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MATTHEW 6  v 5-19 

Every time we go a Church service we always say the Lord’s Prayer. We also pray this prayer in other places at other times. Like all things we do repeatedly, there is the likelihood we will do so automatically and somehow casually, we do without attaching much thought. So it can be that way when praying, we mean well, but the mind is not functioning on what we are doing.

 The Bible tells, that the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray, and He taught them, what has become known to all peoples across the world as the Lord’s Prayer.

 Before we begin to study this prayer, there  are facts which will do well to remember.  This prayer is in the gospels of Matthew and Luke, and it was given by Jesus to the disciples, and only a disciple was meant to pray it. It was intended, that only those who were pledged and committed to Jesus, and  can take on the lips with any meaning. It was not regarded for a child to pray, and was not meant to be a family prayer, unless it is a Church family. The Lord’s prayer was specifically and definitely stated to be only for a disciple.

 To express the meaning, the prayer was for the man or woman who prays it know what they are saying, and they cannot know without commitment.

 There is an order in the prayer. The first three  petitions have to do with God and with the glory of God; the second three petitions have to do with our needs, and accessories. This shows God is given His supreme place, and then and only then, we turn to ourselves  and our needs and desires.  It is only when God is given His proper place,  that all things fit into place. The prayer should not try to bend the will of God to our desires; prayer is always an attempt to submit our will to the will of God.

The  second part of the prayer, the part which deals with our needs is a greatly wrought unity. It deals with the three essential needs of people. And three times within which we move.  First, it asks for bread, thereby asking for that which is necessary for the maintenance of life, and therefore bringing the needs of the present to the throne of God. Second, it asks for forgiveness. Thereby bringing the past into the presence of God, and for God’s forgiving grace.  Third, it asks for help in temptation, there by committing the future into the hands of God.  In these three brief petitions, we are taught to lay the present, the past and the future before the footstool of the grace of God.

But not only is this carefully wrought out prayer, one which lays the whole of life in the presence of God; it is also a prayer which brings God into our lives.  When we ask for bread to sustain our earthly lives; that request immediately directs thoughts to God the Creator and Sustainer of all life.  When we ask for forgiveness, the request directs our thoughts to God the Son, Jesus Christ our Savor and Redeemer. When we ask for help against temptation, that request directs our thought to God the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the guide and Guardian of our life.

 In the most amazing way, this brief second part of the Lord’s prayer takes the present, the past and the future. The whole our life and presents them to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. To God in all His fullness.  In the Lord’s Prayer Jesus teaches us to bring the whole of life into whole of God..

 Jesus is with His Apostles, and was telling them when they pray, they should not pray like the hypocrites, who pray in Synagogues and on street corners just to be seen and admired by people watching. Jesus tells them to pray in their private places, and alone. They should pray to God the Father who sees and rewards. You do not need long  prayers with fancy words and phrases. God knows what you want.(Some people do have prayer partners, which helps them, and I cannot see any wrong doing so)

 It is regularly seen in Church services, when people have been chosen to give the intercessions, and sometimes pray for an unending  number of people and places, rather than specific people or problems.

 Jesus told them how to pray.

 Our Father who art in heaven

God is our Father, the creator and sustainer of the Universe, who rules from heaven. God is the fact of Christianity, and He is the only true God to whom

we pray and honor.  God’s will be done perfectly experienced in heaven, and will be done so on earth  The will of God will only be expressed in the fulness form when Christ returns in power and glory.

 Hallowed be thy name.

That God may be treated by the highest honor and set apart as Holy,

 Your kingdom come

We pray for the advance of God’s Kingdom on earth.  The presence of the Kingdom in this age, refers to the reign of Christ in the hearts and minds of believers, and the reining presence of Christ in His body-the Church

 Your will be done

This is God’s revealed will, that conduct is pleased to Him as revealed in Scripture.

Just as God’s will is done in heaven

 Give us today our daily bread

This the necessity of our daily needs, which includes physical needs

 Forgive us our debts.

We have been used to saying forgive our sins. In the United States they have been using the words debts, which is the wording of the English Standard Bible (ESV) This prayer does not require believers to ask for justification daily, since believers have been justified by saving faith,

 As we forgive our debtors

 This is a prayer for the personal relationship with God to be restored, when the fellowship was hindered by sin. Those who have had forgiveness were so moved with gratitude to God, that they eagerly forgive debtors.

 Lead us not into temptation.

This can mean temptation or testing.  Put simply, it is asking God to allow us to be prepared from difficult situations that would tempt us to sin. God will never lead a person to temptation, but sometimes tests us.

 But deliver us from evil

The best protection from sin and evil is to turn to God and follow His direction

 For yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory.

These are clearly understandable words, which were thought to be additional to the original text, and some people omit from public prayer.


May the words of this prayer inspire to your hearts, and may God be glorified


 These verses are of great importance. They contain the way that Jesus taught His Apostles.  Millions of people who have never read,  or had it explained to them. Who have never seen a Bible, yet somehow know these words.

 There is amazing Commitment in many almost isolated villages in Africa, which is very encouraging.  Where Pastors have had no training, Yet whose devotion to follow Jesus has inspired them to carry on doing their best to understand and teach the younger people. Some have the added burden of being in Countries where being Christians is not popular.

 Bibles are a rare item, and even when available are costly. I hope and pray that some publisher may read these words and kindly provide their needs.

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