Saturday 21 January 2012

Contending for the faith

Fuurther to my last message, we have had two examples of how important it is to contend for the faith.

A recent report shows attendances in the Church of England have fallen by 20,000 last year, and to that add the losses in other Churches.

At University College London a cartoon was displayed showing "Jesus and Mo" having a drink at a bar.  This was posted by an atheist group at the College
The atheist group was asked by the UCL union to remove it, but refused and started a petition defending its freedom of expression.
The image that started the controversy was taken from an online satirical comic called Jesus and Mo. The twice-weekly comic strip, running since 2005, depicts Jesus and what creators say is a "body double" of Muhammad talking to a barmaid.

The cartoon was removed after a Muslim group objected.  Notice how quickly response is made when a Muslim group protested. (as should happen)  But notice too no Christian group is reported to have voiced protest.

If only we were as proud of our faith

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