Saturday 30 September 2017

God bless America

When I first started writing this blog six years ago, with now 400 posts, with many viewings, it was with the intention of providing copies of my Sunday sermons, which previously were handwritten, for people who wanted to refresh their memory of that heard in Church. Whilst I had often been asked if there was a copy, since publishing them on the internet there have been very few responses from the United Kingdom; but I am neither disappointed nor depressed, rather pleased in fact, because over 90% have been from the United States.

This fits in with my own fondness for the Church in America with such outstanding places of worship and preachers which are so readily available for viewing on the Sky channel. I particularly like the Christian Broadcasting Network 700 Club which is on each evening here in the U.K., and the D James Kennedy Ministries from Florida. There we can rely on faithful solid bible teaching, together with people like David Jeremiah from Shadow Mountain Church in California, Ray Pritchard from Keep Believing Ministries in Elmhurst Illinois, and the legacy of Ray Stedman now sadly no longer with us but late of Peninsula Bible Church, Palo Alto, California.

How pleasing it must be for evangelicals now they have a President, and a charming Vice President, on their side rather than the previous one with his penchant for same sex marriage, transgender and abortion support.

For the many kind folk who have read my writings, I thank you and hope you will keep on doing so. I would be delighted to hear from you and would acknowledge you.

May God bless you and of course God bless America.

For Tuesday; Matthew 21 v 33/46

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