Thursday 10 July 2014

I refer back to my previous post in which I spoke of the oppression placed on free speech (and action) in this country since David Cameron became Prime Minister.

We know of course the hypocrisy and double speak of this duplicitous man, and this was further displayed in Parliament yesterday.

Cameron was asked at Prime Minister’s Questions by Democratic Unionist MP Gregory Campbell if he believed the legal action against the bakery in Northern Ireland, which refused to decorate a cake with the words’ support gay marriage’, because of religious conviction, was ‘an oppressive threat to religious freedom’. Mr Campbell suggested that ‘such freedoms should be protected by the introduction of a conscience clause.’

The Prime Minister dismissed the idea following the decision by the state equality watchdog to sue the firm. Cameron brushed aside calls for a ‘conscience clause’ to protect Christians who are persecuted for their beliefs. “I think that a commitment to equality—whether we are talking about racial equality, equality between those of different sexes, equality in terms of people who have disabilities, or, indeed, tolerance of and equality for people with different sexualities—is a very important part of being British.”

The cake, ordered by a gay rights group, would have been decorated with a slogan saying ‘support gay marriage’ and two characters from Sesame Street. However the Belfast-based bakery, which is now being taken to court by the Equality Commission in Northern Ireland, did not refuse to serve its customer, activist Gareth Lee, on the grounds that he was gay, but they properly declined to use the words support gay marriage, which based on their beliefs, and those of many others, would be offensive.

Only three months ago, Cameron was flaunting His (alleged) Christian commitment, (just before an election), when he called for more support in Britain for Christianity and the moral code that goes with it.

The bare two faced nature of the man is shameless, just as it would be for anyone to vote Conservative when this man is leader of the Party. (and I speak as a life long Conservative)

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