Wednesday 17 April 2019

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil Isaiah,5v20

There is a bleak moral landscape engulfing this country where there is no ultimate right and wrong, where truth is what the activists state it is, where sincerity of belief in Christian living is seen as a way of life to be rejected, and where self-fulfilment and sexuality of all kind are to be fully accepted and approved of and promoted. Such views are not just simply wrong, they are dangerous; they create a society that becomes increasingly more immoral, faithless, unjust and meaningless.

If all Christians do not stand up against this uncompromising tide of bitterness against all tradition of religious belief, we shall soon be swept away and sunk into oblivion.
We who are Christians must declare our faith as boldly as other faiths (and none) so commendably declare their belief so that we too can influence society.

We must oppose wrong views. We must seek to promote a Christian way of life that offers life and hope in this world and the next and which does so in an understanding manner.

Above all, we must protect children from the vicious aggressive teaching being enforced in schools without parental knowledge and consent. It is outrageous that this government falsely calling itself Conservative, should be able to overrule parents to promote the agenda they are doing.

Rather than promoting herself leaving Church every Sunday, the Prime Minister should promote the Christian faith the Church is meant to portray. A study of what is happening in our schools has been highlighted this week, which this Christian(?) Prime Minister endorses.

A school has sacked a Christian member of staff after she posted online protests against transgender teaching at her son's primary.Kristie Higgs, 43, was a pastoral assistant at a Gloucestershire academy but a disciplinary panel there decided that she had used language which demeaned its gay, lesbian and transgender pupils.

Earlier last year, her child’s Church of England primary school sent out a letter informing parents it was adopting the ‘No Outsiders’ programme, which challenges the Christian understanding of family and openly promotes LGBT lifestyles to children as young as four.

After attending a meeting at the primary school to find out more about the programme, Kristie decided to express her concerns on Facebook. She shared two posts, the first beginning, “Please read this they are brainwashing our children! Please sign this petition, they have already started to brainwash our innocent wonderfully created children and it’s happening in our local primary school now.” Kristie urged her friends to sign a nationwide petition opposing the government’s proposals to make Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) compulsory for children as young as four. The issue was subsequently debated in parliament.

In her second post, Kristie re-shared an article on the rise of transgender ideology in children's books in American schools, adding that: “This is happening in our primary schools now.”

Both posts were visible only to her friends. Nevertheless, they were reported to the school where she worked - Farmor's School in Fairford, Gloucestershire, and following an investigation, Kristie was dismissed for gross misconduct

A question which first arises in mind is why is a Church of England school teaching PRIMARY children such ideology.

Secondly, why are all the bishops who are so fond of sending letters to the press about foodbanks and supporting the European Union, now so quiet when one of its schools is teaching anti Christian lessons? Why are the evangelicals not speaking out; is it in consideration of careers

Why was it necessary to let a group of Muslim mothers to be the only voice of similar protest at a school in Birmingham?

Are Christians to be the only people in society to be left victims of bigoted activists? Kirstie is being sacked not for any misdeed at her work, but for merely having a Christian belief. Can anyone imagine these head teachers sacking a Muslim assistant for expressing her Islamic faith? They wouldn’t have such courage.

But Kirstie is not alone, and neither is this incident an isolated one. Such explicit sexual teaching is being given to children from the age of four upwards at schools all over the nation, indoctrinating them in the belief that all relationships are normal and valid. All parents ought to fully enquire into what is happening in our schools. Some of our head teachers and school boards are acting in a way which make totalitarian regimes look tolerant.

We are witnessing the nation of France now uniting and joining together in looking to their Catholic faith, a once deeply committed Catholic country turned secular following a disastrous time of following deluded social ideas. It took a devastating fire at one of the world’s greatest Cathedrals to do this. Let us pray that we can in this country come to our senses without such a tragedy being necessary to wake us up.

This country was equally committed as a Christian nation, but whilst non Christian bodies are allowed to speak with total freedom, Christians are not permitted even within their private correspondence to utter a single word against the prevailing culture.

I read a bishop’s remarks made in the House of Lords that the Church was working with the LGBT lobby as to how the Church could more readily accommodate homosexuality in its teaching. Perhaps the same bishop should seek their guidance on how to organise an agenda which dominates our schools, media, and legal system, as well as the Church of course.

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