Friday 7 August 2015


I have long admired the United States as a progressive country renowned for its devoted patriotism and pride in its flag. Until recent times there was a deep Christian commitment with distinguished preachers, whom we can still see and hear on British television channels.

I have much pleasure in watching the 700 Club where Pat Robertson is a breath of fresh air with his frank and realistic talk, accompanied by the lovely talented presenter and interviewer Wendy Griffith.

But the America envisaged by the gallant men who formed the Constitution, and that preached for by Christian preachers, is gradually fading away. Is the founding statement, ‘One Nation under God’, still valid in President Obama’s time. From here it would appear the nation is much divided.

Who could ever have imagined an American President would be obsessed with same sex marriage; who would threaten to shut down government if Congress stopped funding an organisation which dealt widely with abortion and sold the baby parts to the highest bidder. Planned Parenthood receives $528 million of taxpayers money which Obama wants to protect, and which Congress looks like withholding.

Further, which President has ever lectured another nation to change its attitude on a moral issue, especially when he was asked beforehand not to do so.

Having watched the debate with the candidates for the Republican nomination, there is however a brighter future if the nation does not (again) elect a person from the wrong Party.

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