Sunday 15 May 2022


The United States of America was created on July 4, 1776, with the Declaration of Independence of thirteen British colonies in North America. In the Lee Resolution of July 2, 1776, the colonies resolved that they were free and independent states.

On 17 September 1787, a Constitution was signed in Philadelphia, and the United States was truly born. The Founding Fathers created a framework of government which has been hailed as the most finest and perfect charter of government ever made. Set out, are the responsibilities and limitations of government for the first thirteen States of the Union. A further thirty seven States have been added over the years.  Each State was given its own right to create a ruling body to legislate, and State Court to deal with legal issues,

The Supreme Court of Justice was formed to adjudicate on important legal issues contested by the Congress and President of the nation, and to pronounce final authoritative judgement from State Courts.

In 1973 a controversial abortion case of Roe v Wade was taken to the Supreme Court of that time, challenging a ruling by the Texas Court, ruling against abortion.  There were suggestions made at the time, that the case was set up to test Texas law.  The Supreme Court ruled that a woman had the right of abortion, which virtually meant creating a new law, taking away the right of the State to decide.  In doing do it was suggested the Court had exceeded its power in making law when its purpose was to exercise governance.

Under the Constitution, each State in the country had the authority to decide its own course, and the people of the State could express their view by the ballot box.  This seems a very wise and efficient practice, whereby the big States could not dominate their views on the smaller States.

The present Supreme Court Justices have, after years of dispute within the nation, corrected the first Supreme Court judgement, and returned the decision of abortion to the States. Inevitably some people were pleased and others outraged, but they have not despite the outcry by the likes of the Vice President, outlawed abortion itself. Abortion has not been totally banned, and it irresponsible to say that it has; the Court has just corrected to the Constitution.

Each State will decide whether to ban, or allow an abortion up to certain dates of pregnancy, bearing in mind one notable and vociferous female politician was once campaigning for abortion up to the time of birth. Such would have meant an extremely cruel and vicious operation, to pull the baby from the woman and then kill it.  If a woman is determined to have an abortion, she can go to a nearby State which allows it, if her State does not.

The protests and public display, by people who consider themselves offended by the Justices decision, some of whom should have spoken more responsibly, have acted in a disgusting and disappointing manner, which has brought shame on this great nation, and will earn mockery from other nations which dislike the United States. The homes and families of the Justices, including young children, have been attacked and the occupants been vilified. There appeared to be little police action in protecting and stopping the shameful display.

What exacerbates the issue is the President, who on his installation stated in his usual pompous tone, stated he wanted to bring unity to the nation.  In the meantime however he has succeeded in only creating disunity.  He has not criticized the attack on the Justices, and with his administration, unsuccessfully tried to rush through a law authorizing abortion, when the majority of the nation are opposed.

Turning to consider abortion, the definition of which is, ‘the termination of a pregnancy’. In other words, killing off an unwanted person. Birth begins with conception, as defined by medical experts and the Bible.  In practice it is a matter of life and death.  There is a spiritual, moral, and ethical issue. God condemns the shedding of blood, and the destruction of life.  God created life, woman ends life.

A baby is a person, a person separate to the woman, who has a right to life as well as a woman. The child may have a different sex to the mother, with a body who has separate genes, and a blood stream of its own. If the mother feels she cannot cope (possibly for selfish reasons) she should have thought of that before putting herself in a situation in which she could have a child.

There is an excessive emotional response with loud cries of a woman’s right to choose, but she still has a right to choose, but no right to kill. If a woman has been raped, in a state of health which may cause problems, or if a woman is of an older age, which meant a deformed child would be left without a mother, there are grounds for showing compassion, which I am sure some States would consider.

The majority of pregnancies will be caused through a lack of protection when having casual sex on a wild night, hence using abortion as another means of contraception.  We see every week-end or special occasions, young women under the influence of alcohol, barely dressed, in the company of young men looking for sexual action; and people wonder why so many abortions.

The number of abortions is staggering, and in America runs into millions, with it being stated more babies are aborted than kept. It is estimated one in three babies are aborted.  The big Planned Parenthood agency makes much profit with its abortion clinics, and was awarded large taxpayers money by the Obama administration, which was maintained under his successor.

In the United Kingdom we have more than 220,000 a year, and Nurses and Doctors, who by conscience do not take part in abortion operations, can be penalized.

It is a big industry and there is money to be made for medical staff.  However you consider the subject, it is uncivilized with women being traumatized, leads some to suicide, some being led to regret and feelings of guilt when they have aborted a child, and then seen the happiness of other women.  So easy for men to support abortions, when they can leave the horror to women whilst they walk off, completely free and unconcerned at what they caused to happen.

But how sad that the Churches have been almost silent, if commenting at all. Indeed, a senior official in the Episcopal Church of the United states, has reaffirmed its commitment to abortion rights.  A woman in the same denomination, reaffirmed her support for access to abortion. She is quoted as saying, ‘ the extremists are on the verge of making good on half a century of threats  and describes moves to outlaw abortion. As Episcopalians we have a particular obligation to stand against Christians who seek to destroy our multi-cultural democracy, and recast the United States as an idol to the cruel and distorted Christianity they advocate.’  Rather rich for the Episcopalians to speak of others having distorted Christianity.

Fortunately, I don’t think the Episcopal Church in America carries much influence, it certainly appears they don’t follow Bible teaching, so there is little difference to the Episcopal Church in England.  There is a lack of courage in the Church to speak lest they get criticized, but I am sure there will be a different response from the Evangelical Churches.

Every reasonable person will have sympathy for women finding themselves pregnant and frightened of the consequences,  being difficult in numerous ways, but if there are genuine reasons as stated above, there will still be access to abortion.  For those whose situation is due to careless and/or reckless behaviour, it is the same outcome all people pay for their failings.


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