Wednesday 20 September 2017

There is still a growing movement to prevent free thought, speech and belief. Anyone who opposes same sex marriage has to be castigated and abused, and of course named as homophobic, which is ridiculous and inane as we are speaking solely about marriage.

A favourite television programme of mine is ‘Truths that transform’, a production of the D James Kennedy Ministries in Fort Lauderdale which I hope many Americans will follow. The programme is broadcast on a Sky channel in the UK early on Sunday morning and is hosted by the impressive and pleasant Frank Wright the CEO.

They have produced a special programme on the appalling activities of the Southern Poverty Law Centre, an organisation awash with $300 million, who pursue (mostly) Christian people and groups who do not support same sex marriage and the LGBT movement.

Without any justification they accuse Churches and people of being hate groups, and some most honourable people have been so labelled. They have far too much power and influence, once truly gained for their defence of victims of the KKK, but now that has been defeated they have turned their venom on Christians, being financially supported by big names. As a consequence of their own hate broadcasts, a man influenced by their vitriol, entered a Family Research Council building, an organisation which supports traditional marriage and shot the attendant.

In the United States freedm of speech and religious belief is protected under the 1st Amendment of he Constitution, but the ploy of the Souhern Poverty Law Centre is to label any opposition to same sex marriage as hate speech and claim it is not protected by the Constitution, in other words to silence any opposition. Bible believers who support traditional are being labelled unpleasantly.

Here in the United Kingdom, there is a concerted attack on Christians. We are not supposed to voice any traditional views just meekly accept the LGBT agenda and approve. We often cannot get police attention for criminal activity, but let anyone claim there has been homophobic language and you will get immediate attention.

In the UK we have a LGBT activist publicly accusing Christian Concern, a legal defence team, of being as bad as ISIS, just because they defend people who suffer and are harassed for having traditional Christian beliefs.

Another activist protested because a Christian speaker was invited to be interviewed on a television programme.

I recently visited a family regarding a funeral service and as matters relating to the service were quickly dealt with, I had an amicable conversation with the widow, a most charming lady, about various subjects. As one would imagine being a Minister, the conversation moved on to the Church and same sex marriage was mentioned and I answered that it was wrong and marriage was decreed by God to be between a man and a woman.

The next day I was informed by a third party that a daughter who was present, and who had not taken part in the rest of the conversation, objected to me taking the funeral service because of my belief, although it had no relevance to the funeral service. She it will be noticed did not have the manners or the courage to inform me herself.

Much of the problem in this country is due to the reckless attitude of David Cameron for pushing the legislation when there was civil union which offered all the benefits marriage can offer except in name. Such would have avoided much dispute and ill feeling.

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