Wednesday 19 August 2015

The BBC programme ‘Songs of Praise’ was until recently an entertaining one, which particularly related to people with some faith who were unable for various reasons not able to attend Church, as well of course to Church people.

The producer of the programme, as you would expect from the BBC is not Christian, so perhaps is unable to understand what MOST Christians would like.

We have a mixture of presenters, some of whom look as if they have been dressed by Oxfam, and always have songs from the gospel Churches. Those Churches are probably attended by the most devout of people, but the music is I find as I imagine others do tuneless, and the words endlessly repetitive.

On Sunday last the programme received massive publicity beforehand as it was announced it would be filmed from the migrants’ camp in Calais, France. Some people thought this would be objectionable considering the political and logistical problems migrants create, and that the BBC was making a political statement, whilst others thought it most Christian like.

The programme suggested when broadcast it was controversial. Only two people from the (makeshift) Church were interviewed, both of whom whilst claiming to be Christians were preparing to act unlawfully by trying to smuggle themselves into England. There were no hymns nor prayers offered, and those hymns in the programme were from previously recorded programmes. We did however have Giles Fraser popping up there, so no surprise there.

There must be very few people who do not feel sorry for the plight these people are in and the risks they have taken in crossing the Mediterranean Sea. But if they are truly just wanting to escape persecution in Africa, why not seek asylum in the many countries in Europe, much nearer their homelands.

In all fairness it has to be admitted we are overcrowded here, and our facilities are already stretched beyond breaking point when we talk of paramedics acting as doctors. I thought it significant that the people I have seen and read of speaking up for unrestricted migration usually live in areas well away from big cities.

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