Saturday 22 April 2023


ROMANS 1  v18/32

In my last sermon, I referred to the practice of the Church and some of the preachers, to avoid preaching on subjects which were not welcome by society. Now, continuing in the same Chapter in ensuing verses, we see the consequences for ignoring the truth of  God’s Word; the Church has failed to uphold the gospel, and society has responded in a manner that might have been expected.

There is no more clear a rebuke than the words of one verse which reads, ‘to those who give approval to such things’. For example, we have Church leaders campaigning to hold same sex marriages in Church, and bishops calling for biblical definition of marriage to be abandoned. This in spite of the World Anglican Communion withdrawing association with the Church of England, which until recently was considered to be the mother Church of the Communion, and also calling on the Archbishop of Canterbury to repent for the Church violating God’s Holy Word. when it approved blessings for same sex marriage. It is almost certain, the bishops will call for the marriages to be performed in Church when Synod meets in July.

I wonder what the Communion’s view is of the Archbishop of Canterbury, apologizing to the association which promotes homosexuality, because the Church has not already voted for same sex marriage.

Looking at verses 18 to 32, three times it is stated ‘God gave them up’. God abandoned those men who had sexual relations with other men, and women who did likewise with other women. The Bible states, they know God’s decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, yet they not only do them, but give approval to those who practice them.’

There is opportunity for those who wish to ‘marry’ someone of the same sex to do so in civil union, but  there should be realization that the Church has its own faith and faithfulness to the Scriptures .It would be interesting to know how many who wish to have a ceremony, ever attend Church.

The wrath of God is righteously revealed against sinners, and his anger is a response to human wickedness.  The Bible states, the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against ungodliness and unrighteousness by those who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth. This indicates God’s moral character and his sense of justice. Nations have gone their own way, and often protected sinners and made life easier for them, by making laws protecting those whose activities are contrary to Scripture. This in turn has led to honourable people who have taken an alternative attitude. to be suspended from their place of employment.

The greatest aim of activists who wish to destabilize society, is the family. Totalitarian regimes have all chosen such attacks. Strife is played up and families break, and a route taken is by sexuality. Today, we see this being played out with sex dominating all forms of entertainment, with the internet excelling into pornography.

The saddest and most tragic result of such immorality is the number of innocent and lovely young women being sexually attacked, and bodies being found in rivers. The impression being created, is that sex now is an inevitable part of relationships.

The most wonderful and fulfilling gift God gave mankind, is that of a man and woman being united in Holy Matrimony . This leading to the two making a family, in which all members share, love and care for each other. If such can be broken up, there will be chaos.

The one body that can overcome such tragedy is the Church. Jesus said to Peter, ‘feed my sheep’; a call to all the Lord’s followers to make the love of God and Jesus known, spreading the gospel in simple and plain words. The Church should not be seen as merely a profession for men and women, with personal ambition, but the voice feet and hands of God on earth.

The last words of Jesus on this earth were a call for the gospel to go to all nations. All Christians should do their part in return for the sacrifice so readily given by Jesus on the Cross.


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