Wednesday 5 February 2020

I have just finished watching what will be an infamous event in American history, the trial for impeachment of their President. Whilst he was charged with abuse of power and obstructing Congress, any person with the smallest amount of intelligence will realize the real grounds for impeachment was he won the 1916 election, and beat the darling of the Democratic Party, Hilary Clinton. 

The Democrats have never been able to accept he won, and from even before he took the Office they have been screaming impeachment. In addition, he has done what few (if any) politicians do, by carrying out all he promised in the election campaign.

Moreover, he has made America great again as the economy shows, taxes down, wages up, employment up, the other side is that the revolting laws introduced by his predecessor abandoned, women will not have to fear using female facilities, and Christians will be free to express their beliefs freely without threat of being penalized.

From the start this was a trial of revenge. Nancy Pelosi was after the President at the earliest opportunity and with her colluders was so keen to rush the case through Congress made a mess of it, meaning they went before Senate where they expected Senate to put them right by calling extra witnesses which they omitted to do.

The impeachment trial was fascinating to watch. It was conducted in a manner that Russia, East Germany or China would have been impressed by. The Chairman was one Adam Schiff, a most arrogant and unpleasant man, who put my television screen in danger, was blatantly biased, with hearings behind closed doors and when a Republican wanted to make a comment was refused permission to speak. Five times one Republican lady asked to speak and five times refused.

I hope all Christians will remember whilst other Presidents have been sympathetically supportive, this President acted practicallyin their interests.

 The American people are sensible and I imagine the antics of Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and Nancy Pelosi will be remembered at the voting boxes.  What sort of House Speaker tears up a copy of the nation’s President's speech at a State of the Union Address? No doubt she will claim he ignored her hand, but the Vice President’s hand was not shaken and he didn’t expect it to be. After the vicious way she pursued him for impeachment, I am surprised she expected a handshake.

God bless America

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