Wednesday 7 December 2011

A rchbishop's comments

I see the Archbishop of Canterbury has been speaking out again.  Unfortunately every time he does so he upsets so many and loses the Church some people and influence. 

Writing in the ‘Guardian’ newspaper (I saw from television, I am not a reader of the paper) the Archbishop warned the riots of last summer could occur again.  I thought this was an unfortunate remark to make, for in the limited mind set of people who riot this could be seen as an endorsement as it was accompanied by a sense of understanding. 

More serious I thought was the Archbishop’s support for the tent people outside St Paul’s Cathedral when he wrote that Jesus would be with them at Christmas.  I don’t think Jesus would be anywhere near. Many of us would disagree when one remembers they are first of all acting illegally, have defaced the Cathedral, and turned many people away from services. 

Having heard some of the protestors speak, this is clearly a political motivated movement and I cannot understand why people would think Jesus would support people who have no interest or support for the Church, and indeed have shown their opposition by the defacing of the building and acted against those seeking to worship Him.

I am sure there are some people with genuine concern with the way bankers have behaved, but if we are honest we must accept some of the people are professional protestors.  I cannot see any justification for associating Jesus with people who break the law, any action Jesus took was with people who acted properly and he threw out people who were abusing ‘a house of prayer’. 

We must remember this whole episode was brought about when a cleric of St Paul’s intervened when police were first dealing with the matter and told them to let the protestors stay. Had he not done so, this situation would not have occurred and some honourable men would not have been forced out of their Church position. In addition, massive disruption has been caused to people for a cause, which frankly is achieving nothing.

It is always unwise for Ministers of the Church to get involved making political statements from either side left or right.  Sometimes we do have to criticise politicians when they offend Christian faith by the legislation or threats of doing so, but to use our (unelected) position in society is wrong.  If a person in the Church wants to engage in direct political speak he/she should seek election politically and then be justified.

I read that £25,000 has been given by ‘well-wishers’ and is already causing problems.  No surprise there then. 

Perhaps the Archbishop would do well to heed the words of Paul as outlined in yesterday’s passage for the Church is badly in need of encouragement and guidance. When one’s own house is falling down, there is no time for trying to build someone else’s up.

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