Thursday 31 January 2013

Next week Parliament will again vote on the question as to whether same sex marriage should be legalised. The Liberal Democrats (so inaptly named) have all been ordered to vote for the motion by Nick Clegg who is about as ill-liberal as one could find. Labour members appear to have been given the chance to make up their minds although the party policy is in favour.

The Conservative Party is very much opposed and whilst over 140 have stated they will vote against, the majority of the rest appear against in conscience, (that is a loose term as most have no consciences) but are afraid of the consequences. David Cameron does not appear to be a man who likes to be opposed. If Cameron were to pursue solving the economic problem with as much passion as he is pursuing same sex marriage, we would be the envy of the world. Instead, he is ensuring the Conservatives will lose the next election.

(Remember this is the man who failed to lead the Conservatives to victory in the last election despite the Labour Party leaving the country with the highest deficit in our history and one of the largest in the world, and being opposed by the most unpopular Prime Minister in living memory.)

It has been stated that failure to win for the Conservatives was due to the fact that no one felt able to trust Cameron. That appears to have been justified by actions since in several cases. But let us just consider this issue of same sex marriage.

Prior to the last election Theresa May, not the brightest of women, suggested ‘the Tories would consider the case for changing the law to allow civil partnerships to be called and classified as marriage”. Mr Cameron when asked by Sky News political editor Adam Boulton if he would confirm what Theresa May had said, replied, “I am not planning that.’Same sex marriage was not included in the manifestoes of any party.

What is so distasteful and blatant deceit. is the statement that the Church of England will be given legal exemption from any legislation. It is accepted by all honest and honourable lawyers that any such exemption would be challenged, and on appeal to the European Court such exemption would be overruled. We have evidence of that, by the recent ruling of the European Court, that a sex therapist who refused on religious grounds to give advice to homosexual couples as it seriously offended his faith, that such refusal was unlawful. The Court also ruled that a registrar who declined to officiate at a civil partnership was rightly sacked. So a clergyman who refused to marry two people of the same sex could be ordered to do so when it contravened the vows he made on ordination.

Despite all his unreliable utterances and promises, David Cameron is not a stupid man, indeed he is very clever and cunning, and must know the outcome. However, all he need subsequently state is that it is not his fault, he had been let down by the European Court, and some people will be naïve and foolish enough to believe him.

Statistics have been manipulated to suggest the country is in favour of same sex marriage, but polls have been firm to show 70% are against and over 600,000 people were prepared to put their names to a petition stating so.
Churches and Mosques and religious organisations have protested, Conservative Party members have protested, but such is the obstinacy and misplaced passion by Cameron, the division in the Party and country have gone on, and the Bill to legalise such union as marriage is being rushed through Parliament with indecent haste. The Culture Secretary has even threatened to invoke extra powers if the House of Lords should reject the Bill.

Whatever you may consider the consequences, do not vote Conservative whilst David Cameron is leader. (and I speak as a Conservative) Support the true Conservative Party, now known as UKIP.

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