Thursday 7 September 2023

Turn with me to the 16th Chapter of Matthew’s gospel and verse 13.

 Jesus is with His Apostles, and asks them, who do people say that I am? They tell Him he has been called various Biblical names, John the Baptist, Jeremiah, Elijah. Jesus then asked, but who do you think I am?, Peter answered, you are the Christ, the Son of God.  Jesus was pleased with this answer, and said, Blessed are you,  Simon Bar-Jonah! Flesh and blood did not reveal this to you, but my Father who is in heaven. And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it

 Books have been written about Jesus, He has been studied, discussed through the centuries, and is still a major figure the subject which attracts much attention. He is the most influential and inspirational person ever born. He is talked about, Worshipped and adored as much to-day as when walking the streets of Israel two thousand and twenty three years ago.

 He has been the topic for music and song, and was brought to the attention of millions of people by a musical film and stage production which was seen in theatres and television across the world titled, Jesus Christ Superstar. The music continues, do you think you are the one they say you are? 


Let us look at that question, are you the one they think you are.

 The birth of Jesus was unique in history, never has there been one like His. God chose a young  girl from a Jewish village to be the mother, and she was blessed with the Holy Spirit as the father. Jesus became divine and human, by divinity He was able to for the work God planned for Him, able to perform miracles and become the Savior of the world, and in humanity had all the feelings of mankind. Being tired, hungry, weary.   

 Jesus stated He was the  Son of God the Messiah, who came to this earth to fulfil the work His Father wanted Him to do.  The purpose for which He came to do, was to proclaim the gospel and   lead people away from a world full of sin. In order to do this, meant He would have to suffer and die on a Cross by crucifixion, and by shedding His blood, God would forgive the  sins of all people who accepted that the death of Jesus, paid the penalty for their sinning and would accept Jesus as Savior. This would mean they were  to be declared righteous, and granted salvation by the grace of God, because of the sacrifice made by Jesus.

 Jesus stated He was the way the truth and the life, and it was only through Him could anyone come to God. This means that Jesus is the only, religious leader giving access to God.  He stated He alone could grant forgiveness.

 He stated He and His Father were one, and He was given all authority in both heaven and earth.

 He said He was the bread of life, the source of spiritual life; He was the vine, the only source of productive life; I am the light of the world, who l leads a darkened soul into the divine light of truth and salvation; I am the door of the sheep, I am the way into God’s presence; I am the good shepherd who cares for his flock; He also said He was the resurrection and the life,

 Time has been calculated by His birth. B.C   meaning before Christ, and A.D. anno domini, a Latin phrase meaning in the year of our Lord.

 Jesus promised to build His Church. This was not to be the Church of any one nation, country or place; it would be a body of believers of every age, colour or race. It would be composed of all who were clothed in Christ’s righteousness, really and holy.  Members would be all of ne heart and mind who hold the same truths. Doctrines and salvation. The gates of hell would not overpower it .


In Matthew’s gospel in the 22nd Chapter,  verse 42. Jesus is with the Pharisees, and asks them,

What think ye of Christ. This a question for Christians to answer. Not all Christians believe Jesus was the Son of God. Indeed, many of the clergy do not believe in the Virgin Birth or resurrection. If any person rejects the resurrection, they are in effect rejecting Christianity. for the whole Christian gospel centres on the resurrection. Any person who does not so believe yet attends Church for worship is a hypocrite, for the Apostles Creed states. I believe….born of the virgin Mary  ..was on the third day rose again.

 A second question which each Christian must answer is, what think you of Christ? Do you believe He is the One who claims He is;- He suffered and died on the Cross to be the Savior of all who accepted He died for their sins; are you satisfied to believe in Huis resurrection, ascension and is  now at the right hand of God as intercessor for His people.

 We are talking of the most important and influential person in the history of the World. A man who will inspire and influence the lives of  men and women of every nation. He will bring hope. Comfort, trust, and a faith, which will have such impact on them, that men and women with brilliant minds, will forfeit lucrative careers to travel to other countries, and face harsh conditions in order to teach them the Christian faith, and make them to follow Jesus and all He taught

 The acts of Jesus are in numerous cases, are beyond some people’s belief, but to properly be able to answer this question, it has to be quoted what the Bible states, and what true Christians therefore accept, as truth.

 Some people will accept the benefit of modern technology and use it widely, but they cannot explain or even understand. The same people won’t accept the works of Jesus and state they need proof. They are just not interested in getting proof, for the full life story of Jesus is clearly set out in the Bible.

 Jesus performed thirty seven miracles; He supported His Father in declaring that  marriage was the coming together in Holy matrimony of a man and a women. Male and female god made them, and His first miracle was at a wedding, when He turned water into wine; calmed a storm; walked on water; revived three people from death; three times helped men to catch fish; fed five thousand people with loaves, and fed another four thousand; healed sight of four blind men; healed leprosy and all manner of illnesses; cast out demons. No other man has ever lived like Him, He was truly the Son of God; no other person was brought back from death.

 All these miracles are proof of the divine power of Jesus. People are still by means of prayer, being healed by Jesus.  God has given men and women gifts of healing, prophetic powers. Preaching and teaching. Men like Billy Graham have preached the gospel to many thousands of people around the world, and whilst some times the people attending, to over ninety thousands, Billy never ever claimed the credit, always stated it was God, responding through Jesus Christ. Men of that ability, would openly state there were things in the Bible they could not explain, but by faith trusted in God.  The Bible is the best-selling  book year after year, as people buy to read about Jesus and His ministry.

 Jesus future in holds our His care, and has given full warning that when this life is over we shall spend eternity in either heaven or hell, depending on how we conduct our life. Here we should be living as God and Jesus have called us to do, spelled out clearly in the Bible. We cannot live without boundaries, indulging in sinful ways and expect to be received in heaven, we shall face the alternative which Jesus taught and fall into hell.

 Christians can believe to have a future life in heaven by accepting the words of Scripture, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead you will be saved. This is a promised from God, and God never failed to honour a promise.

May God bless His Word to us and may His Holy Name be praised 












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