Saturday 7 January 2023

2 Chronicles 7 v 14

For the past two years the Christian Church adopted a variety of means to continue worshipping services    , using in many cases technology, which reached people who appreciated hearing that of which they had not previously heard.

 It is therefore of paramount importance to present a united message based on the teaching of the Apostles, as passed down by our Lord Himself, and for God’s sake (literally) stop all the liberal nonsense that has poisoned the true gospel.

We have seen the vicious evil in the world in the past week, when a young woman was sitting in a public house and was killed by gun fire and others seriously wounded. In another instance, a young man was stabbed to death, both cases taking place in the most joyous part of the year,  when the world is celebrating the birth of the One who become a Prince of peace,. The situation gets worse as time goes on..

In every part of the world there is little peace, goodness or Christian teaching.   the Church in the main denominations just gets further away from God and His teaching. The cause of such depreciation is                 partly a falling away from religion; partly ageing  and illness, and the failure of Churches to preach truth and sound doctrine.

This week, Turn with me to 2 Chronicles Chapter 7, verse 14.

if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, pray, seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

 Here is a God given chance for there to be a renewal where the lost will be found, and the weak would be made strong.  Here is God promising us He will respond, if we will answer and fulfil His invitation.  This is such a profound offer we cannot afford not  to accept.

In 960BC Israel was in moral and spiritual decline, with people failing to worship God.  Solomon pleaded with God to forgive the nation of their sins, and God answered that if they humbled themselves, prayed, sought His face, and turned from their wicked ways, He would heal their land.

We are faced with a like situation as Solomon then faced, but when he prayed to God he was given an answer, which is still as valid to- day, as it was all those years ago.

All around us storm clouds are falling on a world so different from what many of us knew. The foundations on which we were raised have largely been destroyed, to such an extent that there are now no moral absolutes, all is relative and one does one’s own thing. Our children are being brainwashed into ways of life, which would never have been mentioned even in the most liberal places.

What hope does the Bible give us?  Listen to God.


This verse is directed to particular people, limited to those who know the Lord. God’s people are those who worship Him, who  He has called to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour, who profess Christ and own up to doing so.  They are people who regularly attend Church to worship Him week by week, not those who have a nodding acquaintance with Him at Christmas time, or who never acknowledge him at all  Remember, Jesus said ‘I am the only way to God, NO one comes to the Father except through me’

     In all our Churches in this country, there are people who devotedly come week by week to join in worship. They will try to live according to the way God has spelled out. The majority of them will have accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

      However, in the minds of most people, you have no need to prove anything about yourself, God would never send anyone to hell, the only alternative to heaven, and that is right, God never would consign anyone to hell, He lets the person make the choice for him(her)self here on earth. Jesus said to unworthy people, ‘get away from me I never knew you. get away from me you who broke God’s laws’


 Both individually and as a Church there is need for repentance.  There are far too many people who consider themselves as being Christians, attending Churches on Sundays where they sing praise to God, listen to His Word being read, and often preached upon, (but not always and confessing sins they have pre-determined are not going to relinquish. 

A person is (relatively) free to live as they wish in a free country, they can excess in alcohol, gaming and sexual relationships, but they do not have the same right to call themselves as Christians. Sin can be defined as any activity which has been condemned in Scripture; this relates not only to sexual activity, but to theft, adultery, jealousy, envy, malice, hatred, and deceit by telling lies.       


Jesus told us to pray without ceasing, and gave examples of desperate prayer. In one story a family had gone to bed, when they were disturbed by a neighbour pounding on their door. The homeowner looked out and was asked for some bread by the neighbour to feed his guest. The homeowner refused, but the neighbour kept on knocking until the homeowner gave what he wanted. The moral of the story was perseverance, it was desperation which won the day. Jesus said, ‘keep on asking and you will receive. Keep on seeking and you will find, keep on knocking and the door will be opened up to you.’ If we want revival we must pray in desperation.

     You may well ask, ‘how can we a small suburban church with not a huge congregation, many of whom are perhaps older in years, do very much?’ Hudson Taylor, who founded the China Inland Mission, was once asked why God had chosen him. Taylor replied, `because God wanted someone small.' When God acts it is not only in big cathedrals, it is in the lives of ordinary Christian people. Consider who God chose to be the mother of His Son, a humble young Jewish village girl, now treasured in the history of the Church, and adored in honour of motherhood.

We need all of us to have a passion for revival, and we are poor Christians if we don't feel a concern for the future of the Church. We must forget ourselves and our own desires for the sake of the Lord's Church. If we really believe Christianity is the only hope and answer for a fallen world, then let us earnestly pray and work for revival and make sure we, are living as God intended.  Revival begins with Gods people, but the power of God is so strong it soon spreads to all society.

     God acted when a Minister went to the small island of Lewis in the  Hebrides, and the people there prayed that God would bless them. Evan Roberts a Minister in South Wales prayed and started the Welsh Revival. There are many examples of answered prayer for revival.

     After Jesus had risen from the dead, he told his disciples to wait in Jerusalem, until they were endued with power from on high. Although their lives were in danger, they gathered in that Upper Room and waited patiently for the promise of the Father. Then when the day finally came, they were filled with the Holy Spirit, and were converted to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.     

     An American Christian programme, following the September 11th attack on its country, asked all its listeners to pray for fifteen minutes a day for fifty days for a revival, and to phone in and say where they were from. A coloured pin was then placed on a wall map of the United States at their location. Within days the map was covered as people responded. Most of them were small churches, perhaps even smaller than yours,  but they reported new life and new people.

     Neither is age a relevance. When the Israelites were attacked by the Amalekites, Moses and Aaron were too old to fight, but as the younger men fought, they prayed, and every time they did so, the Israelites advanced. Older people can play a vital role in revival.


God wants us to enter into a relationship with Him. Not to see Him  as someone to go to when we want something, but as sons and daughters who want to respect and love their own father.

      The Bible tells us that God communed with the first man and woman. He who made man in the Garden of Eden, communes with us now through His Word, the Bible. Unfortunately, so many people at all levels within the Church want to pick out those parts which suit their preference.


There is a need for examination of our lives to root out those ways which are not worthy of us as Christians. Things which the Bible clearly defines as wrong, yet which are still practised by people who call themselves Christians.

     The church as God's voice, has failed greatly by not speaking out in condemnation of such ways, for fear of upsetting the liberal tendency and being branded narrow, often preferring to align itself with society's standards. Can you imagine how little the Christian Church would have progressed if Paul had been so timid? Scripture alone should be our guide

        The Church  has colluded with activists who wish to see a form of immorality accepted. We have accepted a form of marriage in direct contravention of the Bible; created a second baptism to those calling themselves a different sex; in Church schools children of very tender age, are being taught explicit sexuality, and offered gender change. The Archbishop of Canterbury has rejected calls to stop the teaching of trans-gendering in school to young children. This is causing distress as children have become frightened by what they are taught and see. Often parents have been unaware of such teaching.

       There are rules for life which God has laid down, but too often they become merely a basis for negotiation. If people choose to adopt a different way of life, that is a personal matter between them and God. But the Church should not join in and approve of such.

      Sometimes we have real unpleasantness in our churches. This is because some people see them as places to exercise a power they could not do so elsewhere. They become argumentative, rebellious, self-centred, and enjoy causing disruption.


God has promised to respond by healing our land.  God loves all people, and wants all to be saved.  But He is a righteous God who hates sin, and He will not deal with people who neglect, disobey and do not honour Him. However unpleasant to admit, the Church in this country has acted shamefully, it has disregarded the teaching God laid down in His Word, and which Jesus commanded to be followed.  Individually, Christians have not always been worthy of Him. But God has stated He will heal, and whilst people may not be relied on to keep a promise, God will.

     In this sermon I have used the word IF numerous times. This is a very big word. There are churches which would dread any revival, preferring to keep things nice and quiet in a holy huddle. If a stranger should enter they say 'what is she doing here.' Some older people take a philosophical line, and think ‘I won't be here in a number of years.’ So they don't let things concern them.

     The same God who visited His people in the first Christian Church, has promised to hear His people and answer from heaven. In parts of the world which has been faithful to him and his holy Word, God has now acted. Let us in the Western hemisphere now be faithful and respect God.


May God bless his Holy Word to us.

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