Wednesday 19 June 2019

                     Insight to the enemy within the Church             

A disturbing story came to knowledge recently when it was reported that a Vicar had resigned his position as a governor of his local Church of England primary school. This was the result of a young child in the school being allowed by the head teacher to stand in front of the school and state he no longer considered himself a boy, and was to be treated as a girl.  To exacerbate the occurrence, the school had invited some aggressive activist transgender group who call themselves ‘Mermaids’, to provide training for staff and governors. One report suggested even the boy’s parents were unaware of what had occurred.

The Vicar, who is an Oxford graduate in biology, felt that the school which was backed up by the Diocesan Board of Education had gone too far supporting transgender ideology, and made his views known.

The Vicar resigned his Office as Vicar after it was alleged, he spoke to his bishop who told him if he wished to follow the Bible’s teaching on sexuality, he should follow his conscience and resign.  An alternative version in a different report went stronger and alleged, the bishop stated if he wished to follow the Bible’s teaching there was no place for him in the Church.  Whichever version is correct, the point is made clear.

Whilst some people may be horrified and find it unbelievable, I would not be surprised if it was true, for another campaigning bishop recently stated the Church should abandoned the Bible’s traditional teaching to avoid offending same sex supporters.

The Bishop, on the story breaking, issued a statement to the Diocesan clergy firmly denying making such a statement, claiming the allegations were false as were the circumstances quoted.
Further confusion was added when it was then stated that thirty (Unnamed) clergy came forward to support the Vicar and claim they heard the bishop’s words.

Christian Concern, the legal defence team which represents Christians unfairly treated, commented that the, bishop's letter is "at best misleading and arguably irresponsible in its portrayal of the situation ... A truly loving Church would provide – in its congregations and schools – a safe space for all who are confused about their gender to find healing and comfort in Christ the Redeemer.

The Church at large has treated transgenderism far too casually and sympathetically, instead of exposing it as some trendy unreality, seized upon by secular activists, totally undermining the teaching of Scripture. Such is the departure of the Church of England into Apostasy that special liturgy has been created to allow a second baptism, which is completely against the original teaching of the Church, and contrary to the Creed. Clergy are called upon to welcome such a trend, when in fact it is a cruel teaching which confuses children in our primary schools and encourages them to deny the reality of who they are, more especially when so many people of all ages are unable to resist joining in the latest trendy social craze without realising the long term consequences.

Billy Graham, the all-time greatest Christian preacher once stated if God does not act against Britain and America, he should apologise to Sodom and Gomarrah. Who could challenge such a statement?

 If older people want to play about with their gender that is a personal choice, but there is no right to target children of tender years, especially when parents are not consulted.

The wide difference between what has been alleged and the serious nature of the allegations must surely demand an enquiry.

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