Saturday 19 March 2016

I have referred previously to the case of a Pentecostal Minister named Trayhorn who was employed as a gardener at a United Kingdom prison. He was also used to take services in the prison chapel and on one occasion when he was doing so, preached on a passage from 1 Corinthians which speaks of sexual immorality, greed and drunkenness. Perhaps Mr Trayhorn was a little naïve in thinking he could (quite properly) speak on such topic in a public building in this country without trouble following.

Inevitably someone made the complaint, four days later, (which reveals just how little it must really have upset them) that they were aggrieved at such preaching. The prison authorities then considered his gardening duties were not all they should be, and he received home visits by a manager and one of her senior prison officials.

Such action caused Mr Trayhorn to resign due to extended harassment, but a disciplinary panel was convened and in his absence issued him with a written warning.

He took his case to an Employment Tribunal and four months later a judgement was issued, which stated that there was no discrimination shown against him. Incredibly it was ruled that his message was insensitive because of the way it was received by the congregation.

You can’t help wondering what sort of mentality the people who sit on these Tribunals have. Those attending the service in the chapel went of their own accord, and most intelligent people would realise that if you go to a Christian service you will hear the Bible both read and preached upon. If you are inclined to be upset at hearing spiritual truths you should not attend. |Never has an Act of Parliament been so inappropriately named as the Equality and Diversity Act; but nevertheless it states that Ministers of religion speaking in Church could continue to preach and teach what their faith traditionally believed. Perhaps a caveat should have been added pointing out this only applies to non Christian faiths.

This case is just another of the progressive attack on Christianity in this country. Last year our duplicitous Prime Minister, whose every word we must doubt, (being in the habit of promising much prior to an election followed quickly by cancelling out,) once elected, gave an Easter message declaring his Christian credentials, and boasting this was a Christian country. No doubt we will hear similar words this year.

We must however recognise this is the most anti-Christian government that I have either known or read about in the United Kingdom; and whereas the Conservative Party was the one which used to be the most understanding of this country’s Christian heritage.

Remember; This was the Prime Minister who
sent a government lawyer to the Court of Human Rights to argue a case against a Nurse who wore a Cross at her place of work and was told if it upset her she could always find another job.

Forced through a same sex marriage act, having earlier stated he would never do so. Then aggressively refused to insert a conscience clause for Christians who did not believe in such

Has provided for inspectors to sit in religious groups to monitor and said ‘if an institution is teaching children intensively, whatever its religion, we will make it register and if it is teaching intolerance, we will shut you down. It has already been declared a ‘hate crime’ to state you don’t approve of same sex marriage.

On top of all this is the fact that such aggressive action is not extended to non Christian faiths.

Not a good recommendation for someone wanting to be known as a Christian

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