teach biblical sexuality, there was no place for him in the Church of England.  The Vicar had resigned from being a Governor in a Church School as he disagreed with young children being taught explicit sexuality. He subsequently left the Church

it is an excellent suggestion to turn to the New Testament, let us do so

Matthew 19 v 4

Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female.  Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife

John 2 v 1-11

Jesus -performs fist miracle at a wedding of a man and a woman. This demonstrates the support of Jesus for man/woman marrage. To accuse him of not doing so would be unbelievable, for Jesus as part of the God-head would never differ from God the Father.


Principles for marriage

1 Corinthians 7  Ephesus 5  Colossians 3

We might note that in 2Timothy 3,  the Bible sates ALL Scripture is inspired by God.  The operative word is ALL

Then Timothy is warned that there will be those who do not want to know sound doctrine, but will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions. (2 Timothy 4 v3 )

               A P P  E N D I X

V1  Of the Sufficiency of the holy Scriptures for Salvation

HOLY Scripture containeth all things necessary for salvation; so whatsoever is not read therein, nor may be proved thereby, is not to be required of any man, that it should be believed as an article of the Faith, or be thought necessary for salvation. In the name of Holy Scripture we do understand those canonical Books of the Old and New Testament, of whose authority was never in any doubt.

XX Of the authority of the Church            

The Church hath power to decree Rites or Ceremonies, and authority in Controversies of Faith: and yet it is not lawful for the Church to do or ordain anything that is contrary to God's Word written, nor may it so expound one place in Scripture, that it may be repugnant to another. Wherefore, although the Church be a witness and a keeper of holy Writ, yet, as it ought not anything against the same. So besides the same ought it not to enforce anything to be believed for necessity of Salvation.

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