Tuesday 8 July 2014

There are many people who claim the national anthem for England should be ‘Land of hope and glory’. Our sports people especially I would imagine, would welcome that being so when they hear ‘The Star Spangled Banner’, Marsellaise, Das Deutschlandlied or even Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau, (Land of my Fathers’), being played at winning ceremonies, and then ‘God save the Queen’ is our offering for their achievements.

However, when one reads the words of ‘land of hope and glory’ it now seems inappropriate.
Land of hope and glory, mother of the free.
Free in David Cameron’s Britain?

Almost daily we hear of the Police arresting someone for saying something which is alleged to have offended some anonymous person; or some interfering public office supporting what looked to be an entrapment exercise.

An activist for ‘Queer Space’ went to a bakery in Northern Ireland and ordered a cake for a gay marriage campaign, a bakery known to be owned by devout Christian people. He wanted a cake to be baked with the words ‘support gay marriage’ decorated on. When the owners refused on the basis of their religious beliefs, they were told by the Equality Commission(?) for Northern Ireland they would be sued unless they complied. Same sex marriage is not even legal in Northern Ireland.

A preacher in Northern Ireland was challenged because of a sermon he preached in his Church.

A street preacher quoting one of Britain’s greatest Prime Ministers, Winston Churchill, was arrested for hate crime. I heard this story being received with incredulity on American television.

Street preachers in Liverpool, Perth, Glasgow Edinburgh, London, Cumbria, have all been arrested for just quoting Scripture. In all cases the Crown Prosecution Service has declined to prosecute citing in most cases lack of evidence. Is it not time someone sued the police?

Muslims preachers have been preaching freely and often attacking Christianity. I cannot tell you of any arrests as there does not appear to have been any; nor any supporters of same sex marriages.

Cameron forced such legislation through without any mandate, and indeed against strong opposition, which he now in private recognises but does not have the integrity or grace to publicly acknowledge. Despite being warned of the dangers and complications which would arise, he ‘passionately’ pursued this course. And anyone who speaks against it is criticised.

Some of us are old enough to remember when Britain was a country where one had freedom for religious belief and speech.

PS How can the Equality(?)Commission take action against the bakery when same sex marriage is illegal.? It would be quite wrong for someone to advocate a practice which is against the law. Another instance of these so called Equality zealots acting without using their intelligence

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