Friday 8 May 2015

How refreshing and encouraging to read that religious leaders in the United States have warned the Supreme Court that if they decide to approve the right to same sex marriage in all States, the thirty nine States that have so far not authorised it will have their religious freedom taken away. In a statement they stated, "While there are many things we can endure, redefining marriage is so fundamental to the natural order and the common good that this is the line we must draw and one we cannot and will not cross." If only the Church leaders in this country had the same courage, and of course conviction.

Civil Partnerships were legalised and provided all the material benefits such couples would share with heterosexual people, and many homosexual men and women were content and satisfied with that provision. Unfortunately activists inside the movement, and vote seeking Prime Minister had to insist on challenging the divine order.

But the most aggravating aspect has been that those who cannot accept such (marriage?) are facing intense pressure to do so, with facing penalties of varying degree. We find businesses and organisations facing entrapment by such couples in order to have legal action taken against them; with of course financial compensation for ‘hurt and emotional distress’.

The country is celebrating the anniversary of VE day when the Second World War ended. I wonder what those brave men/women who lost their lives, or were badly wounded on a battle field in that war would say, in response to a man complaining of hurt feelings just because he couldn‘t have a cake baked with a caption on that was offensive to the bakers.

In England we even have school inspectors interrogating young children about sensitive personal matters. Shocking reports emerged of inspectors asking primary school children, that is children of a tender age, to explain "what lesbians did" and whether they knew pupils "who had two mums".

Parents naturally complained and the body overseeing these inspectors held an internal enquiry, which of course found no grounds to take action. In typical fashion under this present government, the matter has been closed despite the enquiry not interviewing any of the pupils or parents.

Inspectors also swooped on Jewish and Christian schools questioning pupils for their views on same sex marriage. This is in no way surprising as the new Education Secretary, described as a committed Christian, who once voted against same sex marriage, had a change of heart when offered a Cabinet post by the (then) passionately committed same sex marriage Prime Minister, and to prove her change of heart, appointed as a principal adviser a man from the homosexual lobby. Schools were suspended without proper investigation or examination.

The Conservative Party, once known for its conservative views, have not only changed the divine definition of marriage, but have created legislation to prevent people opposed from being able to express that opposition. I accept the other parties supported the Same Sex Marriage Act, but they did not take action to institute legislation. Only David Cameron was prepared to do that, despite saying categorically prior to the 2010 Election that he would not do so. (Just another promise broken.)

There is a video on Christian Concern website of Cameron making a speech telling how please he is that this is a Christian country and portraying himself as a Christian. This is the same David Cameron who brought in the above mentioned legislation, and sent one of his government lawyers to the European Court to argue that a Cross was not a significant Christian symbol. Is that a sign of duplicity or a split personality?

I wonder why politicians can make false promises then have the nerve to claim they are such devoted Christians?

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