Wednesday 2 March 2016

Like many people in this country I have always been fond of America. The people are generous, accomplished in many ways and are unashamedly proud of their country, its beautiful anthem, and its flag. It has provided the world with resources especially in the field of entertainment, and its Forces assisted this country in the last war.

It produced the greatest preacher in Christian history in Billy Graham; still has some fine Churches, although it seems to have lost quite a bit of its religious zeal. The Episcopalian Church has offended most of the rest of the Anglican Communion with its policy of acting liberally against the teaching of Scripture.

How disappointing to see the way it has down graded. Boys who think they should be girls are by edict of a Federal agency been given authority to use girls’ facilities under pain of penalty to the schools who refuse to implement such appalling direction. Same sex marriage forced upon the individual States by liberal judges in the Supreme Court; punitive penalties imposed on those who show objection to the same on religious grounds, and an intolerant civil liberties lobby which has a phobia against Christians.

But how could a country which has such ability in some things ever come to have elected the President they have. Now they look as if they are going to do the same again. People here say why worry about them, but when America catches a cold we get pneumonia.

They have had some really sound men begging the Republican nomination; men like Marc Rubio, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, John Kasich, any of whom would have made a wonderful President, yet Donald Trump looks to have sealed it for himself, a man with no political experience of note, one who’s c.v. would be widely rejected in other places. I have heard him numerous times and yet to hear what his policies are; he has a great sound bite which resonates with the more macho, gung ho types. What a horrifying thought to think Trump has his finger available for the nuclear button, yet look at the alternative on the other side, so much a nightmare thought to lead the free world that even Trump seems acceptable.

God bless America might become God help America (and the rest of us)

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