Friday 12 November 2021


Sunday is Remembrance Day and services will be held to remember those men and women who gave their lives in the cause of freedom, and others who were badly wounded and disabled for life.

 As the years roll by, the number of those who were alive during the last World war grows ever smaller, reducing by the year.  The memories however do not fade, as we recall how this nation stood alone, on the brink when all seemed lost and there was talk of surrender.  But God raised up a man (Winston Churchill) who would rally the nation to perform such heroic deeds.

 Sadly, so many young people do not, and will not, learn of this glorious chapter of our history, never having to endure the horrors and hardship of war.  Such has been the parlous direction of education for so many years in (state) schools, under governments which seemed to have no pride in our past, are more anxious to seek ways of discrediting the names and deeds of great men and women of many years past, so that children have little if any knowledge, of what was achieved in order that they have all the privileges they now enjoy.

 We think of those shot down over German skies, who perished on the beaches on D-Day, drowned on Atlantic convoys, or were brutally tortured under Japanese prison guards.  And, as the American Cemetery in Cambridge reminds us, we think of the young Americans who laid down their lives, and without whom it would have been a different scene.

 Now we have to add those who perished or have been injured, on the streets of Iraq, blown up on dusty Afghan roads. Such is the most wasteful loss of life, as young men were sacrificed for a mission which never had any realistic hope of success, and was based on false evidence to promote political capital.

 If  a nation like Russia with all its might, and without being held to account for its actions, could not win in that country, we certainly could not when our army is answerable to strict human rights law, with greedy lawyers from this country, who would never venture near a war zone,  lurking to launch compensation claims for our enemies against our soldiers on any grounds. 

 This should make us reflect of the sacrifices made, with the hope that what they died for would be practised and honoured.

 We all long for peace, on our streets, in our homes, in the world, it means peace most of all with God.  Blessed are the peacemakers is a beatitude which is saying, ‘blessed are they who make the world a better place’.      

 The world has largely rejected Christianity, without having anything to put in its place to combat the evils of the world.  Yet in all walks of public life, even to the highest level of government and above; we have flagrant lying, deceit, corruption and unrestricted immorality, conduct which can only destroy. Anyone who speaks out is branded as being narrow minded.  There has to be concern when so many in high public office cannot be relied upon to speak truth, and not make false expenses claims.

 This nation was built on the solid foundation of God’s law; it was the basis of our legal system.    Now, governments show more concern on educating our very young children in all forms of sexuality, and changing their gender, and generally destroying the moral codes. Consequently, children do not know of the nation’s heroes. Churchill is for a lot of children the name of an Insurance firm, rather than being the nation’s (and world’s) greatest statesman.

 We allow students to dictate what takes place in Colleges, who can speak, and object to flying the national flag which brave men and women laid down their lives to defend. Great names who served this nation across the world are being vilified by idiots, who in many cases have no knowledge of the deeds and  benefits created.  Distinguished Educators are being  forced out of places of education for referring to recognised biological genders. Our cities are shut down by protestors who do not understand what they are protesting for.

 We must look forward to having men and women holding high office who have a set of principles for the good of all rather than their own private ambitions. We need leaders who will accept the standards laid down in God’s Holy Word. 

 That is what men fought and died for, and what men and women are doing now in our Army, Navy and Air Force.  Our prayers must be for them and also reach out to their families in what must be anxious times.  We should not subject them to scrutiny by those living in legal ivory towers in their every action, realising the tensions under which they live. 

 Those who fought for their country, all those veterans knew what counted in life as they fought for a safer world.  The men on the fighting lines knew things had to get better.  What would they say if they knew what things were going on this country now?  Would they wonder if their great sacrifices were worthwhile as they looked at us?

 We seem to have forgotten, or even tried to remember, or for those too young, to find out what it must have been like for those who came home blinded; with broken limbs; mentally scarred after years as a prisoner of war.   What must they have felt to see grown men and women taking legal action for hurt feelings caused by mere words, and those making compensation claims for minor injuries?    How would they feel to hear some jumped up public official refusing to let the flag they fought under be displayed lest it upset people not even born here, people who in fairness would not think of complaining or objecting.

 Those men and women had a faith and belief for which they fought, and now we as Christians have to take over that fight. Legislation is being made, and has been made, with laws so distinctly contradictory to Christian teaching, with public officials so ready to try and erase Christianity from public life. Numerous  cases of discrimination against Christians are being pursued through the Courts. It is therefore intensely important, that we should positively let people know the true message, according to God’s Holy Word.

 We have a society which is encouraged to forsake a Christian consensus and live, not by Christian principles, which lead to health and wholeness of body, mind and spirit, and permits people to live at peace and enjoy their lives, but by substituting other principles.   We are submerged in a world that is committed to falsehood, which is why we are called to proclaim the truth.

 If ever the Word of God was needed it is never more so than now.  It calls for people to turn back to God who is ready and able to meet the needs of everyone who turns to Him.  The message we have for the world is centred upon the person of Jesus Christ. 

    Today, there will be people in all our Churches who would not normally be there, thus revealing a spiritual content in their lives.  Indeed, almost all people have some spiritual longing.   There are so many of these people who would be of enormous value to the Church, and who in turn could add so much to their lives.  Let us pray that those leading services will boldly proclaim the faithful gospel that may lead others to come to know the Lord Jesus.

We need a daring programme of revival, which God is challenging us to make.  We within the Church need to ensure our services are always meaningful and encouraging.  However, there is reluctance within some Churches to preach a vibrant Biblical message for fear of being criticised as being offensive to other faiths. 

 There is a great opportunity for Churches to introduce themselves to people who don’t normally attend services. Churches I hope will provide services which are attractive to a stranger; certainly not like a service I attended last year’s Remembrance Day, where a Parish Church which normally considers 25 to be a good congregation, had every seat taken.  The service would have won a 100% mark for how not to hold a service.  It was deplorable.

 People, I believe, are longing for and wanting spiritual leadership.     All who treasure the Christian faith, and the memory of those who gave their lives to preserve a Christian heritage, must work and pray for a spiritual revival of the Christian Church.   

 May we, on this special day, well remember the sacrifices others made that we might be here at this hour.  We must never ever forget the lives of so many gallant young men and women given that we may have peace in our lives.






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