Tuesday 26 January 2021


               R E F L E C T I O N S

What a mixed-up crazy world we live in.

 In the United States of America, the country which sets the way which many other countries follow, the Press and television have been rejoicing in the defeat of President Trump, and being blissfully happy at the election of President Biden. Let us do some comparing of the two.

President Trump helped to set up peace agreements in the Middle East between Israel and neighbouring Arab nations whereby those countries communicate amicably.   He was the only President with the courage and initiative to engage in talks with North Korea, now less aggressive.

He made it possible for Christians to express their beliefs without threat of prosecution, and cancelled laws which were so banal as to force Nuns to provide free conceptions for women, and other objectional laws of the disastrous Obama Administration.

At home he did what was unprecedented for a politician by doing all he promised in his pre-election addresses, yet from the moment he was elected the Democrat Party never gave him a chance.

A member of the Senate (a democrat) on a few days after the 1916 election, was heard talking on his phone whilst on a train and calling for action against the President.  Rather than trying to work with him; the Speaker of the House of Representatives set out to unseat him. He had done the unthinkable in defeating Hilary Clinton.

President Biden has been welcomed with ecstatic praise and enthusiasm, which is always good to welcome a new Officeholder, but for the press there is the promise of support for their left wing bias.

But what in the midst of a world pandemic of great concern across the world and a resurgent China, and unsettled Europe, what is the first Executive Order President Biden make? He makes it legal for a man who wants to be a woman to self-declare, so making it possible for him to use female facilities, thereby endangering women of all ages, as incidents have occurred.

In an agonisingly long inaugural address President Biden promised repeatedly to unite the nation, so earning himself a lot of praise, which if done would have been well justified.  

However, what he did was the complete opposite. Having asked every American to support him in fighting anger and discrimination, he has promised to prioritise black, Latino, Asian, women owned businesses, even in the course of considering of the effects of covid .

Whilst he properly criticised the attack on the Senate and government Offices, there was no condemnation when people were rioting and looting in cities across the country, much of it for issues which did not directly them or the nation at large.

An Executive Order grants illegal immigrants full citizenship, with the other Order previously mentioned asserting that transgender students should be free to use changing rooms and participate in school sports in accordance with the gender they choose.

All such measures will, no doubt be given the publicity that President Trump was denied. Remember through the election he was virtually left out of the left wing dominated press.

 However, as Trump was vociferous in telling of his (successful)economic measures, Biden did not mention the more serious, but less publicity catching headlines, of trade, employment and health.


I love, favour and support America as much as any non American can do, so I have no basic dislike of the country, but the vengeance and unconcealed hatred by Democrat Politicians against President Trump are totally inconsistent with President Biden’s call for ‘tolerance if you disagree with policy for that is democracy’.

There is, and will continue to be, half the nation believing the election was ‘fixed’ in favour of the Democrats, and there is undoubtedly circumstantial evidence to give some credibility. This uncertainty and unsettled issue could have been, at least given a chance of being resolved or just a compromise reached, if the proposal of Senator Cruz to have a committee consisting of an equal number of representatives from the two Parties, plus the same number of Supreme Court Justices, had been taken up.

Law and Order are at risk if this drags on and impeachment imposed, and with Congress controlled by the Democrat Party which does not have a good record of condemnation or action, there is likelihood of much unnecessary disturbance.  God ‘help’ America may become the cry


President Trump has left Office so has no more authority and is not likely to return to any national Office, so why not leave it there; only vengeance can be the reason. He acted in what he considered to be the best for the nation, and to make it great again, and whilst there will be many who disagreed with him, there were many others who thought he did well. Surely no one could doubt he loved and was proud to serve his country.

God bless America.




Here in the United Kingdom, we have Universities which are supposed to be places of learning, with Oxford and Cambridge being world famous and sought after.  Now there is a strong left-wing group of people whose interest in being there is to cause disruption.

It enquiry could be made, it would be found the salaries of Chancellor and Vice Chancellor would be of eye watering amounts, so why are these not justified by the persons holding those positions, taking action against the rebels who have been granted the privilege of studying there.

It is beyond normal understanding that students can dictate who is allowed to speak and debate, when the whole purpose is to stimulate debate. Fortunately, an MP has proposed a law to defend free speech and protect the right to have nominated guest speakers, hopefully with severe penalties for those who offend against.

Democracy means respecting the fact other people may have an opinion, and also a right to be given the same hearing for such opinion, as any other.

A lot of people in both America and Britain need to accept such.

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