Thursday 6 February 2020

FranlinGraham, evangelist son of the late Billy Graham, has had confirmed venues for his UK tour pull out because he does not agree with same sex marriage. Whether you agree with him is immaterial, he has a right to be heard.  It is called being tolerant. Supreme Court rulings have supported his view.

The decision to cancel a reservation made by such a distinguished man from another country, with a worldwide reputation for his service to the poor and starving people in the deprived countries across the world. Under his leadership, Samaritan's Purse has met the needs of poor, sick, and suffering people in more than 100 countries.
The cancellation is an insult of considerable proportions, and displays gross discourtesy, integrity.
The shameful action was taken at Liverpool ACC, Glasgow Hydro, Arena Birmingham, Sheffield Arena, Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes, Utilita Arena in Newcastle and ICC Wales in Cardiff have all cancelled events in the American preacher's eight-city summer 2020 UK tour.
Similarly, the leader of Sheffield City Council, Julie Dore, said Mr Graham’s “discriminatory and repulsive views, could affect the long-established values that we all hold so dear in Sheffield”. The chairman of Sheffield City Trust, David Grey, which operates the Arena, said the event had to be pulled because Mr Graham does not promote “equality and freedom from hatred and abuse”.
The decision followed an open letter from ‘Sheffield’s LGBT+ Communities’ stating that Franklin Graham’s “homophobic beliefs” “far exceed freedom of speech and are direct hate speech and incitement to violence against LGBT+ communities and individuals which should not be welcomed in our city, or anywhere else”.
Leader of Glasgow City Council Susan Aitken said the event could “fundamentally breach the council’s statutory equalities duties” and thus break the law.
The comments made are totally ridiculous and show a complete ignorance of Mr Graham’s character and personality. In the years I have listened to him he has never said a cross words about anyone.
I find the statement of the leader of Glasgow City Council the height of hypocrisy when she states it breaches the council’s statutory equalities duties.  Some years ago, whilst I was on holiday in Glasgow, a display was held on Council premises when a Bible was placed on a stand and members of the public were invited to write comments on the book.  Naturally, certain passages were commented upon, and when the Council were asked in the name of equality to place a Koran on an adjoining stand, permission was refused. So, there are different types of equality, where some are more equal than others.

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