Wednesday 24 April 2019

Fake Christianity

Any person reading article this will have heard about fake news, let me introduce fake Christianity, American style.

An article recently appeared in the New York Times which at first puzzled me. I have heard President Trump give his opinion, and other Americans of similar views of this newspaper, so I wondered if it was a spoof. In view of the fact that it was reporting the beliefs of a prominent Minister of the Christian Church, I accept it is true reporting.

This being so, I am amazed that anyone could hold a position in the Church in what is regarded as such a great Christian nation. The views are shameful for any person to hold and at the same time claim to be a Christian, and also bring shame, ridicule and contempt upon the Church. Added to this, the woman concerned is President and Professor at a Seminary and has held the office of Professor at Yale Divinity School. Therefore, some misplaced credibility may be given by gullible people it being placed in such an internationally read paper.

I have heard preachers at the large Evangelical Churches bemoaning the decline in Christianity in the United States, but when you read of a Professor and Minister of the Church deny the basic doctrines of the faith in cheap and mocking tones, one can understand why. Assuming then the article is a serious factual one, consider some of the points made.

Firstly, the orthodox, authoritative belief of the Church through the ages was based on the teaching of the Apostles who taught ‘all that Jesus commanded them’. This was that Jesus was born of a Virgin named Mary by the Holy Spirit; He was sent by God to perform tasks given by God and so performed miraculous deeds; was put to death on the Cross to enable forgiveness of sins of all people who accepted Him as their Saviour; that on the third day after was resurrected and spent fifty days with His Apostles training them to carry out His commands and make disciples, then ascended back to God. The Church He created was and born on the day of Pentecost.

All such beliefs by this Professor of Divinity, (some divinity) have been rejected. The Virgin Birth is described as a
bizarre claim, tending to imply sexuality is considered sinful, leading to centuries of oppression of women. ear in mind she was Chair of Gender, women and Sexuality studies at Yale University.

The veracity of the gospels is challenged and people who claim to know what happened are delusional. An empty tomb is just a symbol of love not being killed. The fact that not all gospels are exactly the same is more worthy of belief.
Any experienced lawyer will confirm that if all witnesses are speaking as one, there is probably a carve up.If a congregation was later asked to describe a service they attended together, no one would state the same, yet no one would doubt their presence.

She does not believe God is all powerful, omnipotent omniscient being. God is not a God of Easter, but one connected to the world by love justice and mercy.The idea of a father who ‘sends his kid to the Cross’ to be able to forgive sins is nuts. Easter is just a triumph of love in the midst of suffering. Belief in the physical resurrection is seen as a form obsession and a pretty wobbly faith. Faith is stronger if someone was yet to find the body of Jesus Christ and it wouldn’t mean Christianity is a lie.

She considers belief in life after death to be driven by selfish motive of believing a good God will reward with a stick of candy in heaven. There is not of course any such place as hell, we have to live a life driven by love and belief that love is true and hell is for those who reject love. You see how emotionalism has taken over reality.

Finally, the inevitable. The great Reformation initiated by Martin Luther who broke down religious structures and created different forms of communications and authorities suggests a reason for a new reformation, with Christianity becoming the turning point for wrestling with climate change, levels of violence and naturally gender oppression. She sees a spiritual crisis and something terribly wrong.

I fully agree with the last sentence; something is terribly wrong when a person with such views who is prepared to replace the Cross of Christ and His Resurrection with trendy vacuous social issues, can be let loose to instruct and guide others in false biblical teaching. All this makes the devil look tolerant.

You can imagine motivations in such a new reformation. All people the same, women and men being identified having no different characters, free sex conditions, same sex marriage, discard the Bible and ban all evangelical preachers.

May God bless America and protect from such clerics.

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