Sunday 4 December 2011

Civil unions

From to morrow civil unions ceremonies may be held in places of worship, but the Church of England has stated it will not permit this in Anglican Churches.  No doubt some Vicar seeking a few moments of media attention will defy the line. 

This new edict was issued by a junior Home Office Minister, not generally recognised for her particular brilliance, and supported by the Prime Minister, but without the issue being debated and passed by Parliamentary debate.  Such is the state of democracy in this country, plus the fact that the Churches were not allowed to express opinion on the issue.

However, our Prime Minister despite facing huge worldly challenges of momentous consequence still sees ‘gay marriage’ as an urgent priority, no doubt believing it makes him appear cool and popular with modern society.  He may pick up the few extra votes he is seeking, but seems unable to appreciate he will lose a lot more. 

Such action would offend many people including non Church members, but for Christians it is particularly offensive as it contravenes the very Word of God. .  The Bible is unequivocally clear that marriage is a union between a man and a woman.  Mr Cameron is prepared to legislate and re-define marriage.  Bearing in mind marriage is defined in the marriage service as being for ‘the procreation of children’ is he going to legislate for that?

All this is being done in the so-called named of equality, but these politicians need to grow up mentally as well as physically and realise we are not all equal.  Some people from birth are very clever, others are not, we are different in quality of appearance, we have different talents.

 The country at large is fully prepared to accept civil unions as an alternative way of life, but most people feel gay marriage is a step too far

Mr Cameron claims he is guided by Christian principles, claims the Bible means some thing to him.  He even claims to be a Conservative

‘Human rights’ is an obsessive topic.  Does a Christian Minister not have human rights which are much offended if he acts against the teaching of Scripture?  If he offends against such legislation, will he end up in an overcrowded prison?   The law is ever anxious to protect the rights of minority groups, is it not time the minority group called Christians were given rights?

The Courts are facing many claims from Christians who have been harassed and bullied, deprived of their freedom to express their faith in order to appease non Christians.

A case is now pending where a Council voted to have prayers prior to Council meetings, but one man objected claiming he was offended and hurt at having to listen to prayers.(this from a grown up man)  If he used a little intelligence and energy he could have got up and left the room.  He is seeking to overturn the will of the majority and is being allowed to do so.  Will Christians be allowed to do so when they are offended?

A place of worship includes mosques, and Islam will never accept gay marriage.  Moreover Islam is not the push-over that the Christian Churches are, they are proud and devoted to their faith and will have the courage to challenge any attempt to enforce such a law, if indeed anyone sought to enforce it.

Could be an interesting situation developing.

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