Wednesday 20 May 2015

What an eventful week in the Christian world.

We have had a judge state a Christian bakery has discriminated against a homosexual man because they refused to put the words ‘support gay marriage’ on a cake. This was an activist who must have known beforehand this was a devout Christian family business. We have the usual ‘hurt feelings’, bearing in mind they did not refuse to bake a cake, only objected to the offensive slogan. Bear also in mind same sex marriage is not legal in Northern Ireland. The Equality Commission which is supposed to be impartial, does support such unions.

This week there is to be a debate in a Methodist Church on the question of whether there should be an offer of prayers of blessing for same sex relationships and/or a service of thanksgiving. Can you imagine how John/Charles Wesley would feel if they could be aware of what is being discussed in a Church of a denomination which they founded? How can anyone possibly suggest blessing (in God’s name) what is totally contrary to His teaching?

Another Socialist with the usual tolerance for those who hold a different point of view.

A pastor in a Church in Manchester has written to the Prime Minister (and of course made sure the press knew) asking him if he was prepared to live on the minimum wage and visit a food bank. He accuses the Prime Minister of not counting the cost his cuts will cause, although the forecasted cuts are not yet known. He states the Conservatives did not win a majority of the electorate, but seems to miss the point they scored a lot more than Labour, and many of the millions of votes UKIP got were Conservatives who only did so because they could not stomach Cameron’s same sex marriage bill. One interesting fact was omitted from the pastor’s letter; is he willing to live on the minimum wage and visit a food bank?

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