Thursday 17 January 2013

European Court rulings

So at last we have it enshrined in law that a Christian can wear a Cross at work. David Cameron could not get on to the air waves fast enough to express his ‘delight’ at the ruling; another instance of this man’s duplicity. If he was so supportive of a woman wearing a cross at work, why did he as Prime Minister allow a Coalition Minister, known for her anti-Christian opinions, to order lawyers to contest this case.

Like many I suspect I too am delighted at the victory of Nadia Eweida and think she deserves much credit for her devotion to the Cross and her courage in fighting against the odds. I feel equally sorry for Shirley Chaplin, the Nurse who lost her case. This is an outrage that she should be forbidden to wear the crucifix, whilst other religious faiths can be excused the clothing demands others are made to respect.

The vicious vindictiveness of Islington Council was not defeated in the case of Lillian Ladele, the Registrar who declined to officiate at a civil partnership ceremony and was suspended, even though other colleagues offered to stand in for her. That was real intolerance by the Council. I guarantee if a Muslim person had done the same as Lillian no action would have been taken.

The major loss and with the widest implications was the case of Gary McFarlane, the sex therapist who refused to give sexual therapy to two homosexuals. This was a case of gross injustice. I cannot imagine a more worthy exemption. Here was a devout Christian man who was being asked to perform a task which was completely an affront to his beliefs in the teaching of Scripture; another instance of everyone having a human right except a Christian.

As Christians we live in a very hostile society. There seems to be a campaign against our faith, and we have become a virtual minority group. Consideration is extended to every minority faction, each of which is ready to pursue their case with an aggression which Christians have chosen not to follow.

The government is pursuing with a passion the case of same sex marriage, and makes all sorts of assurances which privately it realises will have not value. This has been clearly demonstrated by the European Court ruling in the case of Gary McFarlane, and any cleric who attempts to resist performing such a marriage will find him or herself facing proceedings. You can be assured that a challenge will be directly made against some Minister. All this for a minority of 1%, and even the majority of that people have no desire for ‘marriage’.

We have the difficulty that whereas governments, especially of Conservative composition, were Church sympathetically inclined, now we have two party leaders in Clegg and Milliband, who are declared atheists, whilst Cameron is Christian only when it is to his political advantage to be. The judiciary to a greater extent have shown no desire to find in our favour.
However, is it not strikingly hypocritical of them all that whenever a royal or national ceremony takes place in a Cathedral, they all cannot get there fast enough, and seek to gain prominent places?

We are being coerced into moulding our faith into line with secular law, and sadly too many clergy are quite willing to be ready to do so. The latest edicts and comments from the liberal part of the Church of England bear no relation to Scripture, and give a message that the Church has nothing special or alternative to offer society. Consequently we see congregations shrinking, and we will continue to see so unless we become faithful to the Bible.

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