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J O H N C H A P T E R 17

The verses in this Chapter are widely read and treasured among Christians. This is one long prayer, the longest in the Bible, made by Jesus to God his Father. There is a sense of communion between Father and Son. during the time Jesus was here on this earth. It helps to show believers what they should mention when they pray,

In the first six verses, are deep words that Jesus states to his Father. There great truth which stands out.

Firstly, the account of the office and dignity of Jesus. The Father has given him authority over all flesh, he has given Jesus the right to give eternal life. The keys of heaven are in his hands, he controls the salvation of all people. Life eternal, is to know is to know the only God, and Christ whom he sent.

The mere knowledge of God is not enough, and none has changed. We must know the Son as well 0as the Father. God knows Jesus is like a Being we can only approach with fear.

It is God in Christ, reconciling the world to himself, who alone can give to the soul life and peace. We read that Christ has done the work that his Father sent him to do. He has finished the work of redemption, and given perfect righteousness to his people. Unlike Adam, who failed to do God’s word and brought sin into the world, Jesus let nothing undone that he came to do.

Christ we read, had glory with the Father before the world was created. Our minds are not about to fully understand all the words used. We have to admire and reverence what we cannot explain or grasp. But one thing is certain and fully clear, the words only understood by someone who is fully God.

For ever, let us thank God that the hope of a Christian rests on the solid foundation of a divine Saviour. He, who we are commanded to go to for pardon, and to whom we are bid to rest for peace, is God as well as man. To all who care about their souls, and are not careless or worldly, the thought is full of comfort. Such people that know how great sinners need a great Saviour. And no human redeemer would be of any use. Let them rejoice and lean on the Christ who has all power, and is able to save the uttermost, because Christ is divine.

We should notice an account they have of our Lord’s disciples. Jesus said, they kept Thy word, and know things |Thou hast given me are of Thee. They have kept Thy words, they know I came out of Thee, and believe Thou has sent me.

We see what character these men had, for they had little knowledge or faith, yet a little after Jesus spoke those words they forsook him. Anyone who reads the four gospels can see how weak the servants of Jesus were. Yet, Jesus spoke of them in honourable terms.

It becomes clear, Jesus had more faith in them, than they did for him. The least degree of faith is precious to Jesus however, Jesus the gracious Saviour, sees true faith in himself, he looks with compassion and passes by many defects. The eleven Apostles were weak and unstable, but hey believed and loved Jesus , when millions refused to accept him.

The true servant of God should mark the future of Christ’s character, we may feel ashamed of our defects and of poor efforts, but do we really believe in Jesus? Can we really say as Peter said, you know Lord I love you, yes you know I do Let us take comfort from, the words of Christ. Jesus did not despise the eleven Apostles because of their weakness, but bore with them, and saved them to the end, What he did for them, he will do for us.

Whilst there were words which are hard to understand, there are points to which all Christins need to give attention to. Jesus has things for true believers, which he does not do for unbelievers. He says I pray for them. I do not pray for the world, but for those you gave me.

The doctrine before us is hated by the world. Nothing gives so much offence among the wicked, as the idea of God making distinction between man and man. Yet the world’s objections to the doctrine are unreasonable. Let us consider the good and bad; holy and unholy; righteous and unrighteous. What kind of God could possibly show equal complacency and favour. It would be a strange God who could do so. The intercession of Christ for his people is pure common sense.

Like every other gospel truth, the doctrine before us needs careful statement and mutual safe guarding.

We can, and must show concern for sinners, but also bear in mind not to be too wide. Christ has care for all sinners, and wants them to be saved, but he especially loves his fellow people, who he makes holy, and glorifies. He has offered redemption for all people, and offers it freely. But is also factual, that his redemption is effectual, only to those who believe.

Whilst it is true, that a mediator between God and man, Christ intercedes actively for none but those who come from God by him. This is why it is written I pray for them, but not for the world.

Jesus gives special intercession, for the believers who are daily sought for, and provides with every care by Jesus, who never slumbers. Jesus is available at all times to the uttermost, to attend to those who come from God.

The special intercession of Jus is a safety for believers. He daily watches and provides care. When Judas fell, never to rise, Peter fell astray but he repented and was restored

We learn that Jesus does not want his believing people to be taken from the world, but just left to be kept from the evil in it.

The mind of Jesus and its wisdom are clearly seen. He wants to see them in all places, tempted , perhaps assaulted but kept from falling into sin.

True believers can be satisfied that Jesus knows what is good for us, so we leave ourselves in his safe hands

The verses from 17 form a fitting conclusion to this longest Bible prayer. often described as the most wonderful prayer ever made, given after the Last Supper. It contains certain three important petitions, which Jesus offered on behalf of the disciples

Jesus prays his people should be sanctified. He asks that God would so through his truth. The word sanctify means holy, and he wanted them to be more holy, more spiritual. With more power, more saintly in thought word and deed. Grace had already done things for them,

More holy living is proof of the reality of Christianity. Holy living prepares us for heaven. The more nearer we are to God while we live, the more ready we shall be to live forever in God’s presence when we die.

Secondly, we read how Jesus prays for the unity and oneness of his people., that all may be made sure we are one, so that the world may know and believe that. Jesus said God sent him, and this is a leading petition in the prayer of the Lord to his Father. This perhaps is the strongest part of the prayer.

Finally, Jesus prays that his people may at last be with him and behold his glory . He prays those who God gave him be with him where he is, that they may behold his glory. This is a tender and beautiful conclusion o our Lord’s prayer. We may believe it was meant to comfort those who heard it, and strengthens for the parting scene which is drawing near.

We do not see Christ now. We read about him, believe in him, and restore souls in his finished words. We shall at last see Christ as he is, and know as we have known. We shall actually be in his company, and go out no more.

We know little of heaven now, we try to create an idea of future date. Let us leave this prayer, letting holiness and unity leading us in the company of Christ for ever. May Christians be happy in nothing so much as beholy and loving as the Lord while he lives , and be a companion of the Lord.

May God bless His Word to our hearts and may His Holy Name be glorified.

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