Monday 19 June 2017

I have often suggested that there are those within the Church of England who want to challenge the words of Jesus who said, ‘I will build my Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it’. They are certainly giving a good impression of trying to prevail against it. There seems to be a death wish.

An advert has been placed for a Strategic Programme Manager in the Diocese of Truro. The purpose is to lead and coordinate a mission and to be passionate about enabling spiritual growth. The applicant DOES NOT NEED TO BE A PRACTISING CHRISTIAN. This has been placed in the ‘Guardian’ newspaper, where else, so there is no need to fear an evangelical or conservative Christian will apply.

You really must wonder what sort of mind would place such an advert. It is like inviting one of the current Labour Party Members to lead an election programme for the Conservative Party.

At the next General Synod meeting there is going to be a discussion on how to accommodate transgender people who adopt a new name. The Synod is to debate a proposal from the Blackburn diocese which calls for liturgical material to mark a person’s gender transition. Diocesan priest the Rev Chris Newlands said the call came after a transsexual called George had been ‘wrestling with the spiritual dimension of what was happening to him’ as he was changing sex and ‘felt the need to reintroduce himself to God, with his new name and gender identity’.

The Church of England suggested it will offer transgender Christians ‘re-christenings’ with their new names. Vicars cannot re-baptise those who have changed sex, but could use existing ‘services of welcome’ to announce a new name before God.

The Church’s most senior official, Synod Secretary General William Nye, said the Church can have no objection if they want to have an ‘Affirmation of Baptismal Faith’ service in a new name. The affirmations would benefit senior bishops because the decision to carry out the service would be left in the hands of local priests. Bishops would not need to permit the service or take part.

The move follows humiliation for Archbishop Welby in February when his attempt to secure a compromise in the Church’s 30-year struggle over gay rights collapsed. Liberals did not accept a refusal to allow same-sex marriage while traditionalists rejected the idea that churches might say prayers to celebrate gay relationships.

Having established the so called gay rights, the move is now to push the transgender idea, which is moving apace. No matter how hard that is done, there is nothing they can do to alter the fact that God made man and made woman, and no amount of surgery can change that, and with a body having 6500 genes, that is too many to mess with.

This is becoming both shameful and ridiculous. We are breaking with over 500 years of Church belief and are ready and willing to ignore Scripture and rewrite doctrine to accommodate what is unequivocally against what God Has laid down, in order to accommodate a tny minority, but over powerful, lobby.

And some are naïve enough to wonder why the Church is falling apart with falling attendances.

The Scottish Episcopal Church, a branch of the Anglican Community, led by the Presiding Bishop, has welcomed the ability to perform same sex marriage services.

This is an oxymoron for a start, as two people of the same sex cannot (religiously) marry, according to Scripture. Then again, the Bible does not seem to matter in the Church if it conflicts with what society wants.

I am reminded of the verse in Scripture which states, ‘when I was a child I spoke, thought and reasoned as a child’. However, although some of us, have more integrity which we have taken into adult life. It is apparent many in the ordained ministry of the Anglican Church (at least) do not have integrity or honour or loyalty.

Every man, and now woman, who is ordained as a priest affirms to their bishop that he/she will teach that which is recorded in Scripture, and will banish all false doctrine. No matter what verbal semantics people may try, the Bible, (which remember, is God speaking), is unequivocal that marriage is only between a man and a woman. To accept, encourage and applaud that which is directly against God’s ordinance, is to dishonour the vow they made, and if there was any honour would mean they should consider their presence in Christian ministry.

We have to understand we in the Church face an aggressive and determined secular faction who are anti Christian, and see the way to fulfilling their agenda is the need to nullify the Church and all it stands for and believes in. One method is to destroy the concept of the traditional family; another is to infiltrate the education system; and now it is well on the way to infiltrate the Church.

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