Tuesday 10 January 2012

A recent report stated that a quarter of the world’s Christians are in Africa with 516 million people, and Nigeria leading the way with 80 million.  The country with the most Christians, as you would expect, is America with 247 million Christians. This is interesting at a time when voting is taking place for the Republican nomination and the eventual Presidential race, for Christians can influence the result in the United States.

There are people in this country who ask why we are  bothering to take any note of what goes on in America, which is a rather negative and not intelligent attitude.  It is very important for us to be interested in American politics, for what happens in that country has an impact here.  Whilst we are part geographically of Europe, we are more like our American cousins.  We speak the same language, watch American entertainment, and are more associated with the same culture.

From a personal view, I think we have a better political relationship when the President is a Republican, although there is still a mutual respect with a Democrat, but there does not seem to have been the same closeness with President Obama.

I doubt however that there is going to be any change in the forthcoming election.  Listening to American commentators, they mostly have come to the conclusion Mitt Romney will represent the Republicans, and I cannot see him beating Obama. Romney reminds me of our Prime Minister, tending to adapt to the audience of the day.  But as was mentioned on one News programme, money is the key and Romney has plenty of it, whereas others like Santorum, who has a sound Christian base, lacks it.  I have heard Santorum has made some extreme statements, but don’t we all, and most politicians mellow when getting into office.

I thought it was quite offensive to hear on Sky News Press Preview the Republican nominees being described as weird and asking who would vote for any of them.  This is quite bizarre when one of the reviewers was asked to leave his public office for being inadequate and when Sky is a product of one of the most right wing television owners, whose USA channels actually support the Republican party. 
Racism is a major topic here just now with footballers and fans being accused and facing severe penalties.  But like all topics, some are viewed less serious depending on the person. 

Diane Abbott, the prominent the prominent Socialist,  made offensive racist remarks about white people and was ordered by her leader to apologise, and as a result apologised for causing offence, but not for stating what she did. 

What an outcry from Labour when a Conservative made an inappropriate remark with loud calls for his resignation, which was obtained.  When will Diane Abbot be ordered to resign or be sacked?  Don’t expect a quick answer. 

Further, how extremely muted was any news about the Warwick University professor with strong anti-Israeli views who marked down an Israeli student by 11%, causing the female student to be given a lower grading.  In this equal and diverse community in which we live, some are more equal and diverse than others.

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