Tuesday 4 June 2019

A personal Letter to the United States.

We in the United Kingdom have the pleasure and honour of having the President of the United States of America visiting our country. During this visit, he will dine with the Queen, visit the tomb of the unknown solider in Westminster Abbey, which remembers those who were killed anonymously whilst serving their country in the last war.

Significantly and particularly, he will  pay a special tribute as we all remember the many military people who lost their lives from both our countries during the invasion of Europe 75 years ago.  We join with him in that remembrance and give thanks for their sacrifices.

Sadly, we have a Mayor London making prominence of himself by refusing to meet the President, and even encouraging protests at his visit.  His juvenile behaviour and comments are an embarrassment to those who recognise the gravity of the occasion.
His intelligence has failed to realise without the gallantry of those American young men, he would not be standing making a clown of himself today.

Whatever personal views people may have regarding Mr Trump, he is the democratically elected President of our greatest ally and a great nation in itself; as such he should be treated with much respect and courtesy, even greater than the respect shown by all the left wing zealots who welcome dictators of oppressive regimes to this country.

Do not be fooled or misled, the protests against the President consist of a small proportion of people in our nation, and are a collection of political and intellectual misfits, and many who attend as a matter of fun for the day; it is of no consequence other than reflecting badly to the world who would expect better of British people. One woman said she objected to the President’s attitude to women, seemingly not even knowing what his attitude is. Some hypocrisy, when people refer to his ‘disgraceful respect for women’, but either ignore or forget previous occupants of that great Office named Clinton and Kennedy.

President Trump has achieved much for his own country already,
and done what no other world leader has done, in speaking firmly
for the rights of Christians in the world.  Meanwhile, the Mayor
London has presided over the largest murder rate in the capital
and concentrated his attention on trendy social issues.

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